Ep #115: What’s Possible with Kwavi Agbeyegbe

Welcome to the second client case study in my What’s Possible series, and my guest this week truly is the perfect example of the growth and success you can achieve when you have the right support for both your mindset and your strategy. If you’re looking to grow and scale to six or seven figures over the next 12 months, you need to listen closely this week.

Kwavi Agbeyegbe has experienced a massive transformation over the past year. When Kwavi came to me in November of 2020, she’d been working on her business for close to a decade without much progress. She has since found her true calling and work that is most aligned with her, and I hope this conversation serves to show you that you can do purposeful work, make an impact, and be an example of what is possible

Kwavi is the embodiment of what happens when you can step into your future self. Tune in this week to discover her wisdom and the impact of the work we’ve done together in the past year, along with all of the mindset and strategic shifts she’s made in her business that have allowed her to experience enormous growth.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • The shifts and pivots that Kwavi has made in her business since joining The Mastermind.
  • Kwavi’s incredible achievements over the past year beyond the wins in her coaching business.
  • Why Kwavi decided to move away from her focus on weight loss, and switch to helping and supporting women in more ways.
  • The amazing global community that Kwavi has built over the past 12 months.
  • How Kwavi worked on her strategy and her mindset throughout this process.
  • The incredible results that Kwavi has had in her business over the past year.
  • Why it’s so important to be able to step into the identity of your future self.

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Featured on the Show:

  • If you’re an established coach and are ready to scale your business, achieve your long-term goals and build a practice that will stand the test of time, my High Level Mastermind could help you take your business to the next level.  Find out more about it by scheduling a call with me here. I look forward to working with you!
  • Kwavi Agbeyegbe: Website | Instagram | TikTok | YouTube
  • 50 Questions to Answer When You Reach 50 by Kwavi Agbeyegbe


  Download a Transcript for The Life Coach Business Podcast

You are listening to The Life Coach Business Podcast with Amanda Karlstad episode number 115.

Welcome to The Life Coach Business Podcast, a show for coaches who are ready to up-level their business and take their impact, leadership, and results to a whole new level. If you’re ready to start taking powerful action and become the leader your business needs in order to grow and thrive, this show is for you. I’m your host, Amanda Karlstad, certified life and business coach, and entrepreneurial leadership expert. Now, let’s get down to business.

Hello and welcome everyone. So glad to have you with me today. I have another very special episode that I am so excited to bring to you today. This is another episode in the series that I’m bringing to you, the What’s Possible series.

Which is a series that I decided a few months ago that I wanted to bring to you, especially as we move into the new year, into 2022. where I am show casing a series of client case studies who have created extraordinary success and experience extraordinary growth in their business. When I look at where they are today and when I look at where their business is and compare that to where they were a year ago, for example, the level of growth and the level of transformation that they have all experienced has truly been remarkable.

So my goal with this series is that not only will they serve, will these conversations serve as an inspiration for you, but also as an example of what truly is possible for you. One of the things that I talk about so often, and I talk about this in so many of my podcast episodes, is that I believe that the dream business, I believe that the revenue, the impact, the freedom. All of the things that you all want is truly available to you.

For all of you that are listening, when you do the work, when you put yourself in a container where you’re supported at a high level, when you have the support from a mindset perspective and also from a strategy perspective. When you combine all of these things, that is when you can experience massive, massive growth.

So I love being able to bring you these client case studies because they’re such great examples of when you do this work, when you do the powerful inner work of managing your mind, when you surround yourself with other colleagues who are also doing the work, who have big goals, who are moving in the same direction. When you develop the skills, and you make the shift and truly start becoming the leader that your business needs to be. When you also power that with smart and intelligent business strategy that are founded in true business principles, that my friends is so, so powerful.

So these are the things that when I look at these clients in particular and when I look at all of the clients that I’ve worked with. When you combine all of this, that is what allows you to amplify your impact. It allows you to build a truly sustainable business. It allows you to actually scale your business.

