Ep #200: The Power of Consistent Delivery: Celebrating 200 Episodes

Today, we’re officially celebrating 200 episodes of The Life Coach Business Podcast! To commemorate the occasion, I’m sharing the most important lessons I’ve learned in consistently delivering this free resource for all of you over nearly four years. I’ve undergone transformation on this journey, and starting this show is genuinely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my business.

Producing 200 episodes wasn’t easy, but I’m full of gratitude for my past self, all of you who are listening, and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. If you want to know what I’ve learned while reaching thousands of coaches and providing value every week on a consistent basis, listen in and celebrate with me.

Tune in this week to discover everything I’ve learned from 200 episodes of this podcast, and how it’s applicable to your own content and your business in general. I’m sharing the transformation I’ve been through on this journey, how I keep my listeners in mind every step of the way, and why people who become familiar with your work through something like a podcast will be your most coachable clients.


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What You’ll Learn:

  • The way I like to think about my audience and what you need to hear.
  • How the content I’ve created has helped me in my own journey, as well as helping my listeners.
  • My tips for anyone thinking about or currently creating their own podcast.
  • The power of creating and delivering 200 episodes.
  • What this podcast has allowed me to create in my business.
  • How to get clear on the level of value you provide in your pillar content.
  • What you can do to start serving your audience on a deeper level.


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Download a Transcript for The Life Coach Business Podcast

You are listening to The Life Coach Business Podcast with Amanda Karlstad episode number 200.

Welcome to The Life Coach Business Podcast, a show for coaches who are ready to up-level their business and take their impact, leadership, and results to a whole new level. If you’re ready to start taking powerful action and become the leader your business needs in order to grow and thrive, this show is for you. I’m your host, Amanda Karlstad, certified life and business coach, and entrepreneurial leadership expert.  Now, let’s get down to business.

Hello, and welcome, everyone. Today is a very special episode. This is Episode 200 of The Life Coach Business Podcast. I have to tell you all this feels like a huge milestone for me. It has been a huge milestone for me when I think about creating these episodes for you, to recording these episodes for you each and every week. 

I decided today that in celebration of this milestone that I wanted to share with you some special lessons that I have learned in now creating, recording, and producing 200 podcast episodes for all of you, each and every week for the past 200 weeks. This seems crazy

When I look at those numbers, which is equivalent to almost four years of producing and creating content and bringing it to you each and every week. I am so honored to be bringing you this episode. I am so thrilled and so filled with gratitude for all of you listening and for all of you who tune in week after week.

It’s truly an honor to share this podcast with you every single week. It’s an honor to hear from so many of you who have been transformed through this content, through the conversations. If I’m being honest, I also have been really transformed in this journey, in the journey of creating and producing this podcast. Without a doubt, it has been one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my business for a number of reasons

In fact, when I look back on my past self when I started this podcast almost four years ago, when I had the idea for this show, when this idea came to me as I went through the creation process. When I was in that visionary process of what I really wanted the show to be about, and the vision that I had, and how I wanted to serve all of you, I have to tell you all, I’m so proud of my past self for going for it. I am so proud of my past self for making that decision

Now to be able to fast forward to today, for now having produced my 200th episode, and it feeling like such a big deal, feeling like such a huge milestone. At the same time feeling all of the gratitude to all of you for listening and also to my past self. I have now created a podcast that is a top ranking podcast that reaches tens of thousands of listeners that I really feel brings such high value each and every week. I have to say that I am truly fulfilling one of my original visions with this show. 

So I just want to say thank you to all of you. Thank you for being a loyal listener. Thank you for continuing to share this show with others you know that could benefit from these conversations, from this content. I, in so many ways, feel like I’m just getting started, which is also so incredibly exciting. I also know that that’s going to bring so much more value to the show. 

So stay tuned in, keep tuning in, keep sharing the show, keep rating the show if you haven’t already. That is one of the ways that this show does continue to reach new and bigger audiences. From the bottom of my heart, I just want to thank each and every one of you listening. Thank you for the attention that you bring as you tune in each every week. Thank you for your time. I don’t take any of that lately. 

