Ep #236: The Importance of Alignment in Your Offer

I was recently working behind the scenes in my business, which led me down a path of reflecting on all the wins I’ve witnessed in my mastermind programs. The results that my clients have achieved in just the last couple of weeks blew me away, and there’s one common thread in their results that you can implement for yourself.

From achieving their highest cash quarters ever to hitting a million podcast downloads, these are examples of what is possible for you. I’m sharing a snapshot of some of the biggest results my clients are producing and the one thing you must focus on to create real growth and tangible results in your business.

If you’re ready to create a million-dollar coaching business and operate as a million-dollar coach, tune in this week to learn about the importance of alignment in your offer. You’ll hear why offer alignment is critical, the importance of understanding what your best clients actually want, and how to assess if your offers are fully aligned with you and what your clients need.


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What You’ll Learn:

  • Some of the results we’ve been celebrating inside my mastermind programs.
  • One huge factor in creating real growth in your business.
  • How my core offer has stayed the same since the start of my business.
  • What my commitment to my offers has generated for me and my business.
  • Why alignment in your offer matters to your clients.
  • What happens when you’re not in alignment with your offers.


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You are listening to The Million Dollar Coach Podcast with Amanda Karlstad episode number 236.

Welcome to The Million Dollar Coach Business Podcast, a show for coaches who are ready to up-level their business and take their impact, leadership, and results to a million dollar level and beyond. If you’re ready to break through your limitations and start taking powerful action and become the seven figure version of you that your business needs in order to grow, scale, and thrive, this show is for you.

I’m your host, Amanda Karlstad, Master Coach, high level business mentor and advisor, master intuitive and business growth and scaling expert. Let’s get down to business.

Hello, and welcome everyone. I hope you’re doing amazing. I am doing so well.  I’m looking forward to our conversation today. We are going to talk about an important topic, a topic that I will say is a huge factor, if not one of the biggest factors, that I see when it comes to creating real growth in your business and creating tangible results and tangible revenue and tangible sales.

So this is going to be a really important episode for you. When I reflect on all of the wins that we are seeing inside of our mastermind programs, which I was recently creating some new marketing assets. As I was doing some of this work behind the scenes, I was literally just taking a look at some of the things that had come up in just the last couple of weeks in our business with some of the things that we have helped our clients with and achieve. It really blew me away. 

I think it’s so important to share some of these things because it’s really important to sometimes see that total end result, that revenue number. It’s also really important to see some of these other things that go into that. So with that, I think it’s just important to share some of these examples of what is possible. 

When I was sitting down and working on some of these new assets, one of the byproducts of that work for me, that really blew me away was really just getting present too and seeing the level of work and the level of results that we do help our clients achieve. We help them do it in such an accelerated way. 

I just think that it’s really important to speak to this because no matter where you are in your journey, I believe it’s very important for you to see examples of what is possible. So just to give you a sense, just in the last two weeks, as I was looking at the work that we’ve been doing and what we’ve been working on with our clients to help them, yes, achieve that overall and financial result. A lot of the things that I’m seeing come up are huge, huge wins and are really byproducts of doing that work. 

So some of the things that we’ve been celebrating, again, just in the last couple of weeks, are clients who are generating their highest cash quarter ever in business. So these are from coaches that are already at a million dollars and beyond. So they’re at that seven figure level and beyond. This is already happening for coaches who are already at that six, multiple six figure mark as well. 

All of these coaches in the examples that I’m seeing here are all coaches that have been in business for many, many years and that have been stuck, many of them, in an earning plateau until they came to work with us, until they came into our containers. 

So really being able to see them generate and basically bring in their highest cash quarters ever. So the amount of money, the volume of money that they are bringing into their business is the highest ever. It’s just such a fun thing to witness and to see. Especially as we now move into second quarter of this year, it’s really setting these clients up for so much success this year. 

We also had a client who recently created and implemented a brand new launch process into their business. This was for a brand new program. It was really a repositioning of the program that they had been offering. This was a launch that was just done to their warm audience, that was just taking a look at what they already had in terms of their own assets. This client decided to do a webinar launch to this particular set of clients, and they generated $25,000. So pretty amazing. This was only, again, to one specific portion of their audience. It was one webinar. It was selling a brand new program. 

