The Only Thing Between You And Your Dreams

Every day, you probably find yourself spending time thinking or maybe even daydreaming about your future.

To make more money. To get that promotion. To leave your current job. To start a business. To finally buy your dream house. To invest in a vacation property. To take that dream vacation. To be able to send your kids to college debt-free. To be able to retire early and comfortably.

Things that right now may seem out of reach to you.

So instead, you start to listen to that voice inside of you. It tells you to snap out of it. It’s not going to happen. You’re being unrealistic.

Or are you?

Most of us, when pondering our future goals and aspirations, tend to err on the side of caution.

We go with instead what feels “safe”.
What seems realistic.
What feels “certain”.  

And when given a choice, we easily choose this safety and certainty (and many times pleasure) over discomfort.

But what is actually happening is that we are unconsciously making a choice to move ourselves further away from the dreams, aspirations, and goals that we really do have.  

We do this (without even realizing it) by avoiding the emotions that don’t feel as good.

This gives us temporary relief. Maybe even pleasure.
But it gives us long-term stagnation. And we end up feeling stuck.

But when you can learn how to allow all emotions – even the ones that don’t feel good – you’ll be able to go after your dreams.

To finally pursue what you’re meant to pursue.
To really get after it.
And make it all happen.

And I promise the result will be so much better than you ever imagined.

You ready?

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