I’m honored to have you in my world, to have you be a part of this podcast community, and I can’t wait to bring you another 200 episodes of the best content that’s going to help you take everything to the next level. All right. 

So as I mentioned, I thought it would be powerful for me to talk about some of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned as I reflect on recording and creating 200 original pieces of content, 200 original episodes for almost four years. As I go through that process every week, one of the things that, I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the things that is really true for me is that I do really think about all of you listening. I think about the things that I believe that you need to hear and really create content that I believe is going to be useful for you as you’re tuning in

It’s also content that has helped not only me and my own journey, but also so many of my clients scale their business to a very high level. There have been some really important lessons that I think are really important to shine a light on and to share with all of you. Because I know many of you might be in the process, whether you are thinking of creating your own podcast, or maybe you already have your own podcast. 

Wherever you’re at, I want to really speak to you today about the power of creating and delivering 200 episodes and what that has done for my business and how it’s transformed not only my business, but also myself as an entrepreneur, as a thought leader in this industry, as a master coach. 

I also think about how these lessons are also applicable to your business and applicable to whether or not we’re talking about your podcast, or a future podcast of yours, or your business in general. So I want to share some transformational lessons that I know without a doubt can help you on your journey as well. 

So the first thing that I want to say is that this podcast has absolutely contributed and continues to contribute to huge success in my business. For clients that also have podcasts in their businesses, I also see this very much to be true in their businesses as well. It’s so interesting because when I’m meeting with new clients or onboarding new clients, and when they, throughout that process, refer to this podcast and in many cases, even certain episodes of the podcast.

When we have those conversations, for me, that has been an indicator to me. It’s proven to be a huge determining factor in terms of their coachability, in terms of their really willingness to be coached, to be open to coaching, and to take whatever concept might be presented to them, and to then apply that to their own business, to their own situation. To integrate these concepts and put them into practice, and to really try them on. To essentially transform through the application

So one of the things that I am reminded of so often is that I get to help so many throughout this podcast, through producing these episodes every week without even seen who is on the other side listening to this podcast, without even knowing to what degree or to what level. But knowing that each and every week that I am, in a way, transforming others, that I get to do that

That really is such an honor and something that I believe as coaches is something that you all really have an honor to do is to serve your audience, to serve your community, to serve who it is that you are speaking to, whether or not you see them out in the world or not. Whether or not you are seeing them on a Zoom call, or maybe they are just consuming your content. It is such an honor.

So with that ,I would challenge all of you who are listening to really think about the importance of creating value consistently for your audience. To really think about the power of creating high value content, to delivering that in a way that is truly consistent, that’s truly from that place of service. Because that has the power, whether or not you are directly or indirectly working with someone, but has a way to help them truly transform them in their journey, whatever that looks like for them. 

I can’t over emphasize enough how important that has been, not only in my business, but in so many of my clients’ businesses is to have that power of being able to bring high value content to your audience on a consistent basis. For me, this has been a main pillar in my overall business ecosystem that I’m gonna talk about in just a minute. It’s something that when you do it well, when you do it with consistency, can change everything. 

So I would challenge all of you listening, whether you have your own podcast or not. Ask yourself, are you creating high value on a truly consistent basis for your audience? Is that coming from a true place of service that can truly help somebody transform just by maybe that one thing that you say that you bring for that week? Or that one teaching, or that one concept, or that one conversation? What is that one thing that might be able to help them truly transform? That’s a really important question. It’s one that I would challenge all of you to answer honestly.

Because I believe, especially for all of you listening, as coaches who have been called to help and to serve others in an important way, as you all have been, is that you establish a way that you’re delivering that high value content to your audience consistently. In a way that helps them, that truly helps them, again, to make those changes, and to transform

For me, my belief is that this should be the pillar of your content each and every week, no matter what your strategy is. Because as a coach, I do believe you need to have one main pillar piece of content that you are delivering and creating, ideally, consistently each and every week that serves your audience that’s delivering real value

One of the observations that I have is that over the past few years, in the coaching industry, I have witnessed both in my own business and in so many other coaching businesses just how powerful this concept really is. So from a strategic standpoint and looking and having the purview that I have behind the scenes of so many businesses, I actually think not having some type of pillar content that you’re creating each week, whether that’s a podcast or maybe it’s a YouTube show.

