The Real Truth About Burnout


At one time or another, chances are, you’ve felt it.

You’re stressed.
You’re overworked.
Questioning what you’re doing.
You want to give up.
No motivation.
Lack of focus.
Maybe even depressed.

And it’s all because you’ve been working too hard. (I mean, you’re working 50 + hours per week.)
Or the expectations laid out for you keep being raised.
You have more responsibility and more on your plate than you have time to deal with.
You’re in the “grind” and don’t see it ever changing.
You need to keep going because you need that paycheck.
You settle.

Isn’t this how it goes?

Society (and probably your co-workers) would say yes.

I’m here to tell you no, it’s not actually how it goes.
In fact, it’s something totally within your control.

Your attitude.

Your thinking about your 50+ hours per week that you are working is causing you mental stress.
Your thoughts about how much is expected of you is what creates your lack of motivation.
Your thoughts about all of your responsibilities creates your overwhelm.
Seeing it as the “grind” is what creates the “grind”.
Your fear about not having that same paycheck leads to anxiety.
How you view what you do is what leads to apathy.

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