So because this is the work that we do everyday inside of my High Level Mastermind. Which for those of you who may not know what my High Level Mastermind is, that’s the mastermind my group coaching program for more established coaches who have already reached a certain revenue level in their business. For many of them, they’ve already hit their first six figures. Many are well beyond that. Some of them are trending to hit their first six figures, and now they’re looking to scale.

This is also true in my mastermind program. So this is my business accelerator program. This is for coaches who are looking to build and grow to their first six figures. This is all examples of the work that happens inside of these containers.

So I’m just so excited to be able to bring you these client case studies who are true examples of this. I think are very powerful examples of what this level of work really creates, what it really is able to create in your business and also in your life.

So I want you to know that if you are in a place right now where you are ready to take your business to the next level where you’ve tried different things. You’ve probably tried courses. You’ve probably downloaded a bunch of freebies. You’ve read books. You’ve listened to podcasts. You’ve maybe been in other programs, but you’re ready for that next level. You know that you need expert level coaching. You know you need high level support both from a mindset and also from a strategy perspective.

Then I want to invite you to set up a call and apply to my High Level Mastermind. So if you’re already at that six figures or if you’re beyond that, even if you’re trending towards that first six figures and you’re ready to scale. So you’re probably working on a one-on-one basis with your clients, but you’re ready to move into a more leveraged program. I would love to have a conversation with you about what I see that’s possible for you in the new year in 2022 as well as beyond that and help you put a real strategy together for making that happen.

If you’re looking to build towards your first six figures and you’re a coach, I want to invite you to apply to my Mastermind program. This is my six month business accelerator program that’s designed to help you go from where you are today and really build your business, build the foundation of your business that is going to create that first six figures.

So I will tell you that every client that you’re hearing from in this series, every single client that when they came to me, when we started working together was working with clients on a one-on-one basis, at least a handful of clients. They weren’t sure how to take things to the next level. Through the process that teach, through the program, through our work together whether it’s been over the past year, it’s been over the past two years or the past year and a half. Every client has truly created the foundation of their million dollar business.

So not only have they generated hundreds of thousands of revenue combined through this process, actually we may even be over a million at this point. They have also create the foundation of their business that is going to help them scale to a million dollars and beyond.

So if you’re a coach and you want to build a highly successful business, if you want to become an example of what is possible in this industry. If you want to balance your dream business that allows you to do the work that you know you’re here to do and gives you freedom and gives you the opportunity to create an impact, and you have a goal to build your business to a million dollars and beyond. Well, these are the programs that are going to help you do that.

So I really encourage you to take the next step. Go to amandakarlstadcoaching.com/themastermind. We’re also going to link this up in the show notes. I do want you to know that if this is something that you’re serious about, if you are really serious about taking things to the next level, especially in the coming year. The time to do that is now. The time to take action is now.

Because the truth is what you do today, what you do right now through this first quarter is going to set up your next year. So I do want to invite you all to take this next step and go to amandakarlstadcoaching.com/themastermind, and let’s get going. Let’s get going on building your million dollar business. All right. I can’t wait to see you.

So before we dive into today’s interview, I also want to mention that for the clients that you’re hearing from, while they’re experienced huge growth in terms of their business revenue. So literally going from when we started working together working with a few clients one-on-one to now having fully scaled programs that have generated multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue per year. They’ve also experienced some really tremendous personal transformations as well.

You’re about to hear one of those amazing examples today from my client Kwavi. Who to give you a little bit of background literally in this past year has made tremendous growth in her business and also personally. So when we started working together a little over a year ago, Kwavi was working solely one-on-one with her clients. She was focusing on weight loss.

Through the process, through our coaching we decided to really make a pivot and to really build a business that Kwavi truly wanted. That was really turning her focus to working with women in their 50s and beyond. So you’re going to hear a little bit about that journey today. But I also just want to demonstrate to you why Kwavi is such a great example of what is truly possible.

