Not sure what’s next in your career? Here’s some advice.

Not sure what’s next for you in your career? You’re not alone. In fact, I work with clients every day on exactly this – helping them figure out what’s next in their career. Many of my clients aren’t sure what their next step looks like, they’re not sure how to make a move, or even where to start. Some clients want to pivot altogether and change industries/careers or even start their own businesses. The problem is they are not sure where to even start, much less how to make it all happen.

Sound familiar?

Here’s some advice if you’re asking yourself “what’s next?”:

Accept where you are. So often I work with clients who regret staying with their company or in their job for so long, or who have recently gone through a downsizing that has left them unemployed. Many have been feeling stuck for awhile, but haven’t been sure how to make that next move or what that even looked like, Some decided to settle, thinking they would never have it better than they have now. Whatever the reason, know that it’s ok. The good news is you can take action now.

Know that you have choice. Really, you do. Even though you might feel limited or stagnant having spent the last several years in the same job and not really growing, you can choose a new path altogether. You might not feel qualified for that next step, but what if you could really go after what you wanted? I can show you how that’s possible.  

Find your “why”. Knowing your “why” and how your career fits into this is one of the most conscious and aware gifts you can give yourself. Not only will this give you purpose and direction, it will help you become the best version of yourself.

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I can’t wait to help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to move forward and live your best life!

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