Take The Leap

Feeling like you’re not sure what’s next for you in your career can be very unsettling.

On one hand, you’re grateful for the job that you have.
That it provides that way that it does for your family.
That you have the work environment (or maybe even flexibility) that you have.
You like your boss.
Your team.
You are paid well.
And you have great benefits.

But there’s something missing.

You’re not feeling as fulfilled as you once did.
You’re not enjoying your work as much.
You might even feel bored.
You definitely know you are capable of more.
You want more flexibility.
You want to feel like you’re living your true purpose.

And when we feel any of these things we tend to feel a sense of limitation about what we can do.

So we start to rationalize to ourselves why we shouldn’t make that leap and go for what we really want.
We tend to look for all of the right reasons to stay.
We discount our true feelings.
We strive for safety.

Yet more time passes us by and we’re still feeling the same.
That voice keeps popping up that we need to make a change.
But we don’t listen.

But what if we started to?

What if you really went after it?
What if you really had the confidence to step out and follow your gut?
What if you had a clear plan to do it?

That’s where I can help.

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