So in this past year, not only has she moved from one-on-one to coaching to successfully launching her group coaching membership program, she’s also become a published author. That’s right. She has written her first book and become a published author. She has launched her own YouTube channel and podcast. She has been featured not only on some of the top podcasts, but she’s also been featured on TV. Just recently she just competed and won the Ms. Classic Georgia pageant.

Y’all, I am so thrilled to be able to bring today’s conversation with you. Kwavi is so, so amazing and such an example of, again, what is possible when you truly step into your future self. So this was just the work that she has done in the past 12 months. I know you’re going to be able to take so much wisdom from our conversation.

My hope is that through this, you’re able to tune in and hear some of the mindset shifts that she’s made, some of the business pivots that we made this past year. Most importantly really see how Kwavi lives and acts from her future self, which is something that you all know if you listen to this podcast. I talk about all of the time. I’d highly recommend. I’ve even done some recent episodes on this. I’d highly recommend you go back and listen to those.

So this conversation is going to bring you so much inspiration as well as give you some real tangible shifts that you’re going to see Kwavi made in this past year both from a mindset perspective and also a strategy perspective in her business that really allowed her to experience a tremendous amount of growth in her business and also in her life. So I’m so thrilled to bring you this conversation as I believe Kwavi is such an amazing example of what is possible. I know you’re going to be inspired as well. So without further ado, let’s go to the show.

Amanda: All right. Kwavi.

Kwavi: Hello.

Amanda: I’m so excited to have you back on the show. How are you?

Kwavi: I am doing well. Thank you.

Amanda: Amazing. So we are talking about what is possible. As we talked about just before we jumped on and started to record here, we were talking a little bit about the series and just the idea of what’s possible. It’s something that’s been on my brain for several months, actually, and planned specifically for this time of year as we’re heading into the new year.

I’m so, so excited because I just think that you are such a great example of what is possible when you do the work, right. When you commit, when you do the things, right. So welcome to the show. I’m super excited for this conversation. For all of the listeners who may not know you or maybe new to the show because we do have quite a few new listeners. If you wouldn’t mind just taking a minute and introduce yourself to the listeners.

Kwavi: Yeah. So my name is Kwavi, and I’m a life coach for women 50 and over. Essentially I help women in their 50s and beyond rediscover their purpose and passion so that they can live their best life on their own terms. So I have a group called Flourish, an online community where women come in, we work together. I just want to show my women there what’s possible. I try to be an example for that for myself so they can see it and then they can see it in themselves.

Because most times when they come to me, that belief is really low. So I have the belief in them. Then they start to believe oh yeah, that’s possible for them too. I’m also an author.

Amanda: Yes.

Kwavi: I just released a book in the summer called 50 Questions to Answer When You Reach 50 and at the age of 53, I also participated in a pageant. So I’m also Ms. Classic Georgia 2022.

Amanda: Yay, congratulations. That is so amazing. So amazing. Kwavi so we’ve been working together for about a year now. A little over a year.

Kwavi: Yeah actually it’s about a year now.

Amanda: Yeah so it’s been a year. I just love like everything that you just listed. Your Flourish community, your book, the pageant, all of that. Like you have made such tremendous transformation both in your business but also I think personally this year. I would love for you to just kind of walk us through that for you this past year. Kind of where you were a year ago and where you are today and what that transformation has really been like.

Kwavi: Yeah. So for me, I believe in dreaming. I really believe in dreaming, having your goals, writing them down and just taking steps so that they can come true. For me, I believe in celebrating. That’s a part of my mantra. Like I don’t care if it’s just the smallest step you took. I’m like I am celebrating that. What that does for me, it keeps me in that feeling mode whether it’s excitement or determination. Whatever feeling it is, but it makes me take action. That’s what it is for me.

