Ep #232: How to Reach Your Next-Level Coaching Business Goals (Part 2)

Last week, I introduced my series on reaching your next-level coaching business goals by explaining why you aren’t currently hitting them. This week, we’re taking things a step further by examining how we can begin closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be. And it all starts with your mindset.

Right now, your brain has tons of evidence as to why your goals are currently way off, and you can’t work out how you’re going to reach the next level. However, if you implement what I’m sharing in today’s episode, you’ll be able to move forward toward your goals with clarity and confidence.

If you aren’t achieving the level of results you want to see in your business, tune in this week to uncover the identity from which you’re currently operating. Discover where you’re losing time and energy in your business, and learn what you can do differently to start achieving the results you know you’re capable of in your business.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • The emotions that make progress particularly difficult to achieve.
  • How negative thoughts end up creating negative results.
  • What changes when you can approach your business and your processes with full trust.
  • The low-value activities on which you might be spending your time and energy without generating revenue.
  • How to start seeing what’s possible beyond your current results in your business.


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You are listening to The Million Dollar Coach Podcast with Amanda Karlstad episode number 232.

Welcome to The Million Dollar Coach Business Podcast, a show for coaches who are ready to up-level their business and take their impact, leadership, and results to a million dollar level and beyond. If you’re ready to break through your limitations and start taking powerful action and become the seven figure version of you that your business needs in order to grow, scale, and thrive, this show is for you.

I’m your host, Amanda Karlstad, Master Coach, high level business mentor and advisor, master intuitive and business growth and scaling expert. Let’s get down to business.

Hello, and welcome everyone. I hope you’re doing fantastic. I am so good. Super excited to be bringing you this second episode in the series I launched last week all about how to hit your next level goals in your business. Today we are going to dive into episode two. 

I have to say that if you’re resonating with what we’ve been talking about in this series so far, I know that today’s episode is going to give you a ton of value. If you haven’t yet listened to last week’s episode, part one of the how to hit your next level goals in your business, I want to encourage you to go back into listen to that episode as well. 

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I will tell you all we have so many exciting things happening this year in these programs. We are so ready and would love to help you reach your next level goals. Part of how we do this is through high level coaching and through strategic advisory. There is so much support in these programs. We are really serious about helping our clients get results

Just to give you an example, we have so many clients that come into our programs that have been able to go from, for example, one on one coaching to launching the brand new group programs, to launching their dream programs, their dream business, and generating serious, serious revenue. 

So if you’re working towards six figures this year then I want to invite you to apply to the mastermind. This is for coaches who are growing to that six figure level. If you’re ready to scale, so if you’ve already hit that six, or multiple six, or even seven figures in your business, and now you’re looking to go to that next level then I want to invite you to apply to The Million Dollar Mastermind where we are focused on scaling and taking your business from where it’s at to that next level. Which in many cases that might be that 250, 500k level, that million dollar level and beyond. 

So we’ll link up those applications in the show notes. You can also go to my website at amandakarlstadcoaching.com. You can fill out the application and set up a call with us there so we can go over how we can help you reach the next level goals in your business. All right, let’s dive in. 

Today, I want to continue the conversation around why you might not be hitting your next level goals in your business. I mentioned this in last week’s episode, but I think this is a really important series for every coach

Regardless of where you might be right now in your business, I have to tell you that what I have found over the years and coaching hundreds and hundreds of coaches in my process and mentoring hundreds and hundreds of coaches to that six, multiple six, seven figure level and beyond is that the things that we’re talking about in this series, these are things that I see at every different level of business. 

How they present in each business might be slightly different. But at the end of the day, the patterns that I’m bringing to you, they might present at the six figure level. They definitely will present at the multi six figure level. They will even present very often at the seven figure level and beyond

So it’s very important to have the awareness to these things because the sooner you can become aware of how this might be presenting in your own business is going to help you determine where to put your focus. It’s going to help you to understand what needs to shift. It’s going to help you identify where you might need more support. 