I think you have a huge opportunity to truly serve your audience in such a deep way. There are so many byproducts that then come from that. That not only help your business grow but really help to transform you and who you have to become to deliver that high value content each and every week

So as I’ve been reflecting, again, recently on my journey of creating these 200 episodes and the journey that I’ve been on since I’ve launched this podcast, it has absolutely been an element of what has helped me to become who I am today. 

I do think putting yourself out there in a bigger way when you’re creating original content, when you are thinking about your audience and their true problems in a real way, when you’re creating tools that you know can help them. I think one of the best byproducts is who you become in that process.

It’s allowing you to step into your own thought leadership. It’s allowing you to develop your unique value contribution. It’s allowing you to create unique and original tools and resources. When you do that with consistency and do it well, the byproducts of this, I think, are some of the most valuable byproducts that you can create in your business

Like I always say, your business growth will be in direct correlation with your own personal growth. So as you become and as you step into those higher and higher versions of yourself, when you welcome the challenge and you step into the challenge of getting uncomfortable and doing something like starting a podcast and creating consistent content like that to that level. When you challenge yourself to grow through the discomfort, to step into and step through those fears, to grow through those fears, to grow through the unknown. 

What happens is you start to realize as you grow through these new and different levels just how much we do make up about our inability to create what it is that we truly want, or what we truly think we are or aren’t capable of, or what might be possible. So I do want to challenge all of you. 

Again, some of you already may have your own podcast or you’re in that process right now. Others of you might desire to start your own show. What I would say is that there is tremendous value in going through the process of launching and delivering, for example, a podcast each and every week. There is so much value in challenging yourself to step into a higher level of leadership in your area of expertise. 

There’s so much value in delivering the highest value content that you can, that you can consistently bring to your audience, that goes well above and beyond what might get lost in the algorithm. What might get the most likes or views or be on the latest platform is something that can live on forever, if you want it to. This is something that I believe is really important. It’s something that I bring into all of my strategic work with my clients

As I’m advising them and mentoring them and teaching them in growing and scaling the business is really being able to do that from a place of it being able to stand the test of time. That doesn’t rely on perhaps the latest social media platform. That does truly serve people. Because I do believe that as a coach, you have a lot of responsibility. You have responsibility to your clients. You have responsibility to your audience

You are all, as coaches helping your clients overcome significant challenges in their relationships, significant challenges in their lives, significant challenges perhaps in their health or in their careers. The ripple effect that you have the potential to make is enormous and vast. 

I believe this to be true for each and every one of you. I believe that coaching is a profession, a very important profession. Isn’t something that just sounds good and maybe looks good on social media, but is a profession that I do believe requires care, that requires a high level of responsibility, a high level of integrity and ethics

Because of the nature of the work that you do with your clients, you have a real opportunity to impact change, not only with the individuals you work with, but with groups of people, with communities, with societies. I don’t believe that any of this should be taken lightly

So part of this is, I think, owning that responsibility and working to continually step into those higher and more effective versions of yourself so that ultimately, you do serve clients on a deep level. One of the great opportunities that I believe you all have to do is through creating high value consistently for your people, just like this podcast. 

So I really encourage all of you to take a look at how you might be creating that content for your audience right now. How you might be able to even uplevel that. How you maybe need to get more consistent with it. Maybe you need to rethink it, or maybe even reevaluate what it is that you’re doing to be able to pour into your people on a consistent basis. All right. 

Another powerful lesson that I have learned in creating 200 episodes of this podcast is something that I alluded to earlier. That is the importance of creating what I call a true ecosystem in your business. I’ve talked about this before in different episodes and mentioned it earlier.

But essentially, what I mean by that is something, again, that I believe is foundational to any business. It’s foundational to my approach to my work. Something that I think is necessary if you want to grow and scale a highly successful practice. It’s that you are really working to build and to cultivate that true business ecosystem in your business. 