So last year I had decided I want to write a book. It was during COVID. I said I’m going to write this down. So I wrote all the steps down. I’ll tell you this. I was determined to write the book before the book ended. That didn’t quite happen, but I didn’t let that deter me because I was moving. My husband and I got COVID. My dear dog died.

So I had things that happened in my life, but I didn’t let them stop me. So I just considered those as obstacles. I’m like okay, that happened. I just said, you know. I’m going to keep on going.

When it got to my business, I changed my business completely. I used to just focus on weight loss for my clients, and then I switched because I had this yearning inside of me where I really wanted to create a community of women where they could live their best lives.

I also knew that women needed to be in a place where they were supported. I had spoke to so many women who wanted to do more and be more, but they just didn’t have that space, that container that allowed them to do that. I wanted them to be in there. Sometimes because family members and friends, they just know what they know. So they might not be as encouraging.

When you hit 50 and over, it’s not uncommon for people to tell you, “Well, why are you doing that? Isn’t that too late for you?” But I know that women in this age have so much to offer, and I wanted to give them that opportunity. I really believe we can change the world. That’s my goal.

So I started Flourish in May. I had this vision of Flourish and just the way the name came to me and all of that. I’m like I’m going to make this happen. So that is my goal. So I am determined to create an online community that is global. Right now we have members in different countries. Just really be able to have women where they see the transformation in their own life, and they’re like oh my goodness. It’s like they’re blowing their minds constantly. Like, “Oh my goodness, I’m going this.”

But in order for me to have made all that happen was I had write this down. I had to have a strategy. Like okay, this is what you’re going to do. Even on the days, because there are days when it doesn’t quite work out, I can say you know what? That just happened. Because I really believe that success is built on the pile of failures.

Amanda: Absolutely.

Kwavi: So you know I feel sometimes, I’m like okay you know what? Just keep it moving. Because I am determined to see this to fruition. That’s it.

Amanda: Yeah, yeah. That’s so interesting that you brought this up. In fact, right before we jumped on our recording here, I was just in a coaching call with a client. We were just having the same conversation about how yes it’s great. We want the success. The success and hitting the goals and all of that is wonderful, but the truth is that the best teacher is when we fail, right. When we encounter those challenges, when things don’t always go as planned, right?

Kwavi: Correct.

Amanda: So for her, what was so interesting is like she literally just created the biggest month ever she’s had in her business. Now like December she’s like, “It’s starting out slower, right.” There was some fear coming up for her. It was like but how is that actually such a beautiful teacher right now?

Kwavi: Yes. It is. It is. That’s how we learn. That’s how we learn.

Amanda: Absolutely. Yeah.

Kwavi: I also know that a lot of us are scared of failing, and that’s why we don’t do it. So it’s almost like we fail in advance because we don’t want to fail later. But I’m like that’s how you learn. But you seeing it that way, you’re not even giving yourself the opportunity to even try. One of the things I do is I’m like is that something that you’re okay with?

So later on in life, like way down. We’re talking bout in your 80s and 90s when you’re looking back on your life, are you going to be okay knowing that you didn’t try at all? Like you didn’t even try. You didn’t make a bad attempt. If you’re okay with that, yes. If you’re not, which most people are not, then go ahead and try it.

Amanda: I love that. Kwavi you live this every day. I see this in your everyday. Obviously one of the reasons I wanted to bring you on for this series is because you live by that mindset. You are an example of that.

I would love for you to talk a little bit about what is your actual thought process around all of that because I think that would be really useful. Especially if someone right now is in a place where maybe things aren’t working out and they’re feeling that discouragement. I love what you just said about when you’re 80 being able to look back. How do I want to feel about that? I love that perspective shift.

Kwavi: Yeah. See I always talk about my future self, and I look at my future self in her 90s. Like what is she telling me? So I pull from that. One of the things that I do is like in the mornings, I have my meditation. I write down my thoughts. I write down what I’m thinking. So I always have a theme per day. Whatever that theme is, I’m going to do my thought download around that. In other words, I’m just writing all my thoughts for those listening.

