The Importance of Conscious Decisions in Your Career and Life

Are you really making conscious decisions?

At first glance, most of us are probably making conscious decisions in some areas of our life.

For example, we probably did some research and as a result, send our kids to the schools or daycares that they attend.  
We researched vehicles and decided to purchase the one we have.  
Our house.
We may consciously decide what we (and most importantly our kids) eat on a daily basis.  
We make conscious decisions about our money.

But what about your future?
What about your career?

You might have a general idea.

Are you really making it happen?
If you are – congrats.
You’ve consciously decided.

If not, you just need to decide ahead of time.  

The reason that conscious decision is so important is because every day you have competing desires.

You want to be healthy. But you indulge every morning while you stop to get your coffee. (Or at that new, trendy restaurant.)

You want more success in your career. But you’re procrastinating doing the things that are required to get you there.

You want to get a new job. But you’re dreading the time you believe it’s going to take to get one.  

What is it that you want to create in your life?
What is it that you want to create in your career?

My program will help you make the conscious decisions you need to. Ahead of time. So you can have more fulfillment, joy, and time in your life.

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