Ep #114: What’s Possible with Dr. Sonia Wright

This week, I’m bringing you the first installment of what I’m calling my What’s Possible series. Each episode will feature a client of mine who has created extraordinary financial success in a short amount of time through our work together. These clients have scaled their businesses to new heights while serving their clients at an incredible level, and they’re here to show you that the same is possible for you.

My guest this week is Dr. Sonia Wright, a sexual counselor and life coach who helps women explore their sexuality and create the intimacy that they deserve in their life. She is the perfect example of an entrepreneur stepping into the role of the leader and CEO of their business needs, creating her dream life in the process.

Tune in this week for the first client case study in my What’s Possible series. Sonia is sharing her journey from the first day we worked together, the results she’s getting now, and how she’s created truly amazing transformations in her life and business over the past two years.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How Sonia decided on the niche she wanted to pursue as she grew her business.
  • The story of Sonia’s early days as the Midlife Sex Coach for Women.
  • Why Sonia decided to come and work with me to help grow her business.
  • How Sonia made her first six figures as a coach while still working as a radiologist.
  • The discomfort Sonia experienced when it came time to leave her job and go full-time in her business.
  • How Sonia made sure all her personal priorities were in order as she started scaling her business.
  • Sonia’s most valuable pieces of advice for anyone in the process of growing and scaling their business.

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Featured on the Show:

  • If you’re an established coach and are ready to scale your business, achieve your long-term goals and build a practice that will stand the test of time, my High Level Mastermind could help you take your business to the next level.  Find out more about it by scheduling a call with me here. I look forward to working with you!
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  Download a Transcript for The Life Coach Business Podcast

You are listening to The Life Coach Business Podcast with Amanda Karlstad episode number 114.

Welcome to The Life Coach Business Podcast, a show for coaches who are ready to up-level their business and take their impact, leadership, and results to a whole new level. If you’re ready to start taking powerful action and become the leader your business needs in order to grow and thrive, this show is for you. I’m your host, Amanda Karlstad, certified life and business coach, and entrepreneurial leadership expert. Now, let’s get down to business.

Amanda: Hello and welcome everyone. I am super excited to have you here today. I have a very special episode that I’m bringing to you today. This is the first episode in a series of episodes that I will be bringing to you in the coming weeks that I have decided to call the “What’s possible” series. It’s actually a series that I have been planning for quite some time over the last few months and have had on my calendar back even from early this fall to bring to you.

We’re going to be bringing you a series of client case studies. These are clients who over the past year and in some cases, like the client you’re about to hear from today, the last couple of years. Through our work together have created extraordinary financial success in their business and extraordinary success in terms of their freedom, in terms of their schedule. Also extraordinary personal success as well and transformation.

So all of these clients have truly been examples of what it means to step into and to become a true CEO in their business. To become the leader that their business has really needed them to be. As a result of that, they have all been able to create their dream business and their dream life.

One of the things that I want all of you listening to take away from these conversations that I’m about to bring to you is really the underlying truth that I do work to bring to all of you in as many episodes as I can in this podcast. That is that the level of success that you’re about to hear from these clients, I want you all to know that it’s truly available for you too. It’s truly possible for you too.

To give you a bit of context, the clients that I’m about to bring to you, these are clients who when we started working together were in a place in their business that looked very, very different from what it looks like today. It’s really drastic changes in terms of where their business started and where they’re at today.

So the evolution and the level of transformation that each of these clients has gone through over the past year and in some cases has really been phenomenal. Not only has this resulted in financial success in their business, but it’s also allowed them to step more fully into their purpose and to truly because that next version of themselves. That version of themselves that they have been dreaming about, that they have been able to visualize from the beginning. It’s been really exciting to witness this growth, and to observe this in all of them.

So I want all of you listening to pay attention as these are clients who when we started working together were…In all the cases were working with clients in some fashion on a one-on-one basis. They were at a point in their business where they were ready to really go to the next level. Because they were working with some clients, because they weren’t quite sure on how to do that.

