Ep #73: The Power of Mindset + Strategy: A Client Interview with Sara Brewer

Welcome to my second client interview on the podcast! This week, I’ve got Sara Brewer on the show, and I’m so excited to be talking to her about her business journey so far. She’s just graduated from The Mastermind and the results she’s created in just six months are mind-blowing. I can’t wait for you to hear all about it.

Sara is a coach who uses a shame-free, sex-positive approach to help people quit viewing pornography. Like many new coaches and entrepreneurs, Sara was swimming in a lot of mind drama about her business, and I’m quizzing her on the fears she had to overcome and how doing this work translated into the success she’s experiencing today.

Join us this week to discover the growth that Sara has undergone in the last year, and how doing the mindset work while adding the right strategy has helped accelerate her income and her clients’ success. She’s the perfect example of how implementing the right things can support both the growth of your business and the life you want, and I know you’re going to get so many amazing nuggets from this episode that you can use in your own life.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How Sara came to the coaching world.
  • The drama Sara was experiencing in her business when we first started working together.
  • What helped Sara overcome her fear of niching down in her business.
  • Why it’s so important to build a business that helps you optimize everything in your life.
  • The beliefs Sara had in March of last year and the beliefs she has about her business today.
  • How Sara changed her business model to maintain her goal of working 25 hours a week.
  • The inner transformation Sara experienced which coincided with the biggest shift in her income.

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You are listening to The Life Coach Business Podcast, episode number 73.

Welcome to The Life Coach Business Podcast, a show for coaches who are ready to up-level their business and take their impact, leadership, and results to a whole new level. If you’re ready to start taking powerful action and become the leader your business needs in order to grow and thrive, this show is for you. I’m your host, Amanda Karlstad, certified life and business coach, and entrepreneurial leadership expert. Now, let’s get down to business.

Hello and welcome everyone. So glad to have you with me today. I’m so excited to bring you today’s show. I have a very special guest. I have a client, Sara Brewer, who’s on the show today. This is the second client interview that I’m bringing to you over the next several weeks. I’ve got a series of client interviews and some other very special guests that will be coming on the show, and I’m super excited to bring you these conversations.

And today’s conversation is really special. Sara just graduated from my foundational program, my business accelerator program. It’s called The Mastermind. So for those of you who may be new to the show, The Mastermind is my foundational program that most clients start in. It’s really the program that I’ve developed to take you from wherever you are to six figures in the most accelerated way.

And so you’re going to hear today from Sara and learn how she was able to cross the six-figure mark during our time together. And I’m so, so proud of her and the work that she’s doing. She has grown tremendously through her process. Obviously, her business has grown tremendously through this process. And this is just the beginning for her and for what is ahead for her.

So I’m really excited for you to hear more about her journey and really how this unfolded for her. And with that, let’s get to the show.

Amanda: Alright, I am so excited. I have a very special guest for you all today. I have one of my clients Sara with us today. I’m so excited for this conversation. I think you’re going to learn a ton and hear all about Sara’s journey as a coach. And what she’s really done in the past year, which is really, really amazing. So I’m super excited for all of you to hear this. So with that, welcome Sara.

Sara: Well hi, thank you. I’m so excited to be here too.

Amanda: I love it. I love it. This is going to be so much fun. Alright, so before we dive in to all the good stuff, let’s talk about – why don’t you just introduce yourself and talk about who you are, kind of your journey into coaching, who you coach, that sort of thing. We’ll start there.

Sara: Yeah, so just get this out of the way. What I do is I coach people who want to quit viewing pornography. And it’s in a shame-free, sex-positive approach. How far back to you want me to start on my journey?

Amanda: Whatever you think is relevant. So you’ve got all sorts of coaches listening to you right now.

Sara: Okay. Well so I first got into coaching – I was in a transition period in my life. Just had a baby, just graduated college, and not happy. Just kind of feeling yucky. And where that was mostly coming from was, I was always just trying to do more to feel better, do more to feel better. And it wasn’t working.