Then also too I look at okay, so I have a concept I call the anchor thought. So what is that thought that anchors you? What’s going to anchor you for the day? So I think about that anchor thought and I go okay what is the feeling that I associate with that anchor thought? Whatever that feeling is, that is what’s going to drive me throughout the day.

I believe in feelings. That’s just how I am. Most people are like that, but I am ready to write it down. So I’ll write down that feeling. That feeling is what’s going to kind of carry me throughout my day. Because if I’m excited or determined, I’m going to do certain things. What is driving me is that anchor thought. It’s constantly in my mind. Like okay this is what we’re doing today. This is what we’re doing today. That keeps me going.

Amanda: Yes.

Kwavi: Because it’s so easy for us to be like as we go through our day, well, we’re not focused on that. Our mind’s going to go so many different ways. We can have so many different thoughts.

Amanda: Yes. I call it off roading.

Kwavi: Oh okay.

Amanda: So when we start off roading, yes.

Kwavi: Yeah. What is that anchor for that’s going to take you through the day regardless all of the different things that are going to happen? Because things will happen, but what is that thing that keeps you grounded. It’s kind of like a ship when you have the anchor that keeps the ship grounded. What is going to keep you grounded? For me, it’s my anchor thought that keeps my grounded throughout the day.

Amanda: So give us an example of an anchor thought that you have used.

Kwavi: So for me it could be okay like so right now because we’re getting towards the end of the year. My goal is I really want to finish the year strong.

Amanda: Yes.

Kwavi: So for me my anchor thought now is okay, I’m going to finish strong. I’m going to finish strong. So when I think about that, it’s like it gets me…I feel excited, but the feeling. I have two feelings that I get associated with that. Excitement and determined. I evaluate both. I’m like which one’s going to make me take more action. It’s determined. Determined is kind of like okay I am determined to do what I need to do to finish the year strong. So those are the different actions.

Last month it was something completely different, but I always have different thoughts that kind of help. I think about that throughout the day. I’m like okay, I’m going to finish strong. I’m going to finish the month strong. I’m going to finish the month strong.

Amanda: Well and it’s so interesting that you hype that up because I see that, especially in the last. Like I’ve seen this from you. Like I’ve seen you really embody that. It’s so exciting to see like you are just like, you’re on another gear here.

Kwavi: I really believe that. I really do believe that. I do my best to surround myself with other things that kind of help to elevate that because it’s so easy for things to come into your world that kind of pull you down. I mean even when I spoke with my members of Flourish yesterday, the same concept.

Like you know what? What are we surrounding ourselves with to help us to get to our goals. To help us keep on going in the direction that we want to go in. Because we all know where we want to go. So are we surrounding ourselves with people and things and thoughts that help us go there as opposed to pull us back, you know?

Amanda: Yes, yes. Environment is so, so important.

Kwavi: It is. It is.

Amanda: So when you think about this past year and your mindset, I mean there’s been so much just growth in terms of your business and like we talked about writing the book and the pageant, which is so amazing. I mean you have had TV appearances. You’ve been on, I mean there’s been so many different podcasts that you’ve been on. What has been one of the major shifts in mindset, would you say, for this year when you look at how you’ve really walked through this year? What is that?

Kwavi: One of my other anchor thoughts is just do it. Like what’s going to happen? Just do it. So I’ve used that when I reach out to people for podcasts. It’s like okay. They’re either going to say yes or no. Just reach out to them. That has helped me. That’s served me a lot, even when I did the pageant.

It was okay. You know what? Who knows how it’s going to turn out. But for me, it was I really want to be an example for what’s possible. I really want an example for what’s possible. I really want to example when I look back when I’m in my 80s and 90s, I can say you know what? I did that. I also want to be an example for the younger generation.