Through the process that I teach, that I take all of my clients through, they’ve been able to significantly accelerate the growth of their business. They’ve generated a ton of revenue that you’re about to hear about, build momentum, hire their first team members, and most importantly create a foundation in their business that has really allowed them to scale their business and serve their clients at the highest level. They’re able to do this while doing the important work in the world that they’re all being called here to do.

So through this process, every one of these clients has literally blown away what they initially thought was possible for them. Now they’re in a place where they’re working to take things to the next level, so to that first million. I’m so, so excited to bring you these client case studies because they truly speak to the power of this work. They truly speak to what is available to you. The power of the growth that is available to all of you when you choose to do this work.

So my goal for all of you listening with this series is that through these client case studies that I’m about to share with you is that you’re able to also see what’s truly possible for you when you commit to your dream, when you commit to your goals, and when you commit to doing the work.

So I am thrilled to bring you my first client case study in this series with my client Dr. Sonia Wright. As you’re about to hear, Sonia and I started working together in 2019. When Sonia came to me, she had been working with a few one-on-one clients and was in a place in her business where she was ready to go to the next level. Because she wasn’t sure how to do that, what we’ve been able to do over the past couple of years is not only scale her business in a way where she’s been able to help so many more clients.

So she’s been able to launch her first group program. She’s launched her podcast. She’s in the process of creating her next offering, which is ultimately going to help more doctors help more of their patients in the sexual health realm. Because of all of this, she’s experienced a tremendous amount of growth in her business from a revenue perspective.

To give you a bit of an insight to that, she has not only generated well over a half a million dollars in her business, but this growth has also allowed her to officially resign from her full time MD position, which I know in the beginning she wasn’t sure was ever possible for her.

What I think is most exciting to is that she also, from a freedom perspective, has so much more freedom in her life, so much more freedom in her schedule, freedom in her creativity and her business. A true gift is that it’s ultimately given her more time to be present with her family, which is something that you’re about to hear her talk about in today’s interview.

So I am so thrilled to be able to bring you today’s conversation. So with that, let’s go to the interview and hear what has been possible for Dr. Sonia Wright.

Amanda: All right. I am so excited. I have a very special guest today. I know some of you know her. She is amazing. One of my long time clients, Dr. Sonia Wright. Welcome to the show.

Sonia: Thank you so much Amanda. Thank you for having me. I’m pretty excited to be here.

Amanda: Good. It’s been a while. We were just talking. We were looking at when was the last time you were on? It’s been almost a year and a half since you’ve been on the show.

Sonia: Yeah, yeah. Definitely almost a year and a half. It’s been like two years since I started working with you, right. So it was the end of October. Now we’re at the beginning of December. So we get to celebrate our two year anniversary as well.

Amanda: I love it. I love it. I’m so excited that we get to do that. Well, thank you for being here. So what we want to talk about today, what I want to bring to everyone today is because Sonia has—We’ll go into your story a little bit just for those listeners that may not know your story Sonia into coaching and the type of coaching you do. We’ll start there in a minute. I really want today’s conversation for all of you listening to really demonstrate an example of what is possible.

So one of the things that I am going to be doing here over the next several weeks is bringing on different clients and sharing their journey, sharing their story, having them share their story in terms of what is truly possible when you do the work, when you actually manage your brain, when you do all the things that we do as coaches, as business owners to really make an impact with our clients. So I’m super excited for Sonia to be able to share all of that today.

She has had an amazing year. It has been filled with all sorts of wonderful accomplishments. There’s been certainly challenges as well that we’ll get to in a minute. I’m super excited for her to share all of that with you. Again, she’s just such a true example of what is possible and is such a pleasure to work with. I just am so excited for where she’s really going in the future as well.

So with that, why don’t we just start Sonia and talk a little about your background. Who you coach, what you do just to give everybody a little context about that.

