Ep #229: What’s Possible: From the Brink of Burnout to Empowered CEO with Alecia Baker

This week, you’re hearing a client success story with my Mastermind client, Alecia Baker. Alecia is the founder of The Human Maintenance Program where she integrates coaching, mentoring, and education to support people in having a better understanding of how their mind and body communicate. She didn’t believe launching and filling her dream group program was possible when we first started working together, and she’s here to share her journey with us.

On the outside, Alecia’s business looked like it was thriving. She was making close to six figures and had a full one-on-one client roster, but internally, she was on the brink of burnout. She decided to seek out support to make the shifts her business needed, and she’s offering the transformations that have come from being in an active coaching relationship.

Tune in this week as Alecia shares how joining The Mastermind took her from a burnt-out one-on-one coach to launching her group program, the importance of getting expert support, and her insights for anyone in the same position as her.


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What You’ll Learn:

  • How Alecia developed her method.
  • Where Alecia was in her business when we started working together.
  • How, while her business was thriving externally, she was struggling internally.
  • What came up for Alecia as she transitioned her business from one-on-one to group.
  • The grief Alecia experienced as we began working together.
  • Alecia’s insights for anyone who’s in the same position as she is. 
  • The biggest transformations Alecia has experienced and what her business looks like today.


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Download a Transcript for The Life Coach Business Podcast

You are listening to The Million Dollar Coach Podcast with Amanda Karlstad episode number 229.

Welcome to The Million Dollar Coach Business Podcast, a show for coaches who are ready to up-level their business and take their impact, leadership, and results to a million dollar level and beyond. If you’re ready to break through your limitations and start taking powerful action and become the seven figure version of you that your business needs in order to grow, scale, and thrive, this show is for you.

I’m your host, Amanda Karlstad, Master Coach, high level business mentor and advisor, master intuitive and business growth and scaling expert. Let’s get down to business.

Hello, and welcome everyone. Welcome to today’s show. I have a very special show for all of you today. I am bringing you another client success story. Another example of what is possible from my client, Alecia Baker, who you’re about to meet and learn all about her story. 

What I love about this conversation is really hearing about Alecia’s journey, both the inner and the outer journey, that she was so willing to take inside of my mastermind program. That literally took her from being a burnt out one on one coach to now having launched and filling her dream group program where she’s now able to help even more people with her work. 

I will tell you when Alecia came to me, she did not believe this was possible. I remember conversations very early on that we had around this program that she really wanted to launch and this transition in moving from being a one on one coach into a coach with a group program. All of the shifts that needed to be made, the shifts that needed to be made as a business owner, as a coach, as a CEO in her identity. This has been such a profound journey. 

As we talk about this, you’ll hear from Alecia. But when she first, again, came to work with me and my team, she was on the brink of burnout in her business. She had a full client roster. She was very much in the business. So much so that she wasn’t able to work on the business.

I just want to say here that for so many of you who might be in this position, just like Alecia was, where you have a full client roster of one on one clients. While undoubtedly you love your clients and the work that you’re doing at the same time, you know that you have the opportunity to help so many more clients with your work if you were to offer a more leveraged program.

I just want to say that this is very normal. It’s also why it’s so important that if you’re feeling called to step into your next level that you do get expert support so that you can truly make the shifts both in your business successfully and that you have the support as you transition through that process. 

This is something that we help our clients with every day inside of my mastermind programs. You’re about to hear through Alecia’s journey of that process and how supportive it has been to her to be in that space, in that community, in that safety while being able to make these very big shifts in our business. 

So again, I’m just so proud of the work that Alecia has done. Being able to literally bring what she didn’t believe was possible for her to now having birthed that through this process. I just think that this is such a great example for all of you of what truly is possible, and possible when you do the work. When you focus on getting the foundation built in your business, when you’re willing to look at and to be open to releasing the beliefs, the identities that no longer serve you, and, at the same time, putting those real tangible business strategies in place. 

So I want to encourage you to lean into this conversation. There is so much wisdom here for you. I would also invite you that if you know that you are being called into your next level, now is your time. 2024, you have such an opportunity. It can be your breakthrough year. I would love for you to be one of our next client success stories. All right, let’s get to it. 

