Ep #72: Honoring Your Inner Guidance: A Client Interview with Dr. Tangie

I’m so excited to bring you an interview episode this week with my dear client, Dr. Tangie. Dr. Tangie is a physician, life coach, and energy healer who helps high-achieving women struggling with burnout align their goals with their souls. We’ve been working together for close to a year now, and she’s here to share her journey and the wins she’s created in her business with us today.

Dr. Tangie has really embodied the deep core work we have to do as entrepreneurs to make our businesses a success. Like many business owners, she has faced challenges along the way, but her take on why she would choose this path every time over overnight success is so refreshing and one I know you’ll gain lots of insight from.

Join us this week as I quiz Dr. Tangie on her business journey and the transformations she’s experienced since we started working together a year ago. We’re laying out the most imperative work that’s required to make our businesses a success, and I know you’re going to love the gems we’re dropping on this episode.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How Dr. Tangie made the transition from medicine to life coaching.
  • What Dr. Tangie’s business trajectory has looked like over the last year.
  • 3 wins Dr. Tangie has experienced since December.
  • The biggest inner transformation Dr. Tangie has had in the last 12 months.
  • Why Dr. Tangie would choose the longer path to success versus overnight success.
  • 3 things that are imperative to your success.

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You are listening to The Life Coach Business Podcast, episode number 72.

Welcome to The Life Coach Business Podcast, a show for coaches who are ready to up-level their business and take their impact, leadership, and results to a whole new level. If you’re ready to start taking powerful action and become the leader your business needs in order to grow and thrive, this show is for you. I’m your host, Amanda Karlstad, certified life and business coach, and entrepreneurial leadership expert. Now, let’s get down to business.

Amanda: Alright everyone, I am super excited today. I have such a special guest on the show. I have Dr. Tangie, who is a dear client of mine, and I am so excited to have her on the show today and for her to share about her journey and some of the wins she’s had and really the work she’s done to get where she is today and share that with all of you.

There’s going to be a ton of gems that you’re going to be able to take, a ton of takeaways I think from this episode, so I’m super, super excited to have you Dr. Tangie. So why don’t we just start.

Dr. Tangie: Thank you.

Amanda: You’re welcome. So let’s just start. Why don’t you give us a brief intro of you and what you do, who you coach, all of that? We’ll start there.

Dr. Tangie: Yeah. So I am Dr. Tangie and I coach high-achieving women who think they’re struggling with burnout to align their goals with their souls so they can have both success and happiness. And this came about because of my own journey through the professional world.

I was one of those kids that knew I wanted to be successful when I grew up. I was very adept at the STEM subjects, so science, math, all that stuff. And so I ended up choosing medicine as a profession and I went to medical school and got almost all the way through and then one day it – I guess the culmination of just the way medical training is set up and how a lot of times, at least this is my experience, I feel like I kind of lost myself in that process.

If I compare myself to the person who went into medical school, I went to a school specifically whose mission it was for people to go and help underserved communities and I had all this sense of purpose about myself when I entered. And I don’t know what happened between point A and point breakdown, but one day I just looked up and I was like, wait a second, this is not at all what I thought.

It’s like the Facebook commercial, like no, no, no, this is not how this works, this isn’t how any of this is supposed to work. So I was very much at that time identifying with being burnt out. And also actively looking for jobs outside of medicine because I was like, obviously I made a wrong turn somewhere.

And in that process, I found life coaching. And it was very powerful. A very powerful tool for me. And as I did my own work and transformed my own life, I was like, you know, I think I’d be pretty good at this and I want to help other doctors at the time. And so I got certified and then I started my first coaching business, which was helping physicians with burnout.

Amanda: Nice. And what type of clients do you work with today?

Dr. Tangie: Yeah, so that’s not what I thought it was going to look like either, but in the best way. So initially I was working only with physicians and then I’m sure we’ll talk about this later, but then I had this epiphany, and I was like, wait a second, something’s – I want to create this a little bit differently.

And so when I launched the brand Dr. Tangie, I thought it would be – my intention was to open it up. So I thought it would be physicians and lawyers and engineers. Because ironically in my physician coaching business, I had a lot of lawyers that were like, hey, I know I’m not a doctor, but I really need you to coach me.