Amanda: Love it.

Kwavi: Because we live in a very youth obsessed society right now. So if I can be an example where they can say wow. Actually talking about that, I think it was maybe two days ago. I got a message from someone. They’re like, “You know what? I can’t wait to turn 50 because the way you show up, like I can’t wait.” This was someone who was younger.

Amanda: I love it.

Kwavi: I sent you a message back and I’m like yes. I was so excited. I’m like that why I’m doing this because I want to show you that it’s okay. Like it’s not something to dread. It’s not a death sentence.

Amanda: Right.

Kwavi: Contrary to what society might say. I want people to think differently because most people are thinking, like 90% are thinking, “Okay this is the way things should go.” Challenge the questions in your brain. Challenge those thoughts. Think differently. That’s how you become successful. That’s how you live a life that you’re like, I want people to be excited when they wake up in the morning. I mean why not? Why do you have to wake up thinking oh no another day. No. I want to be excited about life.

This is the thing. It’s not a one size fits all. I did a pageant because I wanted to be an example of what’s possible. Pageants might not be your thing. But I can bet there’s something out there for you that you’re probably thinking, “Oh I can’t do that. Maybe the people that are doing it don’t look like me or maybe they’ll think I’m too old.” Do it anyway. Do it anyway.

Amanda: I love it. I love it. That just speaks, like everything you just said, as to the reason why you do the work that you do. I know you’ve heard this on our previous podcast, but the reason that you started working with women 50 and older was because of that, right? Was because you were about to turn 50. You want to share what you heard?

Kwavi: Yeah. So I was doing a series of interviews just before I turned 50. I was doing these interviews because I wanted to hear from them to get some advice. I would say probably 80% of the women that I interviewed described themselves as invisible. I mean invisible.

Amanda: Wow.

Kwavi: I’m like you have gained so much experience. I don’t care what you’ve done in the world. You have experience. You have wisdom. This is not the time to shrink into the shadows and think that you’re invisible. So I know that society can sometimes insinuate that. Sometimes women take that as their own story.

So I want to show women that that doesn’t have to be your story. You can change that narrative. In changing that narrative, you become your best self. You live a life where you’re excited and you’re ready to live. I mean invisible. That just means that you’re in the shadows somewhere. It’s hard to imagine even someone describing themselves in that way.

Like nobody wants to be invisible. Guarantee not everyone wants to be visible all the time, but I think there are levels of visibility. Like some people want to be front stage. Some people want to be back stagers, but nobody wants to be invisible.

Amanda: Right. Yeah, yeah. When I’ve heard you talk about that, like that is so powerful to think about how many women. You’re right, just the narrative we take on as we age, as we get to that point in our lives where it’s like what are we really doing, right? Like is this really true? So I just think the work that your doing is so, so important.

You’re truly living it day in and day out. It’s just been so amazing to see you fully step into that over this past year and really just go for it and create this community and write the book and do the pageant and do all of the amazing things that you’re doing. I mean it has been, like you have just blown up this past year. It’s just been so, so fun to watch.

Kwavi: For those listening, don’t get me wrong. There are times I’m scared. The fear will come, but I look at it as like for me, I am more concerned about the regret I will feel later on in life than the fear right now. The fear right now, I can deal with that. Fear of regret, that I don’t want to deal with. So that’s why I do the things that I do. Some of the things that I do might not work out, but at least I know I did it. I learn from it and then I move on. That’s the way I feel.

Amanda: Don’t you feel like you have such a better level of clarity today.

Kwavi: Oh yeah, of course.

Amanda: Than a year ago, than two years ago. I mean you’ve been coaching for a long time, right?

Kwavi: Oh yeah. Yeah.

Amanda: Maybe we should go back and let everyone know for those that aren’t aware. Like you’ve been coaching for many, many years.

Kwavi: Yeah. It was like I would do this. I would do this. It was like I wasn’t really settled on what I was doing. Now this community, Flourish, like that’s my baby for life.