Sonia: Yeah, sure. Let’s do it. Let’s talk about it. So I’m Dr. Sonia Wright. I’m a medical doctor, I’m a sexual counselor, and I’m a life coach. I am the midlife sex coach for women. My focus is on helping women explore their sexuality and create the sexual intimacy that they want in their life because they deserve it. This is what I love doing. This is what I love working on. Yeah. I’ve been lucky to have a whole coaching career around it. So definitely I’ve been blessed.

I started my work in 2019. Before that I was more like a physician life coach. I ended up getting my sexual counseling training from the University of Michigan. I decided in like December of 2018 that I was actually going to switch gears and become a sex coach. So in January of 2019 is actually when I started The Midlife Sex Coach for Women.

You know, not tons was happening in the first year because I was just grasping. Getting my mind around the fact that I was shifting from being a doctor and physician life coach over to being a sex coach and what that meant. You know my mind drama around that, and just growing a business. So in 2019, I made a total of $22,000.

That was also the year that I loved the most because it was the year that I made an amazing decision, which was to start working with you. That happened basically October 28th, 2019. It’s been a great ride since that time.

Amanda: It has been. It has been. I love it. I still remember that day. I still remember our first few sessions so clearly.

Sonia: Like we’ll always laugh about that because I was like asking you can you make any money doing this as a sex coach? Can I make money? You gave me this look like, “Um yes? We can do this. We can figure this out. We can definitely grow this business.” So yes.

Amanda: Yes. I had no doubts from the beginning. That’s for sure. Obviously, it’s played out very well. So Sonia, let’s just talk for a minute about these past couple of years especially. You have really experienced some tremendous growth in your business. You’ve actually made some big life transitions as well where you’ve transitioned fully through that process. Transitioned fully out of your full time radiology position as well.

So give us a little bit of background about all of that. Give a sense, because again we’re talking about what’s possible here. I want the listeners to get a feel because one of the questions that I get a lot from clients is we’re always looking for that certainty, right? We’re always looking for is this really going to work.

As much as I feel like I have a crystal ball some days, there’s a lot of factors involved, right? Now what I will say is that for all of my clients, and I truly believe this for all of you listening. If you’re really dedicated, if you’re really committed to building a business, a coaching business, you absolutely can do that. I mean yes there’s work involved. Yes there’s an energy and effort that we have to put forth, but there is a pathway to do this for sure for everybody. I really do think that it’s a wonderful time to be a coach.

I think it’s good to also hear some real examples from clients like yourself of what did that journey actually look like? Because some of my clients are still in their full time jobs. Some have completely transitioned out or are full time in their business as well, but I think it’s useful to just hear some real stories about what that actually look like. So can you share a little bit about that?

Sonia: Yeah. I’m going to be real about this.

Amanda: Yeah.

Sonia: So because I’m a physician, in my contract I had to give a six month notice. So in order to, I ended up stopping my radiology and just going full time as a sex coach in 2022. In February of 2022. I had to make the decision six months earlier where I wasn’t exactly certain about everything.

Amanda: February 2021. You said 22.

Sonia: I’m sorry I’m already thinking about 2022. I’m like my mind is already there. So February 2021, but I had to make the decision in August of 2020.

Amanda: Right.

Sonia: So in August of 2020, I had just come off of my first launch, right. We had done well for the first launch. I had just made my first $100K, but I was doing that while I was being a full time physician, right. So I ended up coaching—

Amanda: Can we just stop there for a minute? Let’s just say that again. I want everybody to hear that. You created a six figure launch as a full time physician.

Sonia: Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Amanda: Amazing. That’s amazing.

Sonia: It was amazing, but it was also like a combination for burnout, right? Because like I was coaching at five in the morning, and I was coaching up until 10 at night. Then I was trying to do business things relatively late in the night, and I was also working full time as a radiologist. That would be on call hours overnight as well and weekend as well. So it was like running two full time jobs.

I knew that I could not sustain that, but I also couldn’t give myself what I needed to grow my business if I didn’t give it time. So I had to make a decision when I wasn’t certain if this was the right decision for me, but I didn’t have it all mapped out ahead of time. I admit too I had some savings. I figured out what my plan was going to be.

