How Well Are You Positioning Yourself?

Whether you’re looking to stay in your current role, promote within your organization, make a lateral move internally or externally, or even pivot careers altogether, one question you need to be asking yourself is “How am I positioning myself?”.

In my nearly two decades of leading teams and making undreds of hiring decisions in performance-based organizations, I have coached numerous employees on their careers and on just this question.

And I can say for certain what sets those rockstar employees (the ones you NEVER want to lose) apart from the rest is how they consistently deliver results, (and thus, position themselves), EVERY SINGLE DAY.

One of the biggest lies that I think permeates our work environments (it doesn’t matter if you are an employee, a high-level leader, CEO, entrepreneur, or solopreneur) is that you have limited control over the results you are producing.

This is a total lie.
Don’t believe it.

Let me tell you why.

It does not matter what you are doing in your organization.
The resources (or lack thereof).
How your organization is structured.
The industry you are in.

You could be the newbie.
You could be the lowest person on the totem pole.
Or you could be overseeing hundreds of employees.
You could have inherited that “terrible”, underperforming team.
You could have had your marketing budget slashed in half for the year.
Your organization could be going through major restructuring.

Whatever the case is, know that there are no exceptions.
(Although you’ll want to think you are.)

Instead, I want you to think about WHO YOU ARE CURRENTLY BEING.

Ask yourself:

Am I blaming my job?
My expectations?
My resources?
Am I blaming my team?
My employees?
My boss?
My department?
My industry?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of these, I have great news for you.

You have a huge opportunity in front of you.

To show up and start BEING WHO YOU WANT TO BE.

Every. Single. Day.

This WILL set you apart from the rest. Make you a better leader.
And probably get you that next promotion.
Make you more money.
Help your team perform better.
Land that next job.
Or do something different altogether.


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