And so I had a few lawyers that were clients as well, but surprisingly, what I found is that a lot of people – and I think it’s just because of my messaging and the kind of things I really love to coach on, like dealing with identity shifting and transformation essentially.

So now a lot of people that come to me happen to be people in the C-suite, which I never would have expected. People who have their own businesses, they’re not necessarily coaches but they’ve had their own businesses for years and run them. So I found that to be very fascinating and fun. But I also have some physicians as well. I don’t have any more lawyers anymore but I’m sure there’s more coming.

Amanda: There’s probably more out there, yeah. So let’s talk for a minute because when you and I started working together, you were at a big turning point in your business.

Dr. Tangie: Yes.

Amanda: When you came to me. And you – I remember our initial call and the ideas and kind of the vision that you had for the business. So talk about that transition and what that became and kind of let’s talk a little bit about some of the work that we did to develop the brand today, to develop Dr. Tangie. And here you are, working with now C-suites and all sorts of high achievers and professionals and what – talk a little bit about that, that journey.

Dr. Tangie: Yes, so it was kind of like my life got turned upside down in the best way. I had – really, I was at this point where I had been doing my own work for years and I don’t know, I found this really sweet spot where I had – not to sound cocky or anything, but it was like I just figured it out. I was like, wait a second, I think I just figured it out.

And so I was creating all of this massive change in my own life. I created a job that gave me more than double the money in half the time and so I was creating all these things. I created a cross-country move because my dad was going through some health problems, and when I was looking at all these great things I was creating, no shade to my first baby business but like, I looked at it and I was like, I don’t think I like this very much.

It wasn’t me. And the only reason I was holding onto it was because I thought I should, or I thought – it wasn’t anything because of what I wanted to do myself. It was like, oh, people are going to judge me or they’re going to think that I’m a quitter or that I’m scatter-brained or what have you.

And so I just kind of stopped for some months because I was like, I really don’t know what I want to do with it, but I know I don’t want to go forward with it. So I was just trying to figure out my own feelings around it and my own motivations. And I was in the middle of a cross-country move and this new job.

And so when all the dust settled, I was like, okay, so I know I love coaching and I want to continue coaching, and I know this business isn’t a fit for me anymore. And so then I was actually referred to you by a good friend of mine, Dr. Sonia. And so she was like, you have to work with Amanda, she’s amazing.

So I was like – you know, but I was like, okay. So I was kind of hesitant at first but she just – I saw the progress she was having in her own business and she spoke so highly of you. And so I was like, okay, well, let me just schedule a consult. And what I loved from the beginning is this – I know myself as a person that maybe from the outside in sometimes I appear really kind of strait-laced or something like that.

But it’s kind of like, I don’t know, I’m this beautiful enigma that flows outside of the box a lot. And not everybody’s able to hold space for that. So I really liked how you were able to kind of hold space for that and flow with what I was – what was coming out. It was like a co-creation in a sense.

Amanda: Yeah, it was that vision, right? It was like, building on that vision I think that you already had. I could see that very clearly from our first call. The work that you do is – it is a little bit different I think than what we normally might think of when we’re talking about coaching.

There’s a whole I think new level with you that I think is really, really powerful and I think is your gift. And that’s part of why, honestly, I love working with you because I see that every time we coach, and I see that so much in your business and I can see the future and the vision and kind of being able to bring that out even more. It’s just such a beautiful, beautiful work that you’re able to do in a beautiful I think angle that you bring to the coaching relationship, to the coaching process that is very unique. Very unique.

Dr. Tangie: Yeah. And so you kind of helped me take all my Legos, they were all over the floor, and be like, okay, what do you want to build? And then I was like, say I want to build a beautiful flower. I saw somewhere that somebody build a bouquet of flowers with Legos. I thought that was really cool.

So say I was like, Amanda, I want to build this bouquet of flowers, but all my Legos were on the floor. And so working with you, for me, because a lot of times I get stuck in the land of ideas and intentions. You’re very gifted in being like, okay, so let’s take this Lego and put it here. Let’s actually start building it. Let’s get it on the calendar.

Amanda: Let’s make it real.

Dr. Tangie: Let’s have a plan. Yeah, let’s make it real. And so that’s been really fun.