So let’s dive into this conversation. So one of the biggest reasons that I see coaches who are not hitting their next level goals in their business is because it comes down to their thinking. Before you say to yourself oh, I’ve heard this before. I already know. I already know this. I want to really encourage you to stop and really listen to what I’m about to say. Because what I see is very often what will happen is so many coaches rather than working from their goal are instead working from their current circumstance. 

So what that might look like is that you might have a goal of generating, again, let’s say 500,000. Just as an example, in your business, let’s say that that’s your goal this year. Yet, you’re looking at your current circumstance that might be telling you that you’re nowhere near this goal. Because of that, you have all sorts of thoughts.

What happens is we start to assign all different types of meanings to these facts. That perhaps you’re only a small percentage of the way there. Because of that, your brain is giving you more and more evidence on why it’s not going to happen. It might sound like very logically well, the math isn’t adding up. Or it might be showing you evidence across the industry on other businesses that are maybe struggling where you’re starting to think maybe it’s not possible. 

Whatever this sounds like for you, I just want you to consider for a moment what that is. Because what happens is when you are in a place where you are working instead from your current circumstance versus from the goal, you start to make decisions from a place of I’m only this far along, or I don’t see how this is even possible this year. From that point, you’re taking action from a place that very often is fueled by emotions like disappointment or fueled by disbelief or frustration

When you’re taking action from these types of emotional places, when you are in a place where you’re assigning meanings to your current circumstance in this way, these kinds of negative meanings. When you’re making decisions from a place of these current circumstances rather from the identity of already having that goal, what will happen is that you will perpetuate that thinking, and that will present in your results. 

You will end up creating more of the same. You will end up staying stuck. You will end up spinning in your business. Ultimately, at the end of the day, just not creating the level of growth that you want. 

So much of this work is around your inner game and the identity in that you’re showing up with, the identity with which how you are choosing to think. Again, I see this present in so many different ways. Depending on where you’re at in your business, this will look slightly different. So it’s really critical that if you don’t have the results that you want in your business, that one of the first places that you must start to look is first by who you are being in your business. 

I will tell you this work takes a lot of intention. It takes a lot of commitment. One of the ways that I like to think about this, one of the ways that has been really useful for me and to explain this to clients is to think about a pot of boiling water. Think about a pot of boiling water or a pot of water that you want to boil. What goes into that, right?

So we don’t expect that we put that pot of water on the stove and that immediately it’s going to start boiling. We know that it’s going to take some time. We know that we have to fill the pot. We know we have to put that on the stove. We know that we have to turn the burner on high, and we have to allow it to do its work

So what I’ve learned is that the same is really true in your business. A lot of times you can’t see anything happening just like that pot of water on the stove when you think about that. You really can’t see that anything is happening. It looks the same. You don’t really start to see any changes until it really starts to get some momentum, until it really starts to get some of that heat, when it really is on its way to start boiling

The same is true in your business. Unless you are seeing things happens, so often we write it off and say it’s not working, or it’s not possible. Then we find more and more evidence of that. So if you think about a large pot of water and the time that it takes to boil that large pot of water, and depending on how high you have that burner setting, the fact is it’s probably going to take some time. 

I also want you to consider that let’s say that you wanted to boil that pot of water, but instead, you kept taking it on and off the burner over and over again because you weren’t sure if the burner was working. You weren’t sure if it was actually going to boil. So you were taking that pot of water on and off the stove, on and off the stove. Do you think it would really start to boil? How long would it take to boil that same pot of water versus just leaving it on the burner knowing, trusting that it was going to boil? 

I know this might be a silly example, but this is essentially the same thing that’s happening over and over and over again in your business. When you allow yourself to really work from only what you see, from your current circumstance, where you allow yourself to only make decisions based on current results. When you entertain doubt, when you allow for doubt to creep in, when you allow yourself to be in a place of disappointment. I’m not saying that you can’t ever be disappointed, but there comes a point in time where you have to still take action. You have to move forward. 

So it’s really allowing yourself to be in more of a victim mentality in your business. When you’re approaching your business not from your future self but from this place of I’m not where I want to be, or this has taken too long, or I should already be farther along, whatever that sounds like. 