Amanda: That’s right.

Kwavi: Like I love working with these women. I love helping these women work together because they learn from each other too and I learn from them also. It’s just great to be in a community where everyone is, where you’re uplifting one another. You’re inspiring. There is no self-judgement. None of that.

Amanda: What a beautiful community.

Kwavi: It is.

Amanda: What a beautiful community. So when you think about, again, where you are today, like did you think Kwavi even three years ago that you would be where you are today?

Kwavi: No because I wasn’t sure. Like you said, the clarity wasn’t there. It’s like I knew I wanted a coaching business. I wanted a successful coaching business, but in narrowing it down I kept switching from one thing to the other. That didn’t help. So now I’m like yes, I really feel settled. Like this is it. This is it for me.

Amanda: Isn’t it a much more powerful way to approach the day, right, in terms of like when you have that clarity.

Kwavi: For user. Oh yeah. For sure.

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah.

Kwavi: I’m just excited about next year for Flourish. Like that excites me.

Amanda: Yeah. So let’s talk about that. Like what do you see is possible? What are your big goals here in the coming year and as you look forward and everything that you’ve created already, right?

Kwavi: Yeah. So my big goal for Flourish especially is to have more women in there. So my goal is to have a thousand women in Flourish. Also one of my goals too is to have a live event with members of Flourish. Like a live event where they’ll all come together.

It’s great us seeing each other on Zoom, but just being able to come together at a live event. I think that would be so powerful. The energy. Oh my word. I can’t even imagine what that’s going to be like. So that’s one of my main goals for Flourish. Just to see and highlight and support these women in whatever they’re doing. Yeah, to be able to do that.

Amanda: I love it. I love it. You know one thing we didn’t even talk about, which you recently started. Another transformation that you went through is you recently started your YouTube channel.

Kwavi: Yes. Yes, yes.

Amanda: So we should talk about that. Why don’t you share what’s that like?

Kwavi: Yes. So I had my YouTube channel maybe three years ago. I did a few videos, but I was never really consistent. In doing so many podcasts, because I’ve done a lot of podcasts this year, on other people’s podcast. I thought you know what? I need to revisit this. I need to share my message more.

Because for me, I really want to impact a million women. I want to do that through different ways. So I have my Flourish where I do it. I also have one-on-one coaching. I do that for a few women. And I have my book. I thought you know what? YouTube would be another way to create this impact in the world.

So I have a YouTube channel. I share messages every week. So sometimes I’m giving the message on my own. Sometimes interviewing women who are in their 50s and over. Overall my channel you can just go there. You can listen. You can get some information that can help you grow in some way.

Amanda: I love it. I love it. I’m so happy that you went for it. I know for a while that we were planning to launch that after the first of the year. You know me. I’m like when are we doing Kwavi? When are doing it? I love that you just dove right in. You stepped into it.

Kwavi: Yep. I’m like it’s done.

Amanda: You showed up one day to your coaching call and you’re like, “I’ve launched it. I’m done.” I was like amazing.

Kwavi: Yep because I really think. So why spend time trying to think about it? You might as well do it. See that’s what our brain does to us sometimes. I’m like okay I’m planning it. Okay what does planning it mean? Like okay. Just do it.

Amanda: Exactly. Like how many months are we going to take to plan it?

Kwavi: To plan, right.

Amanda: Right?

Kwavi: And time is going in the process. I’m like this is the thing. I have so many ideas, I don’t even know if I’ll have enough time to implement them all. So I’m like just go ahead and stat doing them.

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah. You just, again, going back to the clarity piece, that’s really the best way to build the clarity that you really, really need. So I love the growth that you’ve experienced and that you’ve really created for yourself this past year. I would love for you to talk just maybe really briefly about like in terms of revenue, in terms of your impact.