Amanda: I love it. And it’s so beautiful where what you’ve built so far. So let’s talk a little bit about that. So recently, you had some really big wins in your business that I’d love for you to talk about because we spend a lot of time last year – so we’ve been working together Tangie almost a year now. I think it was March, April maybe of last year when we originally…

Dr. Tangie: Yeah, I scheduled my consult the first week of March last year.

Amanda: Yeah, so coming up on a year. And it seems like yesterday. So obviously we did a lot of work in the last 12 months. There’s a lot that goes into building a brand, building a business, and I talk about that all of the time, right? This is really a long game and I know you get that. I know you’re in it for the long game too.

But recently you had some really big wins that was really – it was beautiful to witness, for me to witness for you and so exciting for you, and I’d love for you to talk a little bit about that. So share with you, what are those?

Dr. Tangie: The first one is I’m finally fully booked. And I guess I shouldn’t say finally because all of this happened – I know we’re talking about a year-long process but for me, between March and – it was six months of really just figuring out like, what this new foundation and this new business was going to be.

And so I didn’t even start – so it was September, I was like, well, I really want to start a podcast. So we worked together on that. And so I think that was the first big win. But then I was still kind of freaking out because I was like, it hasn’t caught on yet. But then it took me until probably another three months.

So in December I think is when the floodgates kind of opened. So now, the first big win – well I guess the podcast is a big win too. So the second big win is I’m fully booked, and then the third big win is that this is my third five-digit month.

Amanda: Yeah, you’ve been hitting some really big numbers.

Dr. Tangie: Yeah.

Amanda: Really big numbers in your business. Do you want to share what those are? You don’t have to but it’s up to you if you want to.

Dr. Tangie: Well yeah, so it’s like, you know, so I was making money since the time that we kind of officially launched everything, but then December, I hit over 10K. January I hit over 10K. February, in the first week I hit over 10K. So I’m just like, wow, look at me. I think it’s those days you come into the coaching with the red lipstick.

Amanda: You know it’s my game face, right?

Dr. Tangie: I’m like, oh man, she’s not playing around. She has that red lipstick on. We’re about to get down to business.

Amanda: You know I’m in it when I have my red lipstick on. That’s for sure. So we should talk about that for a minute because I think that’s – lets elaborate a little bit on that, on just the coaching journey and process. I think from that standpoint, I think sometimes you can only gather so much from someone, from a website, and even a podcast.

But what are some of the biggest inner transformations? So we’ve had so much of the outer with the brand and the launching and the podcast and all of that, but from an inner game standpoint, what are some of the biggest transformations that you’ve had in the last 12 months would you say?

Dr. Tangie: Yeah. One of them is courage to kind of step more into who I am as – bring more of all of me into coaching. Because I think I’ve been very fragmented. And I think a lot of that probably does have to do with my training in medicine.

It’s just kind of like, you go to medical school, you choose, are you a pediatrician, are you an internist, are you a pathologist, and I chose pathologist. And it was like, okay, so what kind of pathologist are you? It’s this whole niche down, niche down, niche down, and you focus on this one little thing.

And so for me, I was just like, well, wait a second, I have all these other things that I feel like kind of make me wonderful, but I was kind of scared to introduce them into what I do as a coach because I don’t know, I just had this idea that okay, if I trained as a particular type of coach, then that’s kind of what people are expecting and I should only be that type of coach, instead of being like, oh well, I’m also interested in this over here.

So I picked up other certifications and other interests in particular in energy work and energy healing and meditation and all of these things. And bringing more of people’s souls, that’s kind of my tagline. I help you align your goals with your souls. Because I think that’s kind of like, in my own journey and the journey of others that I’ve witnessed, that’s when true happiness begins to blossom.

So I think for me, this whole year has been a journey of courage and being fearful and that okay, I’m fearful, okay, so let’s see how I can bring all of me into helping the people who are coming to me for help.

Amanda: Totally. That’s one of the things I appreciate about you and working with you Tangie is that despite all of the inner talk and the inner – whatever is going on within the brain, you’ve always been like, okay, but I’m moving forward anyway. I’m taking action. I’m going to move forward on this. I’m going to launch the podcast. I’m going to redo this website.

It’s always been one of the things I’ve appreciated, and I think that’s contributed to your success is that you, despite all of that, stayed in action. And you stayed in the belief. What I see in you is that you have such a deep belief in yourself, in the work that you do, that’s helped to keep you focused.