What’s happening is that every time you’re entertaining these types of thoughts, if you were to really look at who you’re truly being and the actions that you’re taking in your business, and really get honest with yourself, and really assess whether or not you’re approaching it from a place where you’ve got that pot of water. You’ve let it sit there. That burner’s on high. You haven’t touched it. You have not taken it off that burner. Have you really done that? Or are you taking it on and off yet expecting, just like that pot of water, for it to boil. 

So I equate this to in the business when you’re constantly being distracted. When you are second guessing things, when you allow yourself to be in a place of feeling, for instance, disheartened or feeling frustrated or confused for long periods of time. Again, I’m not saying that you can’t have, you can’t experience these types of emotions. You will. I think there’s space and there’s time for you to do that. But there comes a point in time where, again, you have to move forward. 

So I just want to encourage you to consider that rather than coming to the assumption that things aren’t possible or things aren’t working. What if it all actually made sense? Because so often we tell ourselves that we’re doing all the things. Yet we’re really confused by why the business isn’t further ahead. My friends, this is why having this awareness is so important. Having a real awareness, not a fake awareness, a real awareness to how you truly are showing up, to the identity that you are really holding, how you’re intentionally approaching and working from your next level

This is why I believe so much in being a container where you’re being challenged on this, where you are looking at this. Where you’re shifting just by nature of being in an environment with others who are getting things done. It’s shifting. It’s requiring more of you in how you’re showing up, in how you’re thinking, from the lens that you are working from. It’s so important. 

So the next reason that I see why so many coaches are not hitting their next level goals is because you’re not actually producing results. You’re not actually producing revenue generating assets in your business. Instead what happens is so often you’re putting the majority of your time and your energy into things that aren’t even moving the dial for your business

This one is so common, and I think it’s one of the main reasons that coaches actually don’t hit their goals is because rather than spending time and energy in creating actual revenue generating assets in the business. Instead, I see so many coaches that are spending time on what I call low value activities, activities that aren’t even capable of generating revenue. 

So let me give you some examples. One of the big things here is social media. Now I want to be clear that there is value, I believe, in social media. I do think it’s important to, for example, have a presence on social media. I think social media is important to your business because it is part of what I would consider to be your storefront. So I do think that there is value there. 

However, what is not highly valuable, especially, I want you to really hear this. If you’re a coach who does not have a large following, which let’s be real, this is the case for most coaches. Or where your followers or your audience is mostly comprised of family and friends and not actually of your ideal clients.

The truth is that you’re spending a large majority of your time creating social media posts, creating reels, things of that nature, that you probably don’t even enjoy creating that much. You’re posting that to your Facebook and Instagram. That’s really your main strategy of generating clients

What I will tell you is that any seven figure coach that I have brought to that level that I have mentored, that I have coached, that I have helped grow to that level, for myself, there are way more high value activities that we’re focused on that are actually generating real revenue in the business. 

So the majority of our time and our attention, while it might not be obvious when you look at social media, this is very much what is the focus behind the scenes. So rather than being focused on creating content just for content sake, instead it’s about creating value and creating real revenue generating assets in the business, which is very different from posting social media content. 

So, my friends, not managing your energy and your time and putting instead that precious time and energy that is available to you towards real needle moving assets. This is one of the biggest reasons that I see coaches stay stuck.

I will tell you, I have seen two different coaching businesses that are in either the very same niche or a very similar niche where there’s a huge need for coaching, where there is a high level of awareness. There’s even a high level of desire for coaching, meaning people in this audience, there’s a high desire for coaching. There’s a high awareness to what coaching is and how it can help. 

I will tell you I can look at two businesses that are in the same niche or very similar niche. The coaches that are prioritizing these high value activities, that are prioritizing creating these real revenue generating assets are the ones that are creating the six, the multiple six, the seven figures in revenue and beyond in their business. 

Rather, and I’ve seen this happen, the coach who chooses to spend the majority of their time to create short form, for example, social media content, that’s only seen by a very small percentage of their audience. In fact, I heard a statistic recently that Instagram, the algorithm, just from last year, that it’s only showing even less than 17% of what it showed last year, which was already a small amount. So I want you to consider that. 