Now, for me, as I mentioned, one of the main parts of my ecosystem is this podcast. It is the producing of the content. It’s delivering that to you each and every week. It’s a way for me to connect, I believe on a very intimate basis, and to create and build relationships with all of you, to deliver a high level of value, and to help you truly take things to the next level in your business, and I believe also in your life

So by tuning in each and every week and applying these concepts, I know that not only does this support you right now as you’re tuning in, as you’re listening to this show, but it also supports you as you step forward in your own journey. By listening to the show not only do you know what I’m about, do you now have a better sense of what my coaching philosophies are, but also how I can help you grow and scale your business

From experience when I have a client who is a loyal listener of the show and makes the commitment to then take the next step and work with me and my team to grow and scale their business, it’s true that their success really is inevitable. Because when they stay the course, when they stay in the game, because these concepts and the teachings that I am bringing to every week are hugely valuable to, again, any business, and especially as you grow and scale your coaching practice.

So as part of building a true ecosystem, you want to be thinking about creating true assets in your business that support one another, that work together, that when combined when they do work together and support one another, do impact your mission that allows you to make the level of impact that you’re capable of making

So this podcast has been a huge part of my own business ecosystem that helps so many coaches on their path to building and growing a successful practice. That is the goal. You want to have an ecosystem of different assets that are working in your business to help support that growth for your clients

When these pieces work together, when they’re cohesive, and when they support one another, what’s also wonderful is that they allow you as the coach to also be in your brilliance. To be in your most creative place, to serve at your highest level. 

So the last lesson that I want to impart to all of you today is the importance of consistency and playing the long game and the compound effect that you have the opportunity to create when you approach your business in this way. What I mean by that is, for example, putting out this podcast. While this is something that I truly enjoy, at the same time it is not a small feat to do this, to create original and unique content to the level that I create on a weekly basis. 

It has required me to be disciplined. It has required me to be consistent. It has required me to be in a creative flow as I’m creating this content. I think these lessons are also very true in the business. Because whether it is creating this podcast for the week, or whether it’s creating perhaps new marketing assets, or we’re creating new content, new trainings for clients, new curriculum, all of the things that go into supporting and helping my clients succeed.

I will tell you that consistency, the practice of releasing this high value content like this on a weekly basis, exercising and growing my discipline around this, the compound effect that that has had for me, it has literally translated into impacting tens of thousands of coaches. It’s translated into impacting hundreds of clients. It’s translated into millions into my business and into the businesses of my clients. 

As I mentioned before, in so many ways, it’s also only the beginning. Whether or not you have a podcast or not in business, consistency is so key, you have to be willing to be consistent, especially if you feel like the results aren’t there. Especially if you feel like that maybe nobody is listening to your podcast or seeing the email, especially when you might be feeling stuck or spinning and not able to move forward. I will tell you the compound effect that consistency is so worth it. Because the effect of what you will experience a year from now or even three years from now, it will blow your mind

So there are so many lessons around creating this podcast that I want to share with you that I think are applicable, again, whether we’re talking about a podcast that you have or you want to launch or just your business in general. I think these are truly foundational lessons and transformational lessons that I am just so grateful, again, to my past self for being willing to step into all of this.

So I hope you found lessons, first of all, in these lessons today, but I want to encourage you to also go after it, whatever that thing is for you. I want to encourage you to get after it, even if it feels uncomfortable, even if you don’t know what’s on the other side. Because I will promise you this. As long as you don’t give up, as long as you keep going, your dreams are achievable. I believe that you can do it. Have a beautiful week everyone, talk to you soon. Take care. Bye, bye.

Hey if you’re ready for a real breakthrough in your business and want to grow and scale your business to at least six figures or more in annual revenue, I invite you to apply for my exclusive program The Mastermind at amandakarlstadcoaching.com/the-mastermind. I look forward to seeing you there. 

Thank you for listening to this episode of The Life Coach Business Podcast. If you want to learn more about how to build, grow, and scale your business and accelerate your results visit amandakarlstadcoaching.com.


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