And of course, there’s always times where we – there’s different things that come up. It’s never 100%. But one of the things that I do see with you is that you’ve been able to really hone in on that – on the work that you’re doing with your clients, moving forward in that belief, in that strong belief.

You have a really internal decor of it. You know that you, regardless of what happens externally, that you create your results. And that’s something I really appreciate about you. And that’s one of the things that I talk, especially with newer coaches that are really trying to launch their business for the first time, maybe haven’t worked with a whole lot of clients is really helping them cultivate that inner belief so that they can maintain energetically what’s really needed to build an actual business. And that’s not an easy thing for most people.

Dr. Tangie: It’s kind of like being pregnant. It’s just kind of like, you get the pregnancy test, you see that it’s positive, you know you’re going to have a baby, god willing. And it’s like, but there’s this whole nine months in between. So it might not be nine months for everybody with a coaching business, but there is this creation process, this birthing process that you do need to kind of like, have some staying intention for.

It’s like I think a lot of times because there are so many people who are successful in coaching and it appears that it’s quick success. Some people might have very quick success in coaching, but some people, it just appears that way, but they’ve been working on it for a long time behind the scenes.

I’m thinking of somebody in particular right now who had this massive year this year, and it looks like it’s been very quick because people have only known about this person for a short time. But they’ve been coaching since 2009 or something.

So I think it’s just like of having the expectation that your work is needed in the world. It is going to be successful. And it might not be tomorrow that you make a million dollars. So yeah, it’s like, you kind of have to have that I think in order to be successful.

Amanda: Agreed.

Dr. Tangie: And I think it’s actually – if I had to choose in hindsight how I would want to do it, I think it would be the path where it wasn’t overnight success. Because for me, I know if I had overnight success, the minute something went wrong, I would begin to doubt everything.

Amanda: Exactly. Exactly. I was just talking this week to a group of clients about that, about the importance of in a way fortifying yourself in this journey and the importance of that. Continually fortifying your belief, your conviction in whatever it is that you’re doing, in expecting the results that you want. You have to always be keeping a pulse on that. I really see that very, very often.

Because when we take our eye off of that and we start to focus too much, whether it’s on a Facebook ad or a funnel or just something external, what tends to happen is that we lose that inner – we lose our grounding, that inner grounding in what it is that we’re doing and our actual power in the whole process.

So those are all tools. These are all things, and you and I have set a lot of that up. You’ve got a successful funnel happening, all of that’s happening. But that doesn’t happen unless the belief is there that’s directing you creating all of that. So I think that’s a really important point. So what are some things that you have done? When you think about that, what does that look like for you? What has that looked like for you?

Dr. Tangie: Yeah, I think the first six months, like I said, I was talking about this earlier. The first six months we worked together, that was this big creation process. So I had to get – we went through a couple of nightmare situations, but I had to get the website done, I had to get whatever funnel I was going to use created.

I chose to create a quiz. It looks amazing, you go to my website, it looks amazing and it’s fun to take and it’s like wow, but that took two months to create. And it took – it wasn’t just two months an hour a day. It was like, two months of work to create that. It was intense. I remember being very tired.

And then even the same thing with the website. So it takes a lot of patience, at least for me it took a lot of patience on the front end. And especially being an entrepreneur, it takes a lot of patience and a lot of willingness to spend before you make the money. And I know everybody’s journey is a little bit different, but for me, that’s how it unfolded. And so I’m grateful that I didn’t allow myself to talk myself out of this journey because to most people, it doesn’t make sense.

Amanda: Yeah, and isn’t that interesting? That’s the belief, going back to that belief despite. I think that’s so critical. Doesn’t matter what your journey looks like, right? Because yes, to most people, the reality that what I observe is that the majority of the coaches that are successful, to most people, we only see the highlights. We only see what’s on either social media or it looks like that overnight success a lot of times.

And what we don’t see are the hours that are poured into maybe a funnel, the money that’s put into building that. The ads, if that’s the case, or whatever that looks like. And so I do think being able to maintain that and develop that and cultivate that, again, fortifying that belief despite what the results are is critical. It’s absolutely critical. It’s staying committed.

Dr. Tangie: Staying committed. Yeah, the belief – and also just really making sure that the validation that you’re getting is your own.