Then I gave my notice. I remember giving the notice and just like wanting to vomit, you know. Just being like, “Oh my goodness. What are you doing?” I always live my life thinking about my deathbed, right?

Amanda: Love that.

Sonia: On my deathbed, my one plan is to have no regrets. To have a life that has no regrets in it to the most extent. In terms of like I really should have done something, and I didn’t do it. That’s the type of no regrets that I don’t want to actually have. I thought to myself, if you’re on your deathbed and you think, “I never gave myself the chance to grow this business, to see all that it could possibly be.”

So I’m like give yourself an opportunity. If it’s not what you want it to be, you can always switch it up later. You can always make another decision. At least give yourself that chance. So I put in my notice. I remember when I put in my notice like I crawled under the covers, and I stayed there for a little while. So it doesn’t have to be pretty right?

Amanda: Right. In most cases it’s not.

Sonia: Yeah.

Amanda: Yeah.

Sonia: Yeah so it doesn’t have to be pretty. At the same time, it was really one of the best decisions that I ever made because it gave me the opportunity to really go all in on my business and do the work that I needed to do. And to start creating the life that I wanted to create for myself.

Which some of you know that I have a 22 year old son, but I also have a 9 year old daughter. I had my son in medical school and residency and then my career as a physician. So throughout his childhood, I had not been there the way I wanted to. This was my last chance with my baby, right. So I just wanted a life where I could make her breakfast in the morning and I could drop her off at school and I could spend time with her, you know. That was equally as important as growing my business.

When I say growing my business, it was serving my clients. I call them my diamonds. The thought of a woman that is engaging in sexual intimacy and they don’t want to be engaging in sexual intimacy or they’re not having pleasure at it or they’re having pain with sex. Those type of things would honestly keep me up at night. Like if I could make a difference in their lives, then I wanted the opportunity to make that difference as well.

So it was a decision for my diamonds. It was a decision for me. It was a decision for my family. That’s why I took that leap of faith, even though I was scared. I definitely was.

Amanda: Yeah. Well, I love I mean you’re just such a great example of the importance of belief, right. I know we’ve worked so much on that through our process and just having that faith and making the decision, right. Making the decision to go all in is so important. It’s that whole concept of sometimes you do have the burn the boats, right. Sometimes you do have to go all in. When we’re in that place, the way forward is to make it work, right.

So I know that that was a very big decision for you. I want to commend you for that because that is not an easy decision to make. I know for many of my listeners as well who may be in their career right now and are really wanting to make this leap. I just think that you’re a great example of when you make that decision, what’s really available on the other side of that.

So I’d love for you to talk about that. After you made that decision and really kind of in the last year where you’ve been, what you’ve created, how you’ve impacted women and what your business looks like.

Sonia: Yeah. So this last year has really been a whirlwind of activity and a whirlwind in terms of mindset and working through a number of things. So within my business, I mean I’ve create over $275,000 in the last year. So that’s been a lot of fun to see that grow and change.

Amanda: Yes.

Sonia: So I’m pretty excited about that. I create different courses. I had a course called Your Empowered Sexuality, which was more like a monthly membership. I’m going to be shifting that around in the next year as well and offering it more as an evergreen type of thing. So that was fabulous.

I also did Own Your Sexuality Now, which is my 12 week program. I did different versions of that. I’m actually finishing up creating a CME version for doctors as well. So I actually ended up being able to merge my two types of coaching love.

Amanda: Love that.

Sonia: The sex coaching and the physician life coaching together to make a CME course for physicians as well around sexuality. Recognizing that there’s a lot of doctors out there where we’ve not been given information and training on sexuality. So kind of adding that in as well.

Then also at the beginning of 2022, and this is why 2022 is on my mind. Because I’m going to be running the Own Your Sexuality Now intimate group, which is like a small group of up to 20 women that we meet in a meeting style and really get deep into sexuality and stuff. So I’m going to be working on that as well.

