One of the Strongest Indicators of Your Success


For all of us, success looks very different.

It’s highly dependent on the individual.
For some, success means achieving a certain title within their company.

Or maybe that next promotion.

For others, it might be achieving a certain number – a yearly salary – that symbolizes the hard work, the experience, and (possibly) the education one has earned.

It could also be on a smaller scale, perhaps, “knocking it out of the park” with that presentation you prepared so hard for.

Signing that big client.

Or, finally finishing that project that you played a lead role in and made such a strong impact that now you’ve been asked to take on additional responsibilities.

Whatever your definition of success is, there are key indicators that one must exhibit in order to achieve any level of success.

And one of the strongest indicators of success (no matter how you define it), is Resilience.    

So, how do you become resilient?

(Hint: it’s actually not a character trait. Although our society defines it that way.)

Answer: you consciously choose to feel and act with resilience.

To feel and act resilient, you must have a compelling reason to complete something.

Your commitment is the start of that compelling reason.

Your level of commitment will determine your resilience.

Your commitment to anything invites risk.

And your compelling reason will make that risk worth it.  

What is it that you want to create in your life and/or career?

Let me help you. We’ll find the compelling reason, the commitment, and the resilience to make it all happen.

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Become an example of what is possible.