Amanda: Yes, can we talk about that please?

Dr. Tangie: Yeah.

Amanda: Because I know you and I have had many conversations about that, and this is really a core of the work that you do with your clients.

Dr. Tangie: Yes. It’s like, making sure – I notice that I’m most successful when I am following my own internal compass. And I think that this is why I love working with you so much as a coach is because you honor. You’re able to – once I kind of show you like, well, actually, this is – I don’t think we’ve ever disagreed about anything.

But if we were to, I’d be like, well actually, I think I kind of want to go a little bit east, and then it’s just kind of like, fine. So I guess what I’m trying to say is like, at times, people may be working with – coaches are mentors. And they won’t follow what’s in their gut to do with their own business because of a particular coach or mentor’s belief that that’s not the way it should be done.

And I think that everything everybody’s trying to put into the world has a life of its own. It has a mission of its own in helping humanity. And to not honor its voice is to kind of suffocate it.

Amanda: Agreed.

Dr. Tangie: So yeah, I think that belief in what you’re doing and the commitment to honor the voice of your business, the voice of your own purpose, the voice of your own mission is imperative to success.

Amanda: And I think it’s also doing the work to even know what that is.

Dr. Tangie: Yes.

Amanda: Right? Because I think there’s a lot of times we want to skip that part. We just want to skip it and let’s just start running Facebook ads and let the money flow from the sky. The problem with that is unless we are in alignment, and I love how you worded it, giving it that voice, because I mean, that is a lot of the work that we have done. That’s so important to me with my clients.

Because when you are out of alignment with that, it’s not going to work. It does not matter what strategy or how well this is performing or converting. When you aren’t in alignment with the work and connected to that and even know what that is, that bigger why, that bigger mission, that movement that you’re really creating, it’s a very hard uphill battle. Very hard.

And so often doesn’t lead to the result because the doubts come in and the fear comes in, and then we start giving in to that. So I love that. I think that’s really important. And I will say, this is something that I’ve been thinking about even personally lately about just what you said. So it’s so interesting you brought this up about how important it is, I believe, when someone is – whether it’s working with me, someone else, or even myself, looking at who am I working with.

Being able to hold that space for what it is that I want to build, or that you want to build. And not staying totally within the box. And not I guess allowing for us to paint outside of the box, so to speak. So important.

Dr. Tangie: Yeah. And actually, also ensuring that your clients – this is what I’m finding out too. The clients that come to me, I also want them to be in alignment with – not in a sense that I’m trying to control people. But what they’re seeking out help for, what I’m taking on a client has to be in alignment with the mission that I’m trying to put forth into the world.

And I can tell whether it is or it isn’t if I’m on a consult call and if I’m – for example, I had a consult one time and the person wanted help with some issues. And as she was talking, I just started feeling it in my body. You know it’s like spring cleaning day and you don’t want to – you know when you see something coming up like final exams or something and you’re like, I don’t want to do that.

But then I think a lot of people, I think that’s a pivotal thing. Even you’re creating your clientele, you’re still creating your business. And if that’s not in alignment with you, then you just create problems down the road. And it wasn’t that the person on the consult was bad or whatever. It was just that particular issue, I felt like somebody else will be better suited to help her.

And I think some things you can’t see. I think a lot of times people’s first instinct is this person is coming to me, they want help, and I’m going to help them, even though in their own body they don’t really feel that that client is in alignment. It’s not a good fit. That person isn’t going to be a joy. That relationship isn’t going to be a joy for you.

And so I kind of warn people against doing that because I feel like the energy in which you kind of create a relationship, you’re going to be doing that throughout the entire coaching relationship. So for me, it’s very important when I have a consultation, if I’m going to take somebody on as a private client, I have to feel it in my body like this person is going to be a joy to work with and I know I can help them. So yeah, I forgot what got me on that tangent, but I just felt it was very important to say.

Amanda: It’s good. It brings up such a wonderful point because I think yeah, inevitably along this journey, especially – again, when you’re newer I think especially this really comes into play when you feel like, well, you’re just not sure. You don’t have the confidence yet fully in your practice, in what it is that you’re doing. Maybe haven’t fully developed that relationship with yourself, that relationship with that inner guidance. Whatever that is for you.