Amanda: Okay, everybody, I have such a special guest for you today. I’m so excited to bring you this conversation with my client, Alecia Baker. Alecia is such a beautiful soul. She is such a wonderful coach, such a powerful coach, and we’re going to talk about the work that she does here in a second. 

It has really been a beautiful journey to support Alecia over really the past year in taking her business from a very panicked one on one situation that we’re going to talk about to now having launched a beautiful brand new group program, essentially whole new brand to really reflect such an elevated level of her work and just the level of service that she’s now giving to her clients. 

I’m so excited for you to hear about her journey, to hear about her work, to hear about how she has really worked through so much, both from a business standpoint but also from a personal standpoint as well. Really stepping into becoming a CEO in her business, a business owner that makes clean decisions, a business owner that trusts herself, a business owner that is empowered to do the things that she needs to do to lead her business forward. 

I’m just so proud of all the progress that she has made and where her business is today. With that, let’s welcome Alecia. Alecia, welcome to the show.

Alecia: Thank you, Amanda. Oh, my goodness, what an introduction. It’s a reflection of a lot of years. Thank you. 

Amanda: Yeah, yeah, you’re so welcome. So before we get into your journey, which is so fascinating and I think it’ll be so valuable for so many people listening. Tell us about the work that you do. I would love for you to explain it because it’s very different. I think it’s very unique in many ways.

Alecia: Yeah, yeah. This is many conversations, we’ve had many coaching conversations, right? It is different because my niche is both large and unique at the same time. So I’m the founder of The Human Maintenance Program. I integrate coaching, mentoring, and educating. Supporting people, now this is not for people who want to be professionals or who want to be coaches or practitioners. This is for humans walking around. 

Amanda: Everybody.

Alecia: Everybody, all the people. Really support people to have through all of these things have a better understanding of how their mind and their body communicate and how that shows up in their thoughts. How that shows up in sensations in the body, how that shows up from things that we’ve been through, both personally in this world we’re living in right now or even intergenerationally.

So it’s a combination of this internal work, the science of how your body works, and also principle based of how to practically apply this in day to day role. So anybody can do anything with that. That bringing this consciousness to being an imperfect human in this world. 

Amanda: Love it. It’s so good. Alecia and I were kind of, we were talking before I hit record here. One of the things that we were talking about is I almost feel like it’s hard to put into words what it is that you do because there’s so much to it. I know that I have seen videos. I’ve seen pieces of your work and obviously your website and just the conversations that we’ve had. So I feel like I have a good sense of that. 

But even for me, I know for me, that took a little bit of time to really kind of wrap my mind around what this all was. I think for our listeners, too, it might be good to speak to the fact I know one of the leading kind of theories that drives your work is the polyvagal theory. 

Alecia: Yes. 

Amanda: I don’t know if you want to speak to that just for a minute just to kind of give a little bit of context around that.

Alecia: Yeah, 100%. Well, maybe I could speak to how I develop my method, which includes three things mainly, which is the polyvagal theory. A real to understanding of how the nervous system works with the communication internally and externally, seeking for safety, and how do you actually support that natural functioning. I’ve heard in my circles in the polyvagal world, like the nervous system is the great unifier. Every single one of us has one, and they all work the same. So with a coregulation, with neuroception, and with how the actual, the hierarchy of the nervous system with that is really incorporated into the science aspect when I’m working with clients. 

The second thing is actually Breema. Breema is something that many people haven’t heard of. We say it’s the art of being present. Breema is a body of work that is connected to universal principles, principles that we see out in nature, in the natural world that, as imperfect humans, we are sometimes moving farther away from 

So, for example, the principle like no force or no extra or no judgment. All these things that we experience that we identify with, we put so much identification with our personalities on when incorporating Breema and self-Breema, actually, that working with myself, and sequences to support myself through movement. I actually can apply these principles and have another way to open up a connection to my true nature. So that aspect there. 

Then the third is the conscious competency model, which is how we all learn and going from I don’t know what I don’t know to being an expert at something and not having to think about it. So that stages of learning are really affected by what is going on in our nervous system, and then how we’re actually moving through the world with our own identity. 

Amanda: Yeah. Okay. So there’s so much there. 