So I think this is so, so important for me to share. Because, again, this is the power of doing the work. All of these things that we’re talking about in this podcast, all of the strategies, all of the mindset work, all of these things add up. They compound into being able to deliver a webinar and sell $25,000 worth of coaching.

All right, we also had, this one blew me away. We had a another client who decided to deliver a new training. Who just decided to update some of their marketing, and decided they wanted to talk about a different topic that they hadn’t actually talked about before. So this was a client, again, that just went to their audience and said hey, I’m going to do this training. This is what it’s going to be on. This client did, again, one webinar. So we’re talking a 60 minute webinar that generated over $60,000 in new revenue. 

So, again, this is in 60 minutes, this client showed up, delivered a new training, was so excited about this new training, and made $60,000 in one hour. I want you to consider that how powerful this is. All right. 

We also had another client who celebrated recently over a million podcast downloads to their podcast. When we really look at this, part of what really went into this is this was a client that we had advised a while back on their thought leadership and really deepening their thought leadership in their particular area of expertise. So by really doing that work and leaning into that, this client is now celebrating over a million in their podcast downloads, which is so, so incredibly amazing. 

All right, we have had clients, several clients actually, who have held and delivered profitable and transformational client retreats. I think this is so important because we’ve had clients that retreats are part of their business model. So part of their normal business model is offering in person live retreats. We also have clients who decide after being in our containers and experiencing our transformational retreats that it’s also something that they want to incorporate into their business model. So we have a mixture. 

We’ve had clients recently hold and deliver, again, profitable, and transformational client retreats that I love it when clients actually put on their own retreats. Because it is so life changing not only for the clients that are attending their retreats, but it’s also for them. It’s also for the coaches and for my clients who are facilitating these. It really is a truly transformational experience, I believe, for them as well. So super, super fun. 

We also have clients who are right now growing so much in terms of building out their own team. So we have had clients that are now in the phase of their business where they are now growing and developing their teams. We have clients that are celebrating now, really creating teams of A players who are fully aligned in their mission of their business, who are really helping to now fuel the growth of their business. 

Again, as I look back over the past several months for many of these clients, again, the work that we’re doing behind the scenes to help them grow their leadership as a business leader in the hiring aspect, in bringing on new team members, in the onboarding process. There, again, is so much to this. But now being in a place where they are able to celebrate the fact that they have created a team of A players is so, so much fun. 

We’ve also had clients that are truly growing their identity and their leadership capacity as they’re stepping into their next level of success. You know, I think there is something when you start to do this work, when you really decide to commit and put yourself in an environment, in a container where you are being coached at a high level, which is what our containers are. 

Just by making that commitment, by stepping into that container, very often this is why we see so many clients that come in and within a very, very short amount of time create their highest cash month ever in their business, in the life of their business. 

They have launches and more success than they really haven’t experienced before. Such a big part of that is the deepening of their own capacity. It’s them really saying yes to themselves. It’s them stepping into the next version of themselves as the leader of their business. So we’ve had so many examples of this recently with clients coming in. It’s just so fun when I see this happening. 

We’ve also had clients that have redesigned their current programs to better align to their clients, who are really repositioning and redefining what their programs are looking like and reworking them, reorganizing them so that they really are in more alignment with their business goals. That is resulting in more revenue and more alignment in the business. 

In fact, we just had a client who recently did this work and is a client that is in our million dollar mastermind who decided to make actually a pretty slight shift in terms of how she is offering the program. As a result of that has now, again, experienced a huge, huge month in her business. I think it’s one of her highest cash received month to date in the life of her business. This is a coach that has been in business for, I think, five plus years. 

So really, really important things which really goes in line with what we’re going to talk about today. So, again, these are just examples just in the last couple of weeks, this is just a snapshot of what I look at the things that we are celebrating, the things that we are coaching on, the things that we are doing behind the scenes. 

So what we’re going to talk about today is really, really important when it comes to being able to create results like this, when it comes to creating a million dollar coaching business, when it comes to really showing up and operating from this space of being a million dollar coach. 