And I mean, honestly, I feel the same way. If I had not had that relationship with my own inner guidance, there’s no way I would have created the business I have created today either. It’s so, so important. But that also doesn’t come overnight. You have to – that’s a continual – you know this. That is continual daily. And it might look different every day but it’s something that has to be cultivated and honored.

But I do, I love what you said about really looking at that client and is this person – do I feel this as joy? I think one of the most important questions that we can ask ourselves is what do we really want in our life? And so for many of us, it’s we want the freedom and the flexibility and to do this transformational work, which is beautiful in and of itself. But as we’re doing that, we also want to do that with the most aligned clients, that do feel like a joy to work with.

Dr. Tangie: Yeah, because I think what’s funny is sometimes a lot of coaches are in this for the freedom of it. And there are little things you can do in your business that take that freedom away, including – and I’m not trying to be on a soapbox or whatever, but just stuff like who you take on as a client, how you spend your time in your business, kind of even the self-talk you give yourself in your business.

If you’re continuously beating yourself up because you think you should be doing it different, that kind of thing. I think there’s a lot of things that even though a lot of times we’re in the pursuit of freedom that in our day to day lives, as business owners, we take that freedom away from ourselves.

Amanda: 100%, yeah, which is why the alignment and doing the deep inner work is so crucial, is building on that foundation. And I see this too and I’ve talked a little bit about this in different podcast episodes that – and I see this a lot where I see coaches that, like you said, want the freedom and they want the money, and they want it all right away.

And so they create a business that very much becomes something that they feel trapped maybe. In some cases, they get to a point where – and you had a little bit of that experience too with the first launch. You get to a point where it’s like, this isn’t me, this isn’t joyful, this isn’t really what I believe I’m here to do, how I’m really meant to serve.

And so starting there, while we may want to resist it and we just want to jump in and make $100,000 right out of the gate, yes, you can do that but if it’s not built on a solid foundation, it can very quickly backfire and become something that you have to essentially go back and do the work anyway. So I think that’s really important and something – part of why I’ve obviously structured the process that I have and how I work with clients.

And I think you’re a great example of that because that’s essentially what we did. It was like, okay, you’ve got this, but we want to go – you want to go this direction. Well, let’s just – let’s start from square one. And you being willing to do that.

Dr. Tangie: Yeah. And being willing to go through the process. I don’t know, I’m just thinking about a pot roast or something. Pot roast is really delicious when you slow cook it, let it simmer so it’s juicy and tender, versus if you just throw it in the over at 450 because you want to get it done in an hour, it’s all dry.

Amanda: You’re right. That’s a great example. And then you’re thinking, why did I do this? I don’t even want this.

Dr. Tangie: And then you’re thirsty.

Amanda: Such a good analogy. I love it. So on that point, what advice do you have for others that are in the process of building their coaching practice? That have big goals, that want to do really good work in the world. Obviously, those are the types of clients that I work with, like yourself, the ones that really want to make a real positive impact and do big things and be able to experience really the joy with it. What advice would you have?

Dr. Tangie: Yeah, other than be willing to do the slow cook. Who knows? It’s like, be willing to do the slow cook. It may happen quicker than you think. So it’s not like I’m saying it has to be this multiple year process for everybody but – and then the other thing is just to create with the end in mind every day.

And if – I feel like our emotions are there to teach us things. So when you start to feel really contracted and stressed out about your business, then I feel like that’s an opportunity to look at what you’re creating and how you’re creating and if it continues in the particular trajectory that you have it on, is it going to give you the result that you say you want five, 10, 15, 20 years down the road?

And really follow your own internal guidance. And I know that’s a very fluffy way of saying listen to yourself. I think that’s because different people do it in different ways. But if people are unsure of how to do that, I mean, I think a beautiful place to start is to just sit somewhere with absolute quietness for about five minutes and then just ponder the question like, what is it that I really want? Because I think a lot of people don’t even know the answer to that question.

Amanda: And it’s by far one of the most important ones in our life really. In our life. When you really take a step back and look at that, how we spend our time, that’s our life. Who we spend it with, that’s our life. You get one shot. This isn’t dress rehearsal. This is it. This is it.

Dr. Tangie: And it’s like, that’s one of the things I like to create and that’s probably because I’m a forensic pathologist. And so I do autopsies, so I like to create everything from my deathbed. And it’s a little morbid, but if I just kind of reverse engineer it and if I imagine myself on my deathbed looking back at today, is that going to bring me completeness?