Alecia: There’s a lot there. 

Amanda: Thank you for giving us more context around this. One of the things that I want to say right off the bat here is as a client, as your coach Alecia, one of the things that I have appreciated from you throughout our journey is how emotionally aware you are and the level of awareness that you bring to our coaching. Whether that’s in a one on one, whether that’s in a group setting. 

I just want to say I think obviously a lot of that is informed with I’m sure the work that you’ve done, but I just want to say from a client perspective, from a coach perspective, that has been, I think, so valuable in this process as well.

Alecia: Yes. 

Amanda: For you to have just such a and be open on such a deep level to all of the emotions that we’re going to talk about what that process was but essentially rebuilding your business. Kind of tearing down actually a really successful business. Birthing a new program, stepping into a group program. 

So moving from one on one into group, to building essentially and up leveling your brand along the way and all of the things that came along with that. Building out a team, like there’s so much there. So thank you for sharing that. So let’s talk about your journey. Let’s kind of fill in the blanks here. So where was your business when we started our work together?

Alecia: Yeah, I like to call it I was panic building. Externally, it looked very successful. So I was close to heading towards six figures, close to six-figures. I had a full client list. Everything was a motion and moving faster than the foundation I had built. So where was my business externally? It was pretty successful. Internally, I was not in a good shape when I reached out. 

Amanda: Yeah, yeah. Okay. So let’s kind of back up too. I want everybody to know that prior to launching your coaching business, you also had a brick and mortar business. 

Alecia: Yeah. Yep. So I ran a healing arts center. So it was an in person brick and mortar. We had all different kinds of holistic modalities, many different practitioners. It was one of my heart’s life work in our community here. 

So when COVID came, they that business needed to shutter. In that month afterward, in all the things that we were all going through, I knew I had to create something different with the 25 years of experience where I could still bring what I was doing to clients, but in a way that wasn’t in person. So that’s when I went to Lumia Coaching School and then I went and got a trauma informed overlay with Mastin Kipp. Then I’m like okay, I can do this. I can build this business, but all the time I’m going to school, closing a business, and rebuilding new business. 

Amanda: Yeah. I think that’s important too for everybody to know. That also was informing where your business was when you and I started working together.

Alecia: Yes, yes. Yeah. So when I reached out, I was at this place where I had created something that was successful but I had no foundation for it. So that meant I was building faster than I knew where I was standing. I could see that the direction I was going was actually to grow and get even bigger, but I had actually no idea what I was doing. 

Amanda: I think if I can add too, I think that it was hard for you to even see what that looked like.

Alecia: Oh, yeah. Oh, well, actually. Yeah. You remember when I first, when we did our consultation, I didn’t even know if I wanted to be a coach anymore. I cried through most of that consultation.

Amanda: Yeah, I do remember. 

Alecia: Yeah, I was very grateful that we could have that conversation where I was able to cry through most of it. I was also very strong business owner and a professional in my field.

Amanda: Yes. Yeah, I love that. I love that. Okay, so you were working with clients one on one. You had a full client roster. You were on the verge of burnout. You were, I would agree, I think in a place of panic in the business and something needed to change. 

Alecia: Yeah. Yeah. That’s why I came. I actually, and we talked about this. I heard one of these conversations with one of your clients last year who was a running coach. In that conversation, I heard you and him speaking about the need for having foundation. Foundation in the business to grow. I was like that is what I need. That’s what I need. So when I reached out, that was that support that I knew you could give. I’d already been listening to your podcast for a while. We also had already had a console a while prior.

Amanda: We did. We did, yeah. 

Alecia: I wasn’t ready at that time. I was still in the fear of panic building. I wasn’t ready to be honest. After some time has passed, I knew from what I’d heard, from what you were offering, right, which was like this honest space for both business growth and my human side and how that will vitally influence my business. That combination spoke to me like this is where I need to go. This is the direction. 

Amanda: Yeah, I love that. Thank you for sharing. I think that’s so important. I want to speak to the foundation aspect for a minute because I talk about this a lot. I think you’re just such a great example. Your business and your journey has been a great reflection of that, of the importance of having a solid foundation, the importance of having clarity as the business owner, the importance of like creating programs and containers that allow you, as the coach, to work from your zone of genius, from your brilliance versus from a reactive place. 