So I would just invite all of you if you know that you are ready for your next level, if you know you’re ready for the types of results that I just talked about, if you are ready to become a million dollar coach then I want to invite you to join us inside of the mastermind where we’re going to help you grow to that six figures and beyond in your business.

If you’re already at that six or multiple six figure or even seven figure level and beyond and you’re ready to scale from there, you’re ready to deepen your thought leadership, your leadership capacity, you’re ready to go to that next level then I want to invite you to join us inside of the million dollar mastermind.

This is where we do the highest level of work. This is where we are going to help you truly scale in a way that is in full alignment with your goals. It’s where we’re going to help you really step into and shift into the identity of a million dollar coach. We’re going to help you implement as well all of the things that are going to be required to do that along the way. 

So you can go to the show notes. You can also go to my website at amandakarlstadtcoaching.com. There is an application there. Depending on your revenue level, and depending on what your goals are and also where you’re at currently right now in the business is kind of going to basically determine what is going to be the best fit. So we would love to tailor a plan for you to go to that next level and to help you do just that. 

All right, so let’s talk about this. Let’s talk about the importance of alignment in your offer. When I say this, I want you to consider that the alignment that you have as a coach, as the one that is delivering the offer and selling the offer and marketing the offer. I want you to also consider as we’re having this conversation what your best and what your most ideal clients also feel when it comes to your offer, what it is that they think about when they look at your offer. 

Because both of these places are really important to consider. So when I look at my business and I look at my offers and the two programs that I offer, the truth is that I have not changed my offers since I started my business. So when I officially started coaching coaches and helping them to grow and scale their businesses, I started with my mastermind program. That was a program that I developed very early on. I have evolved that program over time, but the true core promise of that program, the core essence of that program, has not changed. 

So when I look at the fact that what I offer and what I have offered for years has essentially remained the same in many ways. While yes, I have evolved as a coach, while I have evolved as a human, while I have grown and scaled my own business, the fact remains that I have not made significant changes to my offers in how I work with clients. I’m very, very proud of that. 

Because what that has done as it has created a level of mastery in my business. It has created a level of expertise that I believe is unmatched in this industry. It has created a level of ease in my business. It has created a level of confidence that I am so confident in what we deliver and how we help clients and what is possible through that work. It has created a level of stability in my business where I haven’t been concerned with creating new programs every month or even every year. I’m not coming out with a new a program that I’m then creating and delivering and all of those things.

It has really created a sense of, I believe, if you want to grow and scale a highly successful coaching business, if you want to become a million dollar coach, then you need to be in these containers. You need to be in my world. You need to be in one of these programs. So I can say this from a very deep level of experience, from a very deep level of conviction in my work, in the time, in the hours that I have been working with clients. 

So that is very, very important for this conversation because I have been in full alignment with my offers since the beginning. That was a very intentional decision that I made. Now I will say things do evolve over time. So, again, I have evolved as a human. I have evolved as the coach. 

So the way that I coach and even things that I teach, certain levels, I have just deepened the way that I am doing that. I have deepened things I’ve brought in new things. But the core essence of the work that I do has not changed. It has only gotten deeper and more experienced and more masterful in my own journey. 

So having now coached hundreds of coaches through this process, I can confidently say that one of the biggest determining factors to any coach’s overall success is creating an offer that is in full alignment with the work that you’re really here to do. 

So this alignment is so, so very important. It’s also important from the eyes of your clients, that also meets your clients exactly where they need, that ultimately helps your clients solve their biggest and their most painful issues and that you are able to do this in a very transformational way. 

So, again, this is something that I’m extremely proud of because when I look at my work, when I look at the wins that I have experienced in my own business, I can say without a doubt that we help our clients step into and create the next level versions of themselves not only in their business but who they are as a leader, who they are as a thought leader, who they are as a business owner, as a CEO. 

So while, yes, there are tangible financial results that come along with that, that we help clients achieve that six, multiple six, seven figures and beyond revenue, we also help them become the version of themselves that quite honestly blows their minds as much and in some cases more than just the financial aspect. 