Amanda: I think that is such a powerful perspective to really think from. And yes, it can be a little morbid but we’re all going to get there at some point. And then when we get to that point, that’s it, right? That’s it. So that’s something too that I do think about a lot in my own journey and really important question I think for everybody listening to ask themselves as they’re in this journey.

And especially I think in the times where you feel like okay, is this going to work? When the doubts are there, I just think when you can come at it from that perspective and that level of belief, knowing that this is a choice and you know this, how much I talk about choice and decision. Because at the end of the day, that’s it. This is a choice. The level of success that you have is literally a choice.

Yes, there’s steps within that but at the very core of this all, it’s really a decision. And so I believe that everybody’s one decision away from whatever it is that they’re wanting to create, to achieve, whether it’s a business, money, whatever that is. It’s always going to come back to that decision. And looking at it from that perspective, thinking about at the end of it all, what is that going to look like? Can I look in the mirror and be happy with what I’ve created? Proud with what I’ve created here.

Dr. Tangie: And for me, a big part of that is being able to enjoy the journey along the way. Because that’s so important to me now because I’ve – honestly, the way I went through medical school was this whole big rush and hurry and I got to do this and a whole bunch of people pleasing and just an experience I would not go through again.

So yeah, part of me was the system and a part of it was me. And feeling like I had to be something that maybe I’m not a lot of the time. But that’s a whole different conversation for a different day. But all that to say is like, I’m in a position in my life where I want to create – I’m creating this business, this entity, and I don’t want to create it in that same way.

So for me, it’s very important to enjoy myself as I go along the journey. So if this is going to be another situation where I’m waking up every day, talking down to myself, or beating myself up, or comparing myself against somebody else. Like in medicine, it was just like, well this person got into Durham, I’m not good enough to get into Durham or you know what I mean?

So you can transfer the same thing to coaching. Oh, this person made, I don’t know, $600,000 in a year, and I’ve only made whatever it is. I don’t want to create it in that way. And so I don’t know, I just admonish everybody to whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re creating, dear god, enjoy yourself.

Amanda: Right. Otherwise why, right?

Dr. Tangie: Right.

Amanda: Again, we get one shot at this thing called life. Let’s do what we want, let’s create this beautiful, like you said, entity, but in the process of that, I really believe that too, that you have to really honor that process. I like to think about that as just the honoring and the respect of that process.

Because even going back to what you said earlier, I loved what you said about not, in hindsight now where you are today, you can see the value in you going through what it was that you went through to get to today. And how different that would have been if it was right out of the gate, here’s your million-dollar business overnight, which would have been fun to a degree.

But as soon as you, like you said, as soon as something went wrong, not being able to maybe navigate that as well as you can now because of what you’ve already navigated. It’s almost like – I think about this, it’s like if you’re a captain of a ship. Who – if I’m going to go on a cruise, which that’s probably another discussion for another day, but if I were to go on a cruise, you want someone that knows what they’re doing.

You want someone that’s probably navigated some storms, that’s probably navigated some things in their career, versus someone that’s just coming out that’s learned it in a book but hasn’t actually practiced that. And that part of the process is so valuable. In my belief, it’s almost more valuable than the actual money that’s on the other side of it.

That’s the byproduct and that’s wonderful, but it truly is about the becoming. It’s who you become in that process, which is such a beautiful, beautiful thing. And it’s been so wonderful to witness your journey, Dr. Tangie. Thank you so much for being on the show today. I’m so happy to have you on. Is there anything else you want to share before we sign off?

Dr. Tangie: No. I think I’m complete. As far as this conversation, yeah, I think I’m complete. I would say that if you are looking for a business coach who can hold all of you and your vision and your magical juiciness then hire Amanda.

Amanda: Thank you. Thank you so much. Alright, it’s been such a pleasure.

Dr. Tangie: I appreciate you so much.

Amanda: I appreciate you. You are a joy to work with.

Hey, if you’re ready for a real breakthrough in your business and want to grow and scale your business to at least six figures or more in annual revenue, I invite you to apply for my exclusive program The Mastermind at amandakarlstadcoaching.com/the-mastermind. I look forward to seeing you there.

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