I will say, I mean when I, and I’m thinking of so many clients right now, but that is absolutely, I think, a point where once you start to have clients typically it’s one on one in a space. There comes a point in time for, I think, most coaches where that realization like you had it kind of sets in like this is no longer sustainable. 

Something different needs, I need to create something different. I need to elevate myself. I need to elevate the business. I need to elevate the container that I’ve created. It’s kind of that old saying what got you here won’t get you there. 

Alecia: That’s very true. Yeah. 

Amanda: Okay. So talk to us about what that was like going from one on one to building out the program that, by the way, you’ve launched and we have clients in, and we’ll talk about that in a second. Like walk us through that. What came up for you in that process?

Alecia: Oh, boy. Every belief system that haunts me came up. I needed the support of that space to hold reflection to beliefs that we’re making decisions in my business that I didn’t even know because I was still processing the grief of the loss of the other business. That grief, as I know, I know this. I’m a professional in this right. But the grief was clouding, it was clouding my ability to think clearly in that new business. 

Amanda: You know what’s so interesting? I remember that coaching conversation where that came through. 

Alecia: Yeah.

Amanda: Like now that you say that, I remember that conversation where that awareness came through. That the grief is what is kind of driving the car right now. Being able to then release that and being able to see that and then make a new decision around that was really, really powerful.

Alecia: It was. It was. One of the pivotal moments in the year was really seeing clearly oh, this needs to be honored. Right? It needs to be honored in order for me to build the thing I really wish to build. In that moment, or I wouldn’t say in that moment. In that time period, that processing was happened, it really happened. I had honor for what I had created and what was complete. 

Then excitement was able to come in for what I was about to do and wanted to do, which was an amalgam of now almost 30 years of being in practice and being able to support people in a way that I only dreamed of but didn’t know if I could do. I wasn’t super confident if I could do. It went from very limited. It’s so much more expansive now.

Amanda: If I can add to that, I can remember our earlier coaching conversations, Alecia, where we would talk about what this next iteration you wanted it to look like, right? What it kind of needed to be in order to do the work that you want to do and help and serve in the way that you want to. 

I can remember very early on you having a very hard time being able to visualize that and being able to see that and being able to hold that in your mind. So I’m curious. Do you think it was the grief? It’s probably a mixture of things. I’m curious because obviously now here you are. You’ve launched it. You’re enrolling clients in it. I mean, it’s beautiful what you’ve created. What did you have to overcome in order to do that? What needed to happen?

Alecia: That’s a really wonderful question. A couple of things show up just now. Continue to find the right support to match the grief, I had to be honest with myself along the way, even though my brain and my ego wanted it not to be true. So everything that was external, I didn’t want to. I had to have a lot of courage and a lot of support to face that what I had built was gone. That didn’t mean that everything was a waste. Right? 

That meant that I could incorporate it and grow and still help. So there was a lot of shifting of my identity. I didn’t even realize, actually, at that time, I didn’t even realize how much I was identified to my business. I was so wrapped up in it. That’s, if I can speak to an unexpected benefit. 

An unexpected benefit is that I actually, as a human now, I’m much less identified to only my business. I’m showing up in my life much more balanced. I didn’t realize how much I was leaning on my business for value and self-worth. That’s why the grieving was so challenging. That’s why my mind was so how do I even do this again? It was all this identity. A big answer for that question.

Amanda: No, I love it. I love it. I mean, the identity is the core of everything. This is why I teach on this all of the time. I will say if I can also add to that, that is a byproduct of my work. That’s a byproduct of, I think, the most profound work that we do in this process. Yes, it is the external strategies. Yes, it’s the building out of the new programs. Yes, it’s building, solidifying the foundation in the business. But it’s also about the becoming. It’s the shifting. It’s the inner work of identity that then allows us to drive the external.

Amanda: Right, exactly, which is a true driving then. That’s where that foundation aspect comes in. Where it’s not a panic building. So that’s the tricky thing. I actually really love supporting my clients with this. We’re talking about this in the business aspect. I love supporting people in whatever way, but when there is an external experience of one thing and an internal experience of another. There’s that chasm in between the two, nothing is sustainable, right? It’s just not sustainable. 