So when it comes to creating and facilitating transformation for clients and also helping them to then create a similar level of transformation in their own containers and programs. It really, really is profound. It’s one of the biggest factors to all of this, one of those most important pieces to, again, your overall success and to the level that your business grows will be determined in large part by what we’re talking about today. 

So, I want to invite you to really lean into this. When it comes to your offers and specifically your offer creation, one of the things that I see happen very often in the industry is that it’s very common when you’re first starting out to create a program or to create your offer from a place where you may be modeling someone else. Where you may have seen somebody else that has created a high level of success. You might see their business model, and you say hey, you know what? I’m just going to go, and I’m going to create that. 

So I’ve witnessed this on many, many different cases where some of our clients coming in, especially at that six figure, or even that multiple six figure range quite often will come into our million dollar mastermind or the mastermind, and they have created a program that is very similar to what they had seen someone else do.

Now, when I say this, I’m not talking about copying someone else’s program. I’m talking about modeling someone else’s program. There’s a big difference between the two. I would never recommend going out and copying someone’s program because you will be out of alignment if you do that. You will be out of integrity,  and that will be revealed in your results.

But what I’m talking about is things like, for example, your business model. So I want to say right now in our space, there is a lot of talk recently about lower ticket models and lower ticket offers in our industry. I think part of this is because I talked about this in last week’s episode, but I think what people are hearing in terms of the media, in terms of the news. When you consider the mindset of the vast majority of people in the developed world, when you consider current events, there is a lot of talk about what is known as low ticket offers. 

What I will say is that in my experience and from what I observe on a daily basis, there is no one size fits all here. So there is no one way to build a highly successful coaching business, which is why I don’t teach one particular model over the other. 

This is really tailored to each and every client. But what I will say is that your business model is important. It will dictate your alignment in your business. The way in which you choose to deliver your programs, the types of programs that you choose to offer, how you work with your clients, the level of coaching that you decide to offer, all of these things are important, and they do matter in terms of your own alignment to your offers and to your programs. 

So what will happen is that when you are in a place where maybe you’ve modeled something that you’ve seen done or somebody else’s success, again, not copied, but modeled, it’s very common that you are out of alignment with your offer when you aren’t fully connected to the offer that you’re selling, or in your marketing. 

So there will be things that will present as challenges or issues. It will create different challenges for you as the leader. It will create challenges for you in the marketing of that offer, in the selling of that offer. At the end of the day, things, a lot of times, will feel much harder than they need to. It’s because you are feeling so much resistance around it. 

So I saw this recently with one of our clients who when they came to us was building a membership model. This was a client who had already created a good level of success in their business. They were already generating six figures in their business. They had decided that they wanted to replicate, model, a membership that they had seen someone else create in the industry who had had a lot of success in their business with that membership. They decided that hey, I can do that. I’m going to offer that as my main coaching program. 

So, in theory, when I looked at this client’s business and when I looked at all of the assets that they had and all of the things that we were essentially working with, the truth is that they had all of the pieces that they needed in order to really make that model work, in order to really deliver on that model.

Again, initially looking at the business from just a pure business model standpoint, I could see that this actually could be very successful. This could be a really lucrative model. This could definitely, quote unquote, work in their business. 

So there were a lot of things that they had that were working for that type of model. For example, they had a large volume of leads that were coming in that would be interested in that offer. They had a large audience that they could tap into. They had a large vault of content because they had been creating content for a long time, for the last couple of years. They were very used to creating a lot of content. That was very easy for them. So there was just lots of volume overall in terms of content. 

I will just say as a side note, for a lot of these lower ticket models, I want to be really clear. One of the things that has to be there for that type of model is volume, is volume in terms of lead flow, is volume in terms of your sales and marketing, is volume in terms of the content that you’re willing to create. So there’s just a lot of volume that’s required. 

Again, for this particular client, I could see that the volume was there. So again, I want to say that this is why it’s so important as well to have a high level of support because to have a level of expertise that’s really assessing your business in detail and giving you very educated recommendations, very educated recommendations on it is huge. Because even things like your business model and how you are delivering or even positioning your offer will have a huge impact on your results. 

So while on the surface things matched up, and as I assess this business, the things that I needed to see in order to confidently recommend certain strategies and certain business models, this was already present. 

