Character Traits vs. Choice

As a former senior director in sales & marketing, when interviewing potential candidates for my team and organization, I would always look for what I thought were a particular set of character traits in each candidate.

Traits that I knew would lend themselves to success in the position.

Traits that I considered to be inherent to the individual.

You either had them, or you didn’t.

Perseverance, problem-solving, integrity, and resilience (just to name a few).

I looked to uncover these traits through the process of behavioral interviewing.

Give the candidate a scenario and ask them to provide an example of how they expressed these traits in their last job, or maybe even in their own life.

Some candidates excelled when asked these questions.

Many did not.

Now, as I reflect on these “character traits” and the value that I once put on these traits as being “inherent” to one individual, I see them in a different light.  

It’s all much simpler.  

They’re actually a conscious choice.

Regardless of circumstance.

And they’re available to us all right now.

What so-called “character traits” are you choosing? Ready to find out?

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