So how do I get that support to bridge no matter what the external looks like? Then once I have that bridge. Going through your program this year, it’s like I built the bridge in so many ways. So I don’t have that chasm. It wasn’t even like that chasm happened because we all went through whatever we went through pandemic, right. So it happened and then rebuilding that bridge so that I wasn’t just looking successful. I was actually participating the internal, external.

Amanda: I love that. I think that’s so, so important. Okay. So where’s your business today? Let’s talk about this new program. Let’s talk about what’s happening right now. 

Alecia: Yeah, okay. So last month, I did like a baby launch. I guess they call them soft launches with all of my clients are on waitlist or clients that I have a contact with. I opened up the new program to a limited space of people. So I thought I was going to open up to three clients. I want to keep it small as I’m building. So I’m sure what I’m building is true. So that’s different than past me also. 

So I actually have four clients that signed up that are already, two of them have already completed the initial phase of the program, and they’ve gone into the secondary phase. Then, as of yesterday, we launched the other aspects, which we have an online course, the one on one coaching, and then there’ll be a kind of choose your own adventure style workbook coming in this spring. 

Amanda: So fun. So fun.

Alecia: So our first group one will be we’re going to do, at this point, our first group class will be in a few months, actually, so people can come together and talk about what they’re learning in the online program.

Amanda: I love it. I love it. So if I can just say like what’s so wonderful is  literally I can remember what’s flashing on me is our initial conversations where you spoke to some of these things. 

Alecia: Yes. 

Amanda: Again,  I know, it’s hard to, for us in this conversation, for everybody to really understand it. But truly, Alecia was, there were so many blocks at the time. There was so much work that had to be done. It was like there’s no way. I mean, it was literally I can remember early conversations where it was well, what about ideating on some of this. It was like I can’t see it, right. So I just want to.

Alecia: No 50,000 foot view. When someone would mentioned that to me, I’d be like don’t, I’m going to dysregulate super hard. I need to come back to this step right now.

Amanda: Exactly, exactly. So I just want to acknowledge how profound it really is for you today to be on this podcast, to be sharing this experience, to be having launched this program. I mean, literally like your dream business. 

Alecia: Yes. Oh, and this year, I can’t. I’m so excited to be here, right. I’m so grateful. Sometimes I think about past me is building present me’s life and present me is building future me’s life, right? So I’m grateful for past me being willing to reach out and ask for that support and just be an honest blob. 

Amanda: Yeah.

Alecia: Because now as I’m looking forward, like present me building this future, I’m looking forward to incorporating workshops and having more in person experiences and supporting people to really connect to that part. I can dream now. Right?

Amanda: Yeah. You already have you have live events planned. You have the live events planned. Like it’s already on the calendar, right? So, again, I just, there’s so much here. I wish we had like two more hours, honestly, to like talk about this. 

But what would you say, what would you say to coaches? One of the things that I think comes up a lot that I, again, I think you’re a great example of. When you go from one on one to groups or when you’re in a place in your business where yes, you’ve built that initial success. 

Maybe it’s six figures, whatever that looks like, to then go start stepping into a model like this where you are working more one to many, where you are having to create more structure in the business. You’re having to create that foundation for sure. But I think mostly, it’s really that structure. 

So what would you say to a coach who’s at that point? Who is working with one on one, who knows oh, this isn’t sustainable for me. This is maybe even not what I want to do. This isn’t a reflection of really my true work. Because I do think that that comes up a lot for coaches and wanting to make a bigger impact.

But there’s a lot of fear about letting go of, it’s kind of like Gay Hendricks talks about it. It’s letting go of your zone of excellence. It’s moving from your zone of excellence into your zone of genius. 

Alecia: Yes, yes, yes. Can I give the illustration that I share with clients then? 

Amanda: Yes, please. 

Alecia: I do this with myself. I call this my blobby tarantula phase. 

Amanda: I love that.

Alecia: So when a tarantula is growing, and they’ve shed their exoskeleton, now I’m not a spider expert but this is my illustration. When they shed their exoskeleton, they’re a little blobby as their new skin is hardening. From what I understand, they need to actually find protection in some place while that new skin is hardening. That is a scary time. 