So this coach who is then spending the majority of their time and creating this short form social media that’s only being shown to a very small percentage, who is not doing the foundational work that is so vital now more than ever, especially in this environment, who isn’t consistently attracting their most aligned clients.

Who doesn’t have a clear system for someone to come into their business to get the help that they need, who does not have a clear or an effective sales process. Who is probably making some of the mistakes that we talked about in part one of this series. 

The reality is that the coach who is choosing to prioritize these revenue generating high value activities, activities that when done consistently over time will generate revenue. Versus the coach who is jumping from one platform to another, who isn’t clearly articulating who or how they are able to help someone who’s more concerned with shiny objects and the pursuit of the one magic bullet, who isn’t cutting through the noise, who isn’t earning the attention of their audience or positioning themselves in the most powerful and unique way that they could time after time. 

The coach who does the hard work of getting their message dialed in, the coach who has done the work of creating and developing an irresistible program for the clients, the coach who is in the game and creating these real marketing assets and has a real strategy for growing their business. The coach who is driven from a place of creating a movement and a mission in their work. 

These are the coaches who are and who are becoming The Million Dollar coaches. These are the coaches who, again, in the same niche, or they might even have a similar offer as the coaches who are winning, who are growing, who are making money in this industry. 

So knowing where to spend your time, your resources, and doing that consistently, it’s not going to happen just one time. You’ve got to do it consistently is huge. All right. 

The next reason I see coaches getting stuck on hitting their next level goals is because they do not love their work. Here’s what I mean by this. When you consider the way that you’re working with clients, which this might be the way that you’ve set up your business. It might be your business model. So, for example, you might be working with clients on a one on one basis, but maybe you actually don’t love coaching clients on a one on one basis. I see this actually pretty often. 

Or maybe you have a group program, and you’ve been working with clients in a group format, but you might just be feeling like things are off. I also see this very often. So either way, if you’re in a place where you’re not in love with the work that you’re doing, you’re not in love with your business model. Even if consciously, you know that you want to take things to the next level. Even though you know that you’re meant to do big things in this industry.

What happens is that subconsciously when you’re not in alignment, when you actually don’t love your work, when the work is not lighting you up, what will happen is that your subconscious will then do everything that it can to keep you where you’re at. In some cases, I see this happen a lot, you’ll start to sabotage your own success

How it does this is it will work to get you distracted. It will work to keep you at your current level, which might not even be the level that you want, but it’s going to work to keep you there because it’s familiar. So even though you consciously want to grow, even though you know that you’re capable of more, getting into alignment with this, getting to a place where you love what you’re doing, where you’re lit up, where you feel, and you’re focused on your mission, this is where the magic. This is where the growth will happen when you’re not in resistance, when you’re not lit up and in love with your work, this is when I start to see so many coaches that say stuck. 

All right, this one is big. The next reason that you might not be hitting your next level goals. Again, this could be related to the reason that we just talked about. But one common reason I see coaches not hitting their next level goals is because they don’t have full conviction and confidence in their program

What I mean by this is when it comes to your program, when it comes to what you are offering, you must have full conviction and full confidence in what you are selling. That what you are asking your audience to invest in, that you feel a deep unwavering conviction and confidence in that, in your process, in the way that you work with your clients, in your ability to coach and to help your clients arrive at their desired end result

So what’s really vital here is that your clients also can see this value in your program. That they can also have that confidence in you as their guide, as their coach to help them achieve their goals, to help them achieve that end result. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately for my clients. One of the things that I think has become more and more important in my observation, and what’s just going on in the industry, is that you’re creating highly transformational best practice what I would call world class programs

So I want you to consider this for you. Would you consider your current program or your current offer as the highest and best version of itself? Do you know that what you’re offering, without question, is highly transformational? Is it world class? 

I’ve been doing this work a lot with all of my clients on how we can make their programs even better, even more best in class. How can we ensure that they’re hugely transformational experiences for their clients? How can we put these world class best practices in place so that clients also really have that experience? 