Then I do a lot with training life coaches as well. So I’m going to be working on a program to help life coaches in the area of sexuality as well, and doing training with that. So there’s a lot going on.

Amanda: A lot.

Sonia: This is going to 2022.

Amanda: Can we talk about that for a minute? I mean that is amazing. I hope you all heard that, right. One of the things I want to go back to is I remember early on before you can your notice, you were like, “What am I going to do with all this time?” Do you remember that?

Sonia: I do remember that, yes. It’s interesting when you go from having a structure imposed upon you to you creating your own time stretcher and schedule and figuring out how you prioritize things. It was also a year of growth because I had to learn that skillset as well. I had started it, but I definitely had to learn how to schedule my time, how to prioritize what was important to me in my life.

Also as I went through this whole year, it became increasingly important to me. Relationships in my life became something that I decided that I wanted to prioritize too. So I’m running a business and also wanted to prioritize family relationships and romantic relationships and making sure that I have the life that I want.

Because what I discovered was that I took Sonia the doctor and the doctor’s lifestyle and initially plunked it into coaching, and there wasn’t really a difference. I was still coaching early in the morning until late at night and working on things and not focused on my health. So when I talk about relationships, definitely my relationship with myself became something that was very important.

So the fact that I was able to become my own boss and run my own business and make the decision to go all in also allowed me to open up so many other aspects of my life. This is like the wonderful thing. When you go all in, I didn’t expect that to happen. Those were some amazing gifts.

Just the joy of dropping my daughter off at school in the morning and just the fact that she knows mom is going to pick her up from school in the afternoon. Like those simple things that I couldn’t do before. That just colors your whole world and just makes it so wonderful.

Amanda: I agree. That’s something, and I haven’t talked a lot on the show about this, but that’s one of the reasons that I decided to launch my own practice as well. Was to be more present for my family, to be more present for my kids. When I made the decision, I had literally just had a newborn. My daughter was a toddler.

I was in a position where I wasn’t on call, but I kind of was. I was working a lot of weekends. I was responsible for a huge budget for a college. The whole essentially admissions for the college. So that required a lot of me. It required a lot of time, and it required a lot of me being away from home. So I can totally relate with the wanting to just be able to pick up your child from school and wanting to not have them be the last ones there every day. Not be the first one there in the morning.

So that, for me, was also one of the reasons that I wanted to be my own boss and have my own business so that I could have a little bit more of that time freedom and flexibility. So I love that you brought that up because I know that that is a motivation for a lot of women especially, I think, coming into coaching and transitioning from a career. A rigorous type of schedule that allows them to have a little bit more space in their life and focus on things that are important. So I’m glad that you brought that up.

Sonia: Yeah, definitely. Definitely.

Amanda: Yeah. So let’s talk a little bit about, I want to touch on that for just a minute too when you talk about transitioning from your doctor role into being your own boss. What were some of the big mindset shifts that you had to make in terms of switching from that mindset to being a business owner, to being in charge of your calendar? To being in charge of where you spent your time, having that ability to do that. I’m curious what those shifts were.

Sonia: Yeah in some ways there wasn’t a huge shift, and in other ways there were. So in terms of what was not a huge shift is like as a doctor, you’re making a lot of executive decisions around patient’s health, around policies within an organization and such. So that skillset I was able to shift over and bring with me and became an asset into my business, right?

As a doctor, you don’t necessarily have autonomy in terms of your time and making a decision around, you know there’s still a schedule that you adhere to. So now I was responsible and in charge of my own schedule, right.

First I just kind of let it be whatever it was going to be, but then after a while I realized no, I have a choice here. I can choose what hours that I’m going to work. I can choose to make sure that I have time in the morning with my daughter. I can choose after that that I have a certain period of time that I’m going to coach.

Then also with my clients I wanted to make sure that there were some evening appointments available. So factoring that in there, but at the same time making sure that I’ve got my own personal needs met as well. So those were some of the things.