And then I found The Life Coach School tools and I found Jody Moore and I found Brooke Castillo and I just became obsessed. It was like, I don’t know if you – just that feeling when you know something is so true and so right. When I think about finding that, I really feel this light kind of coming over me and learning just the really simple concept that your thought creates your feelings. Not your actions.

And when I say that now it sounds so basic and simple, but I didn’t know that before. And that was so – it was life-changing. Really, really important for me and I just loved it. I just knew from the moment I found it, I just knew I have to go, I have to do this, I have to learn everything I can about this. And then that turned into I have to teach this, I have to coach this, I have to become a coach because I loved it so much, it helped me so much just to figure out how to even – you have this vision of what you want to do in life and you have no idea how to do it, and that’s what coaching gave me.

So I started doing that, I started coaching just a little bit more general life coach, whatever people wanted help with. I went and got certified at The Life Coach School. And then right after certification, I decided to narrow in my niche to helping people who want to quit porn. And the reason I did that is because there were so many – what I was finding with the people I was talking to is a lot of them came to me with that specific thing that they wanted to fix. And so when I decided to niche down, that was really scary for me. And I…

Amanda: Why? Let’s talk about that. Why?

Sara: It was scary for me because I felt I had the tools to help people with that problem, but I hadn’t actually gone through it myself. And so I had a lot of drama about that. Can I help someone even if I haven’t done that specific thing? And the answer that I know now is yes, absolutely because I have, just in different ways.

Amanda: Right. And that’s really the power of coaching, right? So let’s just stay there for a minute. What belief or what – when you think back to that moment in time when you were kind of battling that within yourself, what helped you overcome that specifically? What thought? What type of beliefs did you cultivate to help you overcome that?

Sara: Yeah, so my husband and I have been studying business already for a couple of years. And one thing that we just heard over and over and over again, my husband was in a business program, an entrepreneurship program and they just taught over and over again, we talked about this was listen to your audience, listen to your audience. What they want is what you want to create.

And so that is really kind of the big thing. This is what they’re telling me. This is the big pain point. This is where I’m going to go to make the biggest difference. And there wasn’t really anyone out there that I knew of that was teaching how to quit porn in a shame-free, sex-positive way, which is huge, which is so important, and so much better.

Amanda: Yeah. I mean, I remember our first call Sara. This was – so we’ve been working together since really July of last year, so of 2020, I think. It was July. And I remember our first call when I asked you what type of coaching do you do, who do you help, that sort of thing. And what really hit me right away with the work that you do, that I knew there was of course going to be a lot of probably inner dialogue that we needed to overcome with all of this, but from an overall business standpoint, one thing I’m always looking out with clients is like, from a strategic lens also, okay, is what we’re focusing on, is this a good fit? Is there a market?

And what was so interesting when I first talked to you, I had never really encountered a coach doing this work. And I thought, what a cool way to serve probably a very – a population or a large group of people that are not being served in this way right now. And we’re going to talk a little bit later about what that has actually transpired and how many you’ve actually helped in just the six months that we’ve been together because it’s really phenomenal.

And you and I have talked about this, but I think that your work is very unique because it is in many ways something that isn’t, I don’t think being addressed on a large scale. And there’s a lot of people that are looking for help. And so it’s really amazing to see you step up and really kind of own that role with this. I love it.

Sara: Thank you. Yeah, thank you. It’s a little bit taboo too. People don’t really want to talk about it, and I think that’s why – I really think that’s why I’ve done so well here is because I’m not afraid to say porn. And I’m not afraid to talk about it.

And I know not a lot of people want to share my stuff. I’ve gotten messages on my Instagram like I love what you do, but how can I help you because I don’t want to share. But it’s been fine. That hasn’t kept me from helping people or having clients.

Amanda: Yeah, and that’s been really – I want to acknowledge you on that because you’re right. This can be a very triggering thing; it can be very taboo. Not a lot of people are talking about it. So I just want to applaud you for really standing in this work and really creating what you’re creating to help all of the men and women that you’re helping through your program. And we’re going to talk about what that looks like. So that’s awesome.

So let’s talk about when you and I started working together, where was your business at the time? Where were you just personally, mentally, your business, what was going on?