Again, there’s so much that we do around this, but this is the level of work that we’re focused on. So if you’re in a place where you know that your program could be more valuable, if you’re in a place where you can’t fully say with full conviction that your offer is the best for your clients, I want to encourage you to really look at that. I would urge you to think about how you can make that better.

Because what will not be sustainable, which leads me into the next reason I see coaches not hitting their next level goals, is that when you have created or have built your business to a point where you have replicated somebody else’s model, and I want to explain this because this is something that I see very commonly, especially at the six and multi six figure level. Is that many coaches who have gotten to this point, and many of my clients actually come to me at this point because typically they are stuck, and they’ve reached a certain plateau in their business

What has happened is that, in a lot of cases, they have either modeled or replicated what they’ve seen somebody else do, and I’m not talking about like copying that. But what I’m saying is they might have seen a coach who is a seven or eight figure coach, for example, have a membership. So they’ve launched a membership, and they’ve gone out, and they’ve tried to grow a membership because they see somebody who’s generating perhaps maybe 5 million in their business, and they think it’s a great model

So they’ve gone out and in their own niche, they have created this type of model. So, again, this could be in a completely different niche, but because they have seen somebody else be successful with a certain type of business model, what will happen is that they’ll go out, and they’ll launch this. They quickly find that they’re not able to grow the program to the level that they want

There are a lot of reasons for this. But number one, many times what I see happen is that they’re not actually doing the volume of marketing that is actually required to grow and sustain a membership. So, for example, a membership model is one of the models that requires the most amount of marketing. I will also say that your marketing has to be very good. Because whether you want to believe this or not, it takes just as much energy to sell a $97 membership as it does a $5,000 program. 

So what happens is that the coach that has launched and created this membership model because they had not seen what actually was going on behind the scenes, because they weren’t actually aware that they had to do as much marketing as they now see that they have to do, or they didn’t dial in their marketing. Essentially, their marketing isn’t good enough. 

What very quickly happens is that they reach a point where they stall out. Where, for whoever they’re bringing into the membership, they are more or less staying at that same number of members. So it essentially doesn’t grow at the rate that they want it to

So it’s very often because of these things that are happening behind the scenes, and it’s a real understanding of what’s actually involved in growing and sustaining programs like this. I’ll give you another example. Another example is trying to replicate somebody else’s group program. But, again, they’re not seeing what’s actually going on behind the scenes. So the marketing very often, the consistency in the volume of marketing that is happening, isn’t even close to what that other coach is likely doing

From a messaging standpoint, because the truth is that any multi six, any seven figure coach has had to figure out their messaging to a pretty dialed degree. They don’t get to that level without doing that. So simply replicating their same message very rarely works. Because the reason for this is, and I always say this, but there are too many nuances in the business. There are too many nuances in audience. There are very specific things that have made these things work in that other business

So simply going out and thinking you can replicate number one, it’s just bad business to do that. It’s out of integrity. In every case where I’ve observed this, it’s just bad karma. It always comes back in some way. But secondly, what I see for the coaches that are doing this is that they’re missing a huge opportunity to position themselves so much more powerfully when it comes to really leaning into their own unique position, when it comes to really doing the work to communicate how they, in fact, are different, how they are unique, and why their solution is the answer to their client’s problems. 

So I want to encourage you, because I see this happen so often, is to really get into alignment with your business model, with your positioning with your messaging, and all of the things that go into attracting your best clients and not just replicating or copying what someone else is doing. This is important. 

Okay, the last and probably one of the most common reasons that I see coaches stuck at their current revenue level and not able to break through and reach those next level revenue goals is because you don’t actually stay focused on implementing and creating and working through all the things that inevitably will come up when you go out and build a real marketing machine in your business.

Instead, what I see happen for most coaches who are stuck below six or at that six or low six figure range is that they’re doing what I call strategy hopping. Meaning they might start out and work to implement a certain strategy in their business for a few weeks, or they might go out and they might work on tweaking things for a few weeks

Very often through that process, they quickly find that there are challenges, and that results typically aren’t going to happen right away. So, for example, let me just go back to the example of using $500,000 as your goal this year. 