However, I could also see that with this client, even though on paper what seemed to all add up, I could also see that from the client’s vantage point, that this was not a model that was congruent with this client’s selling preferences. From what I knew in looking at both the data and knowing this client, I also knew that this would not be a sustainable model for this client long term unless they were able to get to a place where they became so sold on this offer and that they became sold to a much higher level.

So in this scenario, this client decided to make a change and to change their business model. So they decided to no longer offer it in a membership model. They decided to really reposition, repackage the content, the curriculum, and really offer it as more of a group coaching program instead. As a result of that, they’ve already seen a huge increase in sales already. It feels so much more in alignment with who they are and with their audience. 

So this is why this is so important to really question and to really assess whether or not you’re in alignment with your offer. Because when you’re not in alignment with your offer, what will happen is that you will not be as confident in selling your offer. You will not be as motivated to actually do what is needed to effectively market and to sell and deliver your offer. It will have you be spending so much more time and energy questioning your program, questioning your marketing, questioning the steps that you’re taking, questioning yourself. 

The reality is that when you get into full alignment with what it is that you’re selling, and when you get into the actual selling of it, that part will become so much easier because you will have less resistance to it. So just like in this client example, now this client is able to clear up all of that mind chatter around this and really focus on the marketing and selling and really getting the new exposure now needed for this program and feels so much more confident as they’re doing it, which is one of the byproducts of this.

Because when you overcome that resistance, what will happen is that you will then be able to bring a whole new level of yourself to the process. You will be able to bring a whole new level of thought leadership to your messaging, to the marketing that you’re doing, to your sales process so that essentially the overall marketing of your program will become so much more effective as a result because you are bringing this new level of you to the process. 

Because you aren’t in a place where you’re continually spinning or questioning on your offer, it will clear up that mental space. It will clear up that vital mental real estate that you have for you to actually then focus on the delivery of the program, to focus fully on your clients and ultimately help them get better results. So as a result, your clients will then achieve better results, the more aligned you become with your program and with your offer. 

All right, so the other lens that I want you to consider that I laid out at the beginning of this episode is that I want you to consider a great offer, a great program, a truly transformational program that truly gets results. That’s a grand slam in your clients eyes, that’s irresistible when they look at your program. This is one of the most important elements to your success. Here’s why.

A grand slam offer aka an irresistible program will always outperform any marketing strategy. It will always outperform any sales tactic. It will always outperform any social media tip or trick, it will always outperform any funnel. So essentially anything that you might be doing to sell your offer. Rather than looking at how you’re selling your offer, what I would encourage you to do first is look at the offer itself. Is it truly an irresistible offer to your clients? Be careful here because this isn’t about what you think. This is about what they think. 

So one of the questions that I would encourage you to ask is this a truly irresistible offer in the eyes of my clients? Are they seeing this as a no brainer offer? Or is this something that maybe isn’t fully resonating with them? Is this an offer that doesn’t actually get them excited about what’s possible for them? Is this an offer that isn’t actually speaking to the things that they actually want solved? We’ve seen this happen time and time again where the offer that you might be offering and trying to sell isn’t even addressing the real problem that your clients want solved. 

So one of the things I teach my clients on and that I observe over and over again is that there is so much nuance in the process of growing and scaling your business. One of the tricky things is that what you might think might be irresistible to your clients might not actually be irresistible to them or might not actually be the problem that they want help solved. So it might actually not be positioned in the way that is most effective. 

So it’s so important to really tune in and to know and understand what it is that your best clients actually want. It’s going to make your marketing, your sales, essentially everything else that comes after that point. It’s going to make it so much easier. So I really invite you to do this work, to look at your current offers, to really assess whether or not they’re in full alignment with you, with your clients, and really meeting your clients exactly where they need and are willing to pay you for. All right. Have a great week everyone. I will talk to you all again very soon. Take care. Bye, bye. 

Thank you for listening to this episode of The Million Dollar Coach Business Podcast. If you’re ready to step into the million dollar version of yourself and scale your business to six, multi-six, or seven figures and beyond, go to amandakarlstadtcoaching.com.


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