Sara: Yeah, so I had just finished LCS certification and I just had another baby, I had a newborn. I had just kind of come back into working after a couple months after having her and I had just niched down too. And as soon as I niched down, I was having all these people that wanted to work with me and I was full. And I was full, and I should have felt great, but I didn’t. I felt horrible.

Amanda: Every coach’s dream, right?

Sara: I remember posting on some of the coaching groups on Facebook like, what do I do? And they’re like, wow this is amazing. And I’m like, I do not feel amazing because I was like, first off, I’m stressed because I don’t know what to do with all these people. And I don’t want to work more than 20 hours a week. And I have no idea how to hit my income goal and work 20 hours a week and I’m supposed to just do one-on-one for a long time, right? That’s just what you’re supposed to do.

And so people told me to raise my prices and I did, and I didn’t sell anything from those raised prices. It wasn’t right. And so that’s when I found you and I booked a call and I was like, I know people want this, I know I can help them, but I don’t know how to reach my income goals and my business and my impact goals. I need someone to help me figure out how to do that.

Amanda: Yeah, and still maintain the – in your schedule. Those 20 hours like you said. I remember that was a really big deal for you and I remember that was one of the things that I kind of was from the get-go like, my brain kind of went to work on like, okay, how do we do this in a way that really allows you that space and that time to be a new mom?

And you and I have talked – I think I shared with you and I’ll share with the audience right now. So when I launched my practice, I had a newborn as well. I wasn’t planning – it was just the timing of it all kind of – it all came together at once. And hindsight’s always 20/20. It was of course perfect, but it was a challenge in those early days having a newborn at that point wasn’t – we weren’t ready to send them to daycare. It was juggling all of the things.

And so I had some sense of what that is like as a new mom and juggling a new business. And wanted to really make sure that we help create that for you because I know from my own personal experience how important that time really is. And before you and I just got on – go ahead.

Sara: I was just going to say I so appreciated that too because I kind of came into our call expecting you to be like, well, if you want to reach this income goal we got to hustle, you got to sacrifice a little bit. And even just that first call with you opened up my mind. It was like, what you want you can have. And I just so appreciated that because I didn’t think just coming out of LCS certification for some reason in my mind I was like, nope, I have to do it this way for a while.

Amanda: Well, let’s talk about that for a minute because I think you’re bringing up a really good point that I don’t know that we talk a whole lot about. And I observe this a lot, I see this a lot kind of in the industry where depending on what certification program you go through, or maybe you don’t, but sometimes we feel like we have to do it a certain way because a certain person says we do, or because a certain person maybe did it that way in their business.

And what I will always say is I think that there’s always consistent things no matter what niche you’re in, no matter how long you’ve been coaching, no matter what your goals are, there are certain things that need to be in place in your business. But what I have found is that it’s really important that we build a business that is in alignment with both your skills as a coach, but also that helps you really optimize everything in your life, like being a mom and being available and having more of that flexibility.

Because the truth is when we don’t have those things, we’re just – we are in the hustle, right? And sometimes there are phases where that is what it is. There isn’t a whole lot more to really say about that, but when we can really be intentional about that from the beginning, I think that not only helps you enjoy the process a little bit more, helps you be clearer on kind of the vision and more kind of I guess helps you develop the belief there.

At least that’s what I observe. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that, but it just – in a way, it helps kind of drive you forward. I think when you know this is – when you can see the possibility with it. Does that make sense? What was your experience of that?

Sara: When my mind started opening up a little bit, like okay, maybe I can create my income goals and work 20 hours a week, I started finding all this evidence for why I was good enough to do that and how, actually I have been coaching for over a year, even though I just finished certification. I have been coaching for a long time and I have the experience and everything that I grew up and did before I started coaching is helping me here. And anyway, just like you said, it kind of pushed me into that belief.

Amanda: Yeah, great. So let’s talk a little bit about your last really six months and what you’ve built, what is going on in your business, where you’re at today. Because I think it’s – y’all, it’s amazing. So I’m super proud of you. So tell us what’s happened.