So in that, like when I recognize I’m in a blobby tarantula phase, I need to honor that fear, right? If I don’t honor that fear, how is this new skin, this bigger thing that I want to step into, going harden. The fear is not the problem. It’s me starting from where I’m at, wherever I’m at, and finding the support to match that. So if you’re in that business, if you’re in that place in your business, and you feel like blobby tarantula, look for the support that matches the fear so that you can step into that new larger space, that new skin.

Amanda: Yeah, yeah, I love that. So good. Okay, so what’s next for you, Alecia? What do you see? What are you excited about? What’s next here?

Alecia: So I go back and forth between I want to start where I’m at, right? So I want to get my new skin. I’m going to really become I’m strong in this. So I see over the next, between now and the next two quarters of this year, me holding space for really standing in what I created over the last year. 

Then I really cannot wait to create more in person workshops. I want to meet my clients and hug them in person. Then incorporate more possibly even certification courses in the future. So that’s future wishes.

Amanda: Which is so funny because that was a vision that I had had very early on for you. That was a download that I had gotten very early on that I had shared with you. So to hear you say that and know that that’s a very real possibility.

Alecia: Yeah, yeah.

Amanda: In the not too distant future is amazing. 

Alecia: It’s real, Amanda. I remember that conversation where you affirmed a dream I hadn’t spoken yet. So we’ll see how it goes as I’m moving forward. But even right now, I have two clients who are going through their own coaching programs. I hope to have a certification that I can overlay on their coaching training. They’re amazing clients. Through their eyes, I can see this certification process actually coming to life in the future. But I won’t panic build that.

Amanda: I love that. I love that. That’s so good. That’s so good.

Alecia: Thank you, really. This has been amazing. An amazing year,

Amanda: Oh, well, you’ve been such a joy and such an honor. It’s been such an honor to support you. What I said before with just the vulnerability that you brought to every session, the awareness, the level of awareness, the openness to the coaching. One of the things that has really struck me from you is just your willingness to be so open to coaching in all different forms. 

So, again, before we started, I hit record today, we were talking about just the power of group coaching and how so often, and I see this happen in my containers, where somebody else might be getting coached. Or I might be speaking to something, I may be teaching, I may be training on something. That is the thing that then breaks open, that is the breakthrough.

Alecia: Yes, yes. Yeah. I just, I had so many different sessions just popped into my brain in this group coaching where you were coaching, actively coaching someone else, and I was getting secondary coaching. So really, the power of being, I guess, my wish is to learn no matter what’s happening, right?

So taking that authority, like anybody listening, in a group coaching setting, you’re being coached whether you’re actively being coached or not. What am I going to do that, right? It’s so powerfully supportive to look for those opportunities to receive support because they’re going to come in all different kinds of forms. In that setting, I actually found many huge growth moments while you were actively coaching another. 

Amanda: I observe that from you. That’s why I want to speak to that because I think you have demonstrated that so well when we talk about being coachable in the process. I just think you are such a great example of that, of just showing up. Again, the vulnerability, the awareness, the openness, and the looking for that support, finding that support, even if you’re not the one that’s being actively coached.

I can remember as well like several breakthrough moments for you where you were like wow, that was exactly the breakthrough. Here’s how this landed. It was like an immediate shift. So for everybody listening, that is the power of being in a container like this. This is the power of being actively in a coaching relationship and putting yourself in an environment where you are looking at these things, where you are being stretched, where you are being challenged, and also it’s about what are you bringing to that space as well. I just think you’re such a great example of that. So thank you.

Alecia: Thank you too. Thank you too. I’m very grateful. You provided the bumper guards so that my bowling ball didn’t go in the gutter. That is what the containers do, right. It’s provides such safety for clients for growth so they can bump into that container and keep heading in the direction that they want to go in.

Amanda: I love it. I love it. You’re so welcome. Okay, so when you look back, Alecia, what are the biggest like transformations? Let’s just kind of sum it up here. What has been like the biggest transformation that you’ve experienced personally. We’ve talked a lot about what the business looks like now but like just when you think about personally you and the identity, what has been some of the biggest transformations that you’ve experienced?