Then realizing when you’re running a business, there’s some things you just don’t want to do. There’s naturally things that are the easy stuff that are pleasurable and fun. For me, coaching is a lot of fun. Doing podcasts is a lot of fun. Talking, interacting, that’s a lot of fun. Doing the administrative side of things is not as easy in that I needed to learn, and I’m still learning and growing in terms of taking the time to do that and to get things done that might not come as easy for me.

Amanda: Right.

Sonia: So marketing, emailing, different things like that. That’s something that’s important as well in running a business. So recognizing that it’s not all fun and games, and that there is like this level of yeah. Those things that when you’re an employee there are things you like about your job and things you don’t necessarily want to do. It’s not the top priority, but you still do them, right.

When you’re running your business, it’s the same thing. So. You don’t have some outward structure telling you what to do. So then mindset does become very important because it has to be internally driven.

This is where I think maybe before you leave your job, for those of you that are thinking about it, it’s to work on the mindset side of things and to get the skillset up there in terms of scheduling as well and prioritizing and realizing. Recognize the job that you have right now, if you haven’t left it, what is the skillset that you can take with you to the new job you’re going to be doing when you’re doing coaching full time?

Amanda: Right.

Sonia: So maybe make a list of what are your skills that you can bring over, and then what are the skills that you would like to develop over a period of time, and what mindset do you need to have in order to do this work?

Amanda: Yeah, super, super important. I mean everything that you just mentioned. Just the day to day, scheduling, managing the calendar, figuring out when you’re coaching, all of those things become really, really important when you are doing it all, right. Especially when you’re starting out, you’re a solopreneur. You are doing the coaching, but you’re also doing all of the behind the scenes.

Which many people are in those first, especially when you’re working towards that first $100K especially. Some of that changes as you continue to grow, but yeah definitely in the beginning it’s that skill of being able to organize your calendar. Organize your week. Organize those days so that you have time, obviously, that you’re serving clients but also time that you’re working on the business is really important. So I love that you brought that up.

One thing that I want to touch on too that you mentioned, Sonia, is going back to all of the things that you have done this year. You’ve created several different programs. You’ve become involved in many, many different ways in the industry. What I want to say about that is this is, again, a great example of how you can start out in this business or what you think you might create in your business.

As you start taking action, as you go all in, as you start to just dive into this, what I find is that things evolve naturally, right. They evolve into maybe it’s a different program or maybe it’s working in partnership with something or some organization, right. Can you talk a little bit about that piece of it?

Are you surprised when you kind of look back and look at this year in particular what you’ve created? Because it’s been a lot. You can see how it’s really changed from when you started your business initially back in 2019.

Sonia: Yeah. I’m doing things that I didn’t think were possible in 2019. I love that this podcast is about what is possible, you know. Because I didn’t even have a concept that I would be able to do the things that I’ve been working on within my own programs and also if I guest host or do stuff in other people’s programs.

So it’s been an amazing run. I think that it’s like just being open and available for possibility and not shutting it down. I love opportunity. So if I’m given an opportunity, I go for it even if it scares the heck out of me. Let me tell you. Most of the time it does scare the heck out of me.

Like now I’m getting a little bit used to it, but like the first time where I coached in a larger program. It’s a program that could be seen by 3,000/5,000 people. I was like oh my goodness. I did not have the belief in myself. I remember being stressed out about the whole thing maybe a month in advance, right. That was the first time I did it. Then after I did the session, I think I was in bed for like a day or something. Not really because I’m a parent. So you’ve got to get up and do your stuff, right. But it felt that way.

Then fast forward six or seven months to where like now I’m like, “Oh yeah I’m going to do this this week. Oh right, I’ve got to get something sorted out.” You have to go through that discomfort. I always think about it’s like the ability to tolerate the discomfort will always correlate with your level of success, right.

Amanda: That’s right.

Sonia: Yeah. So there definitely was a lot of discomfort while I was doing the beginning initial stages. As long as you’re able to tolerate that and recognize that that’s just going to be part of it, it does get easier. It does get a lot easier. Yes.