Sara: Yeah. So since working with you, well I guess since last March, so a year from today, I’ve made $103,539.

Amanda: Nice.

Sara: And since working with you, that was $85,590.

Amanda: Amazing.

Sara: So that’s where I’m at income-wise.

Amanda: So in 12 months, what I want to highlight here, and I want to stay here for a minute because I know this is one thing that I know we’ve talked a little bit about is just really recognizing what you’ve done. Really seeing all of the growth. And I want to highlight you for a minute.

So you have now surpassed the six-figure benchmark, which for a lot of coaches, that’s kind of that first huge benchmark. So first off, congratulations. It’s huge. I’m so proud of you.

Sara: Thank you. Yeah, it’s kind of crazy.

Amanda: It’s happened quick, right? It happened very quick.

Sara: Yeah, it happened quick, and it was my impossible goal. And for the first little bit I didn’t even think it was on the table.

Amanda: So can we talk about that? So a year – let’s talk about where you were in March a year ago, 2020 to today. Did you think that you would hit $100,000 in your business?

Sara: No.

Amanda: What were you thinking?

Sara: I was thinking I am too pregnant, I cannot do that. I was thinking I can’t even sell a $400 coaching package, I don’t even know how to – I was thinking a lot my niche, they don’t want to spend money like that. Most of my clients are 18 to 30. A lot of them are college age and I was thinking they don’t have money for coaching. I was thinking I need to sell $400 coaching packages and I couldn’t even do that, so there’s no way, I have no idea how I’m going to do this.

Amanda: What do you believe today about all of those things?

Sara: Well, I believe that my coaching is very affordable. The program is affordable and it’s worth every single penny and of course they have money for it. Of course they have money for it, and they want to pay for it. Not only do they have money for it, but it’s what they want to spend their money on. I believe that whatever I’m wanting and desiring is attainable and that being a mom isn’t in conflict with my business. But having a business and being a coach helps me way more as a mom. First off because I’m happier because I don’t have to be with them all the time. I love them but I don’t want to…

Amanda: I relate. I relate completely.

Sara: And it forces me to be really intentional in my business and not waste time.

Amanda: Yeah. So how many hours are you working a week?

Sara: 25 right now.

Amanda: And you’re making six figures in your business.

Sara: Yeah. That’s so cool.

Amanda: It’s amazing. So tell us how we’ve – walk us through a little bit. So you were coaching one-on-one when we first talked last July, and I knew immediately if you wanted to work those 25 hours a week that we needed to change your business model a little bit. We needed to take a look at your program. So tell us how you have changed that over the course of the last few months.

Sara: Yeah, sure. So first instead of hour coaching calls, we moved it to half hour coaching calls and I had all my teachings, I recorded all of the teachings so they could watch those before. Do the worksheets, do some of the learning, and then we could just come and do the coaching together. Because even – I mean, after half an hour of hard coaching, they’re usually exhausted. They don’t really want a lot more than that.

So that was better for them and for me, and then I recorded all the teachings, I put them into a portal, and we turned that into a coaching program. So now they join, and they get all of the modules. They get bonus modules and then weekly coaching calls with me where they can hop on, they can participate anonymously or not anonymously and get help and coaching and listen to other people get coached.

And that was so much better too because I was to the point where a lot of my clients were coming to me with the same things and we were doing the same stuff. And I knew it would help them a lot to just hear other people and I’ve seen that they’re making progress a lot quicker than they were when it was just one-on-one.

My clients that come to these live group calls progress a lot quicker. And then they also get access to me through a coaching board where they can ask questions and get coaching back and forth in between weekly sessions. And then I still offer one-on-one packages too.

Amanda: And you do have those that are pretty much filled at this point, right? Those one-on-one spots. So what I love about your model Sara is that number one, it sounds like if anything, it’s serving them even more. Just the structure of having that small group and having that ability.

In many ways, you’ve actually created – what’s so interesting about this is that you’re actually supporting them in more ways than just on a one-on-one basis by having the coaching board, all of the module work, all of the group calls, all of the opportunities that they have throughout the process to really – whether it’s just being an observer of that coaching or being coached themselves.