So if that’s your goal, and right now you are maybe at the six figure mark, there’s a part of you that knows logically that you’re going to need to do things very differently. So to do that, you might go out. You might build a client funnel. You might build a webinar funnel, for example. Maybe even you start to run ads to this webinar funnel. You might have lots and lots of people coming into your funnel that are raising their hand and saying that they will want to learn more about your program. That they want help in solving the program that you help them solve

Very often, and I see this happen very often with my clients as well, is that you get to the webinar, and you have all of these people who are raising their hands. You have people that are showing up. But when it comes to actually taking the next step and joining your program, you might have a bit of a blip. You might not have maybe quite as many as you thought

When I see coaches get to this point, you can really go one of two ways. You can, at that time, make a decision that webinars don’t work. Then you can go down a path of strategy hopping where you can go and you can purchase that next course, where you can go and chase that next shiny object that you see in your feed. Essentially, what you’re doing when you’re doing this is you’re starting over repeatedly from scratch all the time. What happens is it really elongates the time for you to actually see any results in your business. 

Or you also have the choice in that moment to decide that webinars, for example, are a proven method to enroll coaching clients into your coaching program. You can choose to look at all of the evidence in the industry on this. You can see why that any seven or eight figure coach is actually utilizing webinars in some form in their business. They might be calling it something different. But at the end of the day, it’s always going to come back to that core process

You can decide in that moment that you’re going to figure it out. That you’re going to stick with it. That you’re going to stay focused, and that you’re going to get better at delivering your webinar. By doing that consistently over time and by not jumping from strategy to strategy and by growing your skill and getting better at your delivery of that webinar and truly owning your results, what will happen is that in a matter of time, it will pop. Pretty soon, you’ll have clients that are purchasing and joining your program and very often to a degree that you didn’t even expect. 

I’ll give you an example, recently, one of my Million Dollar Mastermind clients decided to test a new webinar to her audience. This is a coach, just to give you some context, who has been running webinars for the last couple of years. This was something that I have taught her, that we installed in her business. That when she started working with me, she was working with clients on a one on one basis, and was charging about $400 for like a six week one on one coaching package

This is a client who also is now on her way to multiple seven figures in her business and has pretty much been running the same webinar over the past couple of years. But recently, she decided that she wanted to test out some new content. So she decided to create a new webinar using the webinar framework that she learned with me almost four years ago

So she created this new content using the same framework that she’s been using for years. She put it out to her warm audience. In one 60-minute webinar, this client generated over $60,000 from one 60-minute webinar. I want you to really take that in. In one hour, this client generated over $60,000 in new program sales in her business. 

Now, I will tell you, when this client first started running webinars, she didn’t have this level of success. In fact, she had a few purchases here and there, but it was fairly inconsistent. So because of that, we had to really hone her skills on how she delivered her webinar. In fact, there were times where I sat down with this client and went slide by slide and coached her through how to deliver and for tweaks she should make in her presentation. 

There were many, many coaching sessions where we focused on how to better optimize this webinar. On how she could better optimize how she was delivering the message, how we could better optimize even the front end message of people coming into the funnel. So many things.

Fast forward now to today because she was willing to do that work, because she was willing to stay focused, because she did not change her strategy at all in almost four years, because she stayed coachable, because she trusted the process, because she has now, as a result of all of this, built the skill of creating one presentation where now she can deliver that to her audience whenever she wants, that now is proven to generate over $60,000 of new revenue in her business in one hour. 

This is why it’s important that you do not strategy hop. This is why it’s important that you do the work of developing these skills. This is why it’s so important rather than looking for that bright, shiny object or that silver bullet that you think is going to change everything. This is why, instead, you double down on doing the work. You double down on getting the right support. You stay coachable and be willing to get into the details like this, be willing to take full responsibility when you don’t have the results that you want. 

So I really want to encourage all of you. These are the reasons, these are the patterns that I so often see as to why coaches are not breaking through their next level goals. These are the reasons why you want to learn to appreciate the journey and the growth that your goals are requiring of you. All right, my friends. Have an amazing week. I’ll talk to you all again very soon. Take care. Bye, bye.

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