When you look at everything, all of the assets that you’ve now created. You’ve created a book. You have now created a YouTube channel, right, which will be a podcast as well. Like you, I mean there is so much that you’ve created. I just think you’re such a great example of what taking massive action really means.

Kwavi: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Amanda: Like what is the real impact been in the business and just in your business?

Kwavi: Yeah. So right now for my business because I started Flourish in May. So right now I’ve made about sixty something thousand just from that. That’s from Flourish, from my one-on-one. For that short amount of time, that’s amazing to me because I haven’t been able to collect that amount in that short period of time. I just know that that’s just the beginning. It’s like…

Amanda: It’s just a warmup.

Kwavi: That’s just the warmup. I keep thinking today when I was driving home. I was like you know what? Three million, I could see that for myself very easily. Easily. Like with the way I have started this business and the ideas that I have for my growth, it’s like nothing. For me, having a TV show is just, that’s a given. Like I have all these different ideas that I know will come to fruition. It all starts with having that clarity.

I want to thank you also for having this group. Because I know that being in some kind of group or mastermind with other people who are on the same path makes a difference. Because it’s so easy for you to be derailed when other people don’t see the vision. Because you can’t even imagine like all of that. Being in a group, and the beautiful thing I love about your group is there are people in that group that are making way more than me. I love that for myself because that shows me that it’s possible for me.

Amanda: That’s right.

Kwavi: I love that. I really absolutely love that.

Amanda: I love it. When I look at your business Kwavi and like, again, where we started to where we are today, this is your six figure year which is so, so exciting. That’s where we’re trending, right. Like that is where you are at. It is so exciting because you’ve been in this game for a long time. You’ve been coaching for a very long time.

It’s like I feel like my observation and knowing you and working with you now over the past year. Like I totally agree. You’ve really just settled into this. Like this is what you’re meant to do. It’s literally just getting started, which is so, so fun to think about and to be able to see where you’re headed. I agree.

I love what you said about the three million. I can see that easy. Like that’s, for everybody listening, feel the energy with that from Kwavi, right. Feel the certainty there, see the certainty there, hear the certainty there. That is where it starts. You would not have gotten to that point to be able to say that on this podcast episode had you not done the work that you’ve done.

Kwavi: It’s the work. Yeah, you have to do the work. It’s not easy, but you know we can do the work. We can do the work. I can do the work. So it’s possible for you, for those listening. It’s so possible.

Amanda: I love it. I love it. So good. So good. So anything that you want to add in terms of insights or advice or anything that would be valuable maybe for the listeners that are in their journey?

Kwavi: I just want to tell you just keep on going. You’re going to have obstacles. That is guaranteed. It’s not going to be smooth sailing. I think that once you overcome that and you see that happen, like you see your goal. You’re like that is priceless. That feeling is priceless.

Think about the people that are being impacted. Because as women especially I know that when we do our work, we’re not doing it just for ourselves. We’re doing it to impact the world. So think about that. You don’t want to give that up. What is your legacy going to be? Like after all of this is all said and done, what is your impact on the world? So don’t give up. Don’t give up.

Amanda: I love it. I love it. Kwavi it has been such a pleasure. Thank you so much for coming on and for having this conversation. I am so, so proud of the work that you’re doing. You are such an honor to work with. I just thank you so much for sharing your story and clearing all of the things. I would ask you, well, actually why don’t you share with us where the listeners can find you? Where they can go and find you?

Kwavi: Yeah so you can find me on my website www.kwavi.com. I’m also on Instagram @kwavi_TV. I’m also on Tik Tok on @kwavi_TV and on YouTube KwaviTV.

Amanda: I love it. We’re going to have all of that in the show notes. She is everywhere. She is amazing. Go follow her. Go listen to everything she is saying. She’s amazing.

Kwavi: Thank you Amanda. Appreciate it.

Amanda: You’re so welcome. You’re so welcome. Thanks Kwavi. Bye bye.

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