So that’s definitely something that I have experienced as well and I see with many, many clients when we move into that group format is the power of group coaching. I definitely think that that is such a benefit of offering group programs. And so you’ve really demonstrated in just a quick way, the power of that in your own business.

And so what I love also is that it’s really allowed you to help so many people. So many clients. So talk to us about how many clients – because we were looking at the numbers just the other day. How many clients have you really been able to serve with this in just the last few months?

Sara: Yeah, and first I just want to say too that was really important to me because I couldn’t get behind a program that I didn’t feel like was as good as what I was offering before. And so that was just really, really important to me, kind of going back to focusing on them instead of me and it’s cool for me to see how they can both help each other. When they help more, I am also helped more. They’re not in…

Amanda: I can’t think of it either.

Sara: They’re not fighting against each other.

Amanda: They’re not in conflict.

Sara: They’re not in conflict. So my clients, right now I have 59 in my program.

Amanda: Wow.

Sara: I think a couple of those were clients that I had worked with before I started with you that I just put in there as part of it. But yeah, most of those have come from working together.

Amanda: Yeah. And you know, I always say this because I really do feel this with all of my clients. In so many ways it’s like we’re just getting started, which is so exciting when I look at your business, Sara. And I know I tell you this all the time, but I see such potential for the work that you’re doing and just on the grand scale, when you think about even the ripple effect of this, it’s massive. It’s really massive.

And I think I’m so excited to be on this journey with you and to help support you in that and really creating even more of that as we move forward because it’s, again, it’s something that you’re right, a lot of people are not willing to talk about. They’re just not willing to go there. But there’s – you’ve already demonstrated there’s so many people that are really looking for help. So do you have something to add to that?

Sara: No, I was just going to say I’m excited too. So good.

Amanda: So good. So let’s talk about some of the biggest transformations. So we’ve talked a lot about your business and how that’s structured and kind of moved from that transition from one-on-one into now groups. But let’s talk a little bit about some of the inner transformations that you’ve had during this time that have really helped you step more into being the leader of your business and leading your business, leading your clients, and showing up as that powerful coach to them.

Sara: Yeah, and I remember that was one of the first things that you said to me when we were coaching is hey, I want to encourage you to step into this leader energy of your business. And really be the expert here. And I mean, I’m still working on it but I’m way further than I was when we started.

Just a lot of trust in me and trust in my past and what I have experienced and trust in higher power. That’s been huge. Huge for me. And then too when I look back at my numbers, my books, I see the biggest shift in income the same time I had a big money mindset shift too in December, when I had mentioned to you I was worried about – my mind was going worst-case scenario, what if we lose all our money, we can’t have live.

And we had a coaching session and you just kind of kicked my butt on that. You were like, why are you spending your time worrying about that? You could go and have a webinar and make all that money this week for you to live this month. This is just wasted energy.

And I didn’t recognize it as that before. I kind of thought – I don’t know. I hadn’t done a lot of work on it and I thought it was maybe just I was supposed to be worried about it. But as soon as I stopped that and I realized, oh, this is easy. This is easy to make money, we’re going to be fine, that’s when I think I made over 50K in the next two months. Two and a half months after that.

Amanda: Yeah, it was massive because you had a big launch too, right? We did another launch in that time. I remember that conversation so much. So let’s talk about that because I remember that conversation and then I remember some follow-up Boxers on that too that we had. A Boxer – I think we had some Boxer exchanges on that. So yeah, I could see that that was a big deal for you.

And for my observation, my perspective looking at that, what’s so interesting about what came up for you Sara was that some of this I think had been carried down. When we really look at where this all came from, you had mentioned even grandparents and certain things that as you were growing up, you were able to become aware of, that were coming through that I think was pretty major, right?

Sara: Yes. It’s crazy. I was thinking about it and I was thinking about – anyway, just our coaching. And I realized and I recognized of course, that’s kind of how I’d grown up is we’re always penny pinching and we’re always just really aware and it’s really smart to do that and it’s really smart to be just worried about worst-case scenario when it comes to money.

