What Can Happen When You Live In Inspiration And Pure Intention

Over the past two years, I have undergone some major transitions in my life.

Some of these transitions (definitely not all), could be seen as negative.

But what I know about these so-called negative transitions is that they were necessary to prepare me for where I am today.

And I’m so grateful for them.

They have led me to so many new and amazing experiences and relationships in my life.
They have allowed me to up-level my life and my career.
They have led me to doing my life’s work.

I often get asked how I’ve been able to do all of this.

It started with intention.
It has become inspiration.

But in our society today, what we tend to value and put priority on is quite the opposite.

Instead, we tend settle for the status quo.

We stay in a jobs we dislike or are unhappy in because we (or others) think it’s a “good job”.
We think it’s what we “should” do.
We stay in the job even if the writing is on the wall.
We live in the fear of “what if”.
We are afraid to go after what we really want.

We find ourselves in relationships that are filled with disappointment.
Or not what we think they should be.

We feel overwhelmed with life.
We don’t feel like ourselves anymore.
We think it’s going to get better once the kids are older and we have more time.

We feel like it’s never enough.
Or that we can never do enough.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.
I can teach you how to change all of this.
So you can get back to yourself.
And create the life and career you really want.

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Become an example of what is possible.