Amanda: Yeah, yeah. I was just going to say it’s always temporary. I think what’s really useful to remember is that it really is temporary. It’s like building a new muscle, right. I always equate it to if we’re going to the gym, if we’re trying to work on our muscles, there’s going to be some pain involved. It’s going to hurt. We’re going to feel aches. We’re going to feel that in our body, and it’s the same thing as we’re doing these new things and it’s forcing us to grow in new ways in the business. It’s a very similar process. So I think it’s just useful to remember that it is temporary, right.

Sonia: Yes.

Amanda: The more you do it, the more you walk into it, the more you work through it, the easier and the faster you’ll get through that the next time. So that’s such a great example. So good. So tell us when you think about these last couple of years and all of the success that you’ve created Sonia, what have been some main mindset shifts in your belief around creating success? Around creating what you’ve created. I’d love for you to talk about that.

Sonia: Yeah. I think one of my main mindset shifts is that I may have a trajectory and a plan. And that it’s usually not the way it goes, and being okay with that. And recognizing that no matter what it is that I am doing that there’s going to be “failures” involved. Like it’s not going to be a smooth road. It’s not going to go exactly how I planned it, and that’s okay.

I think the largest mindset for me is one in which I’m approaching things with wonder and curiosity. Curiosity is always one of my favorite feelings, and it helps me quite a bit. As Amanda knows, I’m kind of an anxious person. I say that because for all of you out there that are anxious, and I’m also very introverted, which people don’t think that the sex coach is introverted, right.

Amanda: It’s just so interesting. Yeah.

Sonia: But if I had my way, I would just be in a dark room. This is probably why I’m a radiologist right? I’d be in a dark place maybe talking on a podcast or reading a book, maybe coaching but having a lot of downtime.

So being an introverted person and being more of an anxious person, to be going out on a path that I don’t know where this is leading to. Sometimes this can cause a lot of anxiety in my life. Learning to roll with it. Instead of thinking the worst is going to happen, which is what my mind wants to go to, I’ve noticed that there’s been a mindset over this year in terms of what is possible. What is great that can happen in this situation?

Amanda: Yes.

Sonia: This concept, this idea, it’s either this or better. It’s something new for me as well. So as I’m ending 2021, I think like the gift of this year is the awe and the wonder and the curiosity. Knowing that I have my own back as well and it will be okay.

Amanda: Yeah, absolutely. So Sonia, what advice would you have for…Because I have listeners that are in all different stages in their journey. That are just starting out in their business. I’ve got some that are already full time in their business, more established in their business. What is some of your best advice when you think about, again, what you’ve been able to create, especially in this past year, past couple of years. The success and all of the things that you’ve created. What is some of your best advice that you can offer to the listeners?

Sonia: Yeah. There’s a lot of things that are running around in my mind right now in terms of what is the best advice that I can give? I think that trust your gut, trust yourself. If you’re deciding that you want to go all in full time, recognize that it’s never going to feel comfortable. Check your finances. Make sure that you’re in a halfway decent place. Trust yourself to know when it’s time to go and when it’s time for you to fly. Also recognize that you can make another decision, right. So I think that that is what I’d have to say in that realm.

Also I’m giving the advice based on what I learned in 2021. My advice also would be look at your values, what your values are. Make sure that your life reflects your values, right. Kindness, love, relationships. This year definitely by business goals have been important, but also my relationship goals have been equally important.

Also realizing that now is the time to create the life that you want to live, not in the future. Because I was like okay when I finish with this, when I finish with that. Then I get to create it. I realized I’m 55. It’s now. Now is the time for me to create the life that I want. What exactly do I want. So taking the time to figure out what it is that you want in your life and to create it.

I wanted a life where I’d have an amazing business where I was helping, contributing, and making a different in people’s lives. I wanted a life where I could spend time with my children and make sure that that was something that was important. I wanted a life where I could travel and see my friends, to the extent that COVID has been in our lives. I’m creating that as well.