And then I’m thinking about the stories – we would always laugh because my grandparents were millionaires. And they would go to buffets and hide rolls in their bags. And they would save all their old vacuums in case they needed a vacuum part. There was no reason for them to be worried and then I saw that in myself. There’s no reason for me – I look at – we’re fine. But my mind just wants to go. This is exactly what my grandparents did.

Amanda: Totally. I thought that was so fascinating when that came through for you because this is my belief with all of the work that I do and you know this of course, but so much of what we carry around, so much of what I call that is in the driver’s seat that’s actually driving us forward are things that we’re not conscious of.

They’re things that we’re just carrying, they’re patterned, they’re conditioned thoughts and beliefs, and I’m such a believer in that. Because I see that. I’ve experienced that myself and just see it over and over with clients, and I just think it’s so important to always be looking at those things. Because a lot of times that consciousness isn’t there. It’s just – literally it’s a habit. It’s literally a conditioning that we have that we can only start to really overcome once it actually surfaces, once we can actually see it for what it is.

Sara: Yeah, and that’s why I think it’s so important to have a coach. I’m always going to have a coach.

Amanda: Agreed.

Sara: Because they see things I can’t.

Amanda: Yeah, it’s huge. So on that note, what kind of advice would you have for coaches that were maybe – are maybe in a position like you were a year ago, or just kind of starting out, trying to build, having some of these thoughts like I don’t know if this is going to work, what advice would you give to them?

Sara: Well, my go-to thought that I’ve heard a lot of other coaches say that I just love is as long as I don’t give up, this is happening. As long as I don’t give up, I’m going to make it. And that’s just so true. It’s just so true. And so if it’s what you want, as long as you never stop, you’re going to have it. Absolutely, of course. There are so many examples of that. That’s not even a question.

And then too what I think what has created a lot of success for me is when I am focused on my clients and not me. And so that helped me find the niche that really wants to pay me because I was more focused on them than me. And too when I find myself getting worried, am I good enough, all the drama, I just try to go back there. It’s not about me. There are so many people who need this, who need exactly what I can offer.

And yeah, so those two. And then also I’m really big about B- work. Putting B- work out there because if you look at my stuff, none of my stuff is perfect. My webinar isn’t perfect, my ads aren’t perfect, my sales page isn’t perfect and that’s what I’m moving into is I just want to hone all that in a little bit, get it better. That’s not perfect but my messaging is really kind of spot on.

So if you can just focus on your messaging, and less on the other stuff, the tech, exactly how to say something, just focus on getting the messaging down. That’s been really helpful for me. And that’s what we do in your program, that’s what we spend so much time doing.

Amanda: It’s the basis of everything, yeah. That’s such great advice. I would love for you to talk a little bit about just how having more of a strategy has helped you because we’ve talked about the mindset and that’s always going to be the foundation. I’m a firm believer, it’s always going to be 80% mindset, 20% strategy.

But one of the things I do coach and we spend a lot of time on is the strategy, are things like your message, are things like where is your audience, how do we connect to them, how are we going to build really the infrastructure of your business, how are we structuring your programs so that you can actually deliver the work that you’re here to deliver and serve the clients that you’re here to serve.

What do you think has been the biggest shift in terms of having that type of support, or having that type of work, having gone through my six-month program, and going through that? What has been a big shift with you there?

Sara: Yeah. The first thing that comes to mind is finding a strategy that works for your goals. So you could have goals but if you don’t really have a roadmap to get there, you’re not going to get there. And that’s what I loved about working with you is that it was really personalized to me and what I wanted.

Amanda: Do you think it was helpful to have a strategy?

Sara: So helpful, of course.

Amanda: Do you feel like that eliminated half the doubt right there?

Sara: Yes. Yes, it eliminated – the strategy, yes, it got rid of so much of the brain drama in the first place.

Amanda: Yeah, so good, right? So what I love about that is doesn’t it allow you just to again, put all of that aside? Because you have a roadmap. You can see the path. And then just focus, be able to focus on your clients. That is why I do what I do because I do see a lot of people get stuck in the spin cycle of but the how, but the how, right?

