Why Discomfort Is Necessary For Your Success

When I work with clients who are making positive changes in their life and are looking to evolve to the next level of themselves, whether that be in their business, in their job, or in their personal life – discomfort always tends to show up.

And the reason it shows up is because doing anything new tends to feel awkward at first. (Just think about a young toddler learning to walk!)

In order to arrive at the new, positive destination, it’s necessary to break old patterns, habits, and be in the “unknown”.

And by doing so, you’ll start creating new neural pathways. You’ll start thinking differently about your circumstances.

You’ll start being the person you need to become in order to arrive at the next level.

And you’ll start to feel more willing to feel the discomfort.

I can say without a doubt that the level of success you have in your life (or career or in your business) is directly tied to your ability and your willingness to feel uncomfortable.

Really think about that.

When I think about this for myself, I think about the last two years of my life that I have devoted to growing my coaching practice.

Was it easy?

Absolutely not.

Did I, and do I still, have to feel discomfort?

Every single day.

But I know that this is my currency for success.

Without it, I’m not evolving. I can’t help my clients evolve. My business doesn’t evolve.

Now think about this for yourself.

What is one accomplishment in your life (or in your business or career) that you’re really proud of?

Think about the path you had to take in order to make this accomplishment happen.

Was it easy?

Probably not.

Did you need to experience a lot of discomfort along the way to make it happen?

I’m sure you did.

Was it worth it?

I’m guessing so.

So as you look at your life ahead of you, I encourage you as you move forward to your next level, to be willing to feel discomfort on purpose.

In fact, being able to feel the discomfort and in the fastest way possible is the quickest way for you to make your dreams happen.

It’s your currency for success.

I’m rooting for you.


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