Alecia: I trust the process of growth more, which I haven’t said it like that yet. The transformation and growth in all areas, right. We’ve spoken to business but my personal life had huge upheaval simultaneously. I saw that I, Alecia, my identity stuff was the same in every place in every aspect. That how I navigate receiving support is so vital in growth, and that I’m never going to like that process. It’s not about like and dislike. It really is, in this process, I just really trust the process of growth.

Amanda: I love that.

Alecia: Yeah. It’s a lot. 

Amanda: Yeah, I’m just thinking that that gave me inspiration for a podcast episode, actually the process of growth and trusting that process. I think that’s a beautiful summary. I know it will land for people listening. So what would you say to somebody that, and again, we talked a little bit about this, but somebody who might be listening to this right now and is really wanting to go to that next level, that’s really wanting to bring their work forward in a bigger way. What would you say to them? 

Alecia: Well, I mean, I just had 500 things happen, but we’re speaking, right? Amanda, the work that you’re doing and the work that you’re presenting is so deeply valuable for that person, whoever is listening, because how you’re showing up honestly and blending the actual in our real world what business needs. The structure that business needs to not be panic built and to be strong and to keep growing. 

You have that to support someone. At the same time, understanding all the arc of humanity and all the beliefs and the imperfections that come along with it that blend in your courses. That’s the transformation is that there’s that blend, and you hold space for both and seamlessly go back and forth. So if someone is, if you’re looking to actually grow, I’d say go to you. Like this program is wonderful. 

Amanda: Thank you.

Alecia: You’re welcome. It really helps. 

Amanda: Yeah, yeah. Really?

Alecia: That’s why I made it. 

Amanda: Well, yeah, it’s I mean, I’ve said this before. Maybe I just need to be more like direct with it. But honestly, I really look at this process. I think about like if you’re trying to grow, no matter where you’re at, like if you’re trying to grow a business in this industry, an online coaching business, and that can look very different. It does look very different. 

Alecia: Yes, yes. 

Amanda: You have to have these things. There is no way around not having the things that the business needs. There is no way around not having a foundation. There is no way around about taking the step when you’re ready at that level to step into a group setting if that’s what that needs to be. There is no way around not doing the identity work. There is no way around not facing the things that are in your way.

Alecia: Yes, yes. Yes. Yes, there’s none. So if I’m on this road, if you’re on this road, this is on this road. So match the support. 

Amanda: I love that. Yeah. Thank you for sharing that. Okay. All right. Is there anything else, Alecia, before we wrap up today that you want to offer to everybody?

Alecia: No, I don’t think so. I’m very grateful. I’m grateful for the space. Well, maybe that it’s okay. It’s okay to feel thing. It’s okay to feel scared. Match the scared with the support, like I said, and the growth is right there with it. It’s okay to be human. 

Amanda: Yeah. So good. All right, Alecia, where can everybody find you?

Alecia: So on socials, I’m at ThePolyvagalCoach and Alecia S. Baker. That’s A-L-E-C-I-A S B-A-K-E-R.

Amanda: We will, of course, link that up in the show notes as well. But I highly encourage all of you to go and check out Alecia and check out the beautiful work that she’s doing. Truly, it’s such an inspiration. It’s such important work. I’m just so excited for what’s ahead for you and everything that you’ve created. 

I’m just so proud of the transformation both from a business standpoint externally going from where you were where we started to now having this beautiful program and essentially really the dream business that you had articulated early on, at least pieces of it, that were kind of brought forth through this process. I want to inspire all of you listening that that level of growth, that level of transformation can happen, and it can happen quickly. 

I mean within 12 months. I mean to take your business from where it is to where it is like today is very possible. So I just know there is, wow. There is so much ahead. There’s so much success ahead and such an impact that you have already made and also are about to make with your work. So thank you for being such a wonderful client. Again, just so coachable through this process and everything that you brought forward. It really has been a beautiful journey. Thanks, Alecia. 

Thank you for listening to this episode of The Million Dollar Coach Business Podcast. If you’re ready to step into the million dollar version of yourself and scale your business to six, multi-six, or seven figures and beyond, go to amandakarlstadtcoaching.com.


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