Sara: Yes. Well, and that’s what you had said to me during, I remember our first call, you were saying it’s really – I was like I’m worried I’m going to buffer by hiring a coach, that’s just me buffering and not doing the work. And you’re like, it’s actually the opposite because you’re doing so much buffering right now, worried about what exactly to do. Let’s just drop that, I’ll tell you what to do, and you can do it.

Amanda: Yeah, we’ll figure out what we’re going to do and then we go do it. Totally. Yeah, I think that’s really important and it’s a fine line. One of the things I’m always looking at is the strategy will only be as good as the person behind it, as the coach, as the mindset that is really being cultivated behind it.

What scares me sometimes a little bit is when I see no strategy and just what I call the throwing the spaghetti at the wall because at the end of the day, a business needs some structure. A business needs certain things to survive and to grow and to thrive.

And I know in my own experience again, early on, not having that really created a lot of confusion and doubt for me. And it really wasn’t until I leaned into all of the strategic parts of it that I was able to see, okay, this is how this actually works. Even though I had – I’ve got an MBA, I’ve got a business background, I’ve worked in marketing and sales my entire career, it’s a different thing when it’s your own business.

And so I just think that it’s really powerful. I would just encourage all of you listening, there has to be some element, I believe, of that, of knowing where you’re going and certain things that are in place in your business in order to support the growth of your business. Because the truth is for you Sara, you’re a great example. To have 60 clients in a matter of a few months and be supporting that volume of clients, unless you would have had – you can’t do that without certain things in place. You can’t do that without certain structures, without certain things that we have built that allow the space for that. Do you agree with that?

Sara: Yeah. If I wouldn’t have started, absolutely. I think about it – I talk to my husband about this too. I’m like, if I wouldn’t have started working with Amanda, right now, I would still just be spinning in – I’m only working with seven clients at a time and here I am with 60. And that’s because of the strategy, absolutely.

Amanda: Yeah, so good and so important. Alright Sara, is there anything else you’d love to share with the audience, with the listeners before we go?

Sara: I just have one other thought on the strategy too and we kind of touched on this but just having that in place, I mean, it’s like with anything. It’s like with my clients who I’m helping quit porn, there’s the mindset, absolutely, that’s huge, but then they also have to learn some other skills. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to do it.

That’s because that’s what they’ve been doing, they’ve been trying to quit porn without the emotional skills that they need to do it. So it’s just the same with business and when you have those, I see that with my clients. Once they understand those skills, their confidence just skyrockets. And then they can – they are in the right mindset to go and do it. It’s the same with business. Once I know, I have a plan and I see how it’s going to work, it’s just okay, we’re going to try it and it’s going to work and confidence.

Amanda: Yeah, here we go. So good. So good. So tell us what you are working on now Sara. Tell us where we can find you so if anybody is listening knows of someone that is struggling in this area that is looking for some help, tell us where they can find you.

Sara: Yeah, so my podcast is a great resource. I just started it a couple months ago. If you look up Sara Brewer or Overcome Pornography for Good. You can also find me at sarabrewer.com.

Amanda: Nice.

Sara: And Instagram. I’m on Instagram too a lot.

Amanda: Amazing. And let’s talk about what’s next Sara. So what is your goal moving forward? What are you working on?

Sara: My big goal, I want to get 50K months.

Amanda: Nice. And so that is our next step. I’m super excited to help you do that. Thank you so much for being on today Sara. You’re doing amazing work. I’m so proud of you. Y’all be on the lookout. 50K months are happening and it’s just going to be a matter of time. We’ll have Sara back on and share what that part of her journey was like, right? So good.

Sara: I’m so appreciative of you Amanda. Thank you.

Amanda: Oh, you’re so welcome. I appreciate you Sara. It’s an honor to work with you. Alright, thanks so much. We’ll talk to you soon.

Hey, if you’re ready for a real breakthrough in your business and want to grow and scale your business to at least six figures or more in annual revenue, I invite you to apply for my exclusive program The Mastermind at amandakarlstadcoaching.com/the-mastermind. I look forward to seeing you there.

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