I’m a lifelong learner. So for me, always learning. If it’s like reading a book or going to a conference or whatever, but that brings me a lot of joy. So as you’re doing this journey, ask yourself what brings you joy. Make sure you incorporate it as well. Actually I’ve started…. I decided nature was something that brings me joy. So I incorporated that and added that into walks in nature, which I find is helping my business as well because I get the exercise. I’m walking, but I also have the space in my mind to create and to think of new things in my business as well.

So whatever it is that brings you joy that you want to have in your life, create the life that incorporates it. Because it’s going to be better for you, better for your family, and better for your business in the long run.

Amanda: I love it. I love it. Such good advice. So, so good. I would love for you to share Sonia. You brought a little special something with you that I would love for you to share. We are recording the video of this. We’ll see if we publish the video. I’d love for you to explain what you’re holding right now for the listeners that aren’t able to see it.

Sonia: Yeah so I am holding a little glass structure. It’s like an award. It’s a pyramid shape. It says AK on it. For those of you that don’t have the video, hopefully you can get to it or maybe we’ll have a picture that we’ll submit. It says “The $250K Club Dr. Sonia Wright”. It’s from Amanda Karlstad for her coaching.

So this is my 250K award from Amanda, which I have this on my mantle. I am so proud. This is like one of my most prized possessions because it just brings me back to when we started, right, and when we were like is this possible? Can we do this? You’re like, “100% we can do this.” You’ve been with me all the way, right.

So when I have this on my mantle, I look at it in terms of look what I created, but also look at this amazing coach who has been with me and believed in me when I didn’t believe in me. So this represents a lot. It represents amazing adventure. It represents financial success. It also represents a friendship, and it represents an amazing coach. And the honor that I have working with her. So this is pretty important to me.

Amanda: Aw, thank you so much.

Sonia: I’m going to move it up closer to see if you can see it.

Amanda: I have to tell you all, it is very pretty.

Sonia: It’s beautiful.

Amanda: It’s very pretty. I was very careful in selecting these awards. I think they’re beautiful. So thank you so much Sonia. I’m so proud of you. You are such an example of what is possible. I know so many listeners are going to be so inspired by your story and have been inspired by your story, have been already following you and your journey. I love that we had an opportunity to bring you back on and share where you’re at and share what you’ve been able to create. It’s really phenomenal.

You are a true, true example of what is possible. You are just changing the world. You’re changing, you’re impacting so many lives with your work. I also feel, and we always say this right. We’re just kind of getting started. That’s the fun part of it, right. Even though it’s been two years, in so many ways it’s just scratching the surface truly of what’s ahead.

Sonia: Yeah. I can’t wait to see where we’ll be in three more years because that will be a total of five years working together, and then another five years, right?

Amanda: I know. It’s so amazing. So I just want to tell you how proud I am and just what an honor it is to work with you. I agree. To have you as a friend, it’s just been such an honor to have you in my life. I appreciate you so much. I’m so proud of everything that you’ve done and everything that you’re going to do from here on out.

Sonia: Thank you so much. Thank you for being with me on this journey. I couldn’t have done it without you. So yes, definitely. Thank you.

Amanda: Of course. Of course. All right Sonia, so tell everyone where they can find. How they can work with you, where to go.

Sonia: Yeah, let’s talk about it. So you can always find me at soniawrightmd.com. That’s my website. That’s the easiest place to find me. I’m also on Instagram as Dr. Sonia Wright. So you can locate me there as well. Yeah in terms of working with me, I do private coaching and I also do group coaching. So the group coaching is Own Your Sexuality Now. Then the private coaching is yeah, you can just reach out to me, and we can get it going. I love doing both types of coaching, and they’re pretty great.

Amanda: Awesome. Amazing. All right everybody, go follow her. Go work with her. We’ll talk to you all very soon. Okay. Bye, bye.

Hey, if you’re ready for a real breakthrough in your business and want to grow and scale your business to at least six figures or more in annual revenue, I invite you to apply to my exclusive program The Mastermind at amandakarlstadcoaching.com/the-mastermind. I look forward to seeing you there.

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