Ep #171: Belief Stamina

As I look back on the journey of growing my business, one super important aspect of the work I have done is cultivating the level of belief I have in my ability to succeed. The same is true for my clients in the process of growing and scaling toward six figures and beyond. The concept I’m sharing today is called Belief Stamina, and it changes everything.

Holding your belief over a sustained period of time is vital if you want to take your business to each new level. It takes mental effort, but when you can demonstrate belief stamina and stick to your belief no matter what is coming your way, that’s where real growth happens.

Tune in this week to work on your belief stamina. I’m sharing the role that belief stamina plays in a growing coaching business and how to remain in a place of belief regardless of the results you’re creating, so you can continue to believe in your own clients on their journey while creating the amazing long-term results you want for your business.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • What belief stamina means to me, and how it relates to your journey as an entrepreneur.
  • Why belief stamina needs to be at the core of everything you do as you grow your business.
  • How endurance around your beliefs builds your capacity for what you’re able to endure.
  • Why belief stamina doesn’t necessarily mean that you believe fully 100% of the time.
  • The level of belief stamina I have in my business, and also in my clients.
  • How to work on your belief stamina, like building muscle, so you can keep reaching each next level.

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You are listening to The Life Coach Business Podcast with Amanda Karlstad episode number 171.

Welcome to The Life Coach Business Podcast, a show for coaches who are ready to up-level their business and take their impact, leadership, and results to a whole new level. If you’re ready to start taking powerful action and become the leader your business needs in order to grow and thrive, this show is for you. I’m your host, Amanda Karlstad, certified life and business coach, and entrepreneurial leadership expert. Now, let’s get down to business.

Hello, and welcome everyone. It’s so great to have you here today. I hope you’re doing amazing. I am so excited to talk with all of you. As always, I have a new concept that I want to teach you today. It’s a concept that came to me that as I look back on my journey of growing my business, it’s something that I have really practiced and have worked on and have really spent time developing in myself.

It’s been a really important aspect to my success. As I started thinking about this and really looking at this on a deeper level, it’s one of the things that I can absolutely say that it’s not only something that I practice, that I develop, that I do work around on a daily basis in some form, but it’s also something that I also observe in my clients as they’re in the process of growing and scaling their businesses.

So that concept is what I call belief stamina. When I think about this concept, to me, what this means is the concept of holding your belief. It’s your ability to sustain belief. It’s the act of demonstrating mental effort towards your belief. It’s the ability to be able to stick to your belief for a prolonged period of time, no matter what the result is. So that is what I believe belief stamina means.

When I think about stamina, the thing about stamina and developing stamina is that it builds endurance. It builds strength. So in whatever area you might be building or developing your stamina, if you think about stamina for a minute, what it’s doing is it’s building your capacity of what you’re able to endure.

this is why it’s such an important concept. it’s one of the ways that I’ve been able to experience the level of growth that I have in my business. I really attribute it largely due to the fact that I’ve made it a practice of developing what I’m calling my own belief stamina. it’s a practice that has allowed me to create so many amazing results in my business.

Now, here’s the other thing. I also have belief stamina in my clients, which I think is really important. I’ve been thinking a lot about all of this and seeing all of the ways that this has shown up, especially over the last year, as I’m looking at where I’m taking my business in 2023 and where my clients are taking their businesses as well. It’s really important that belief stamina is at the core.

so this is something that I am really diving into even more this year. It’s something that I’m so excited for what I know this practice is going to produce what this result will be both in my life but also in my business. One of the things that I talked about a couple of episodes ago was the idea, the concept of what got you here won’t get you there.

So if you go back, it was episode number 169. I talked about the fact that when you reach different levels in your business, or even in life, what got you to that point will not typically get you to that next level. so if you haven’t listened to that episode, I highly recommend that you go back and listen to that episode as well.

so the reason I bring that up is because when I think about the level of belief stamina that has gotten me to this point, when I look at my clients, when I look at the belief stamina that they have developed and cultivated to get them to where they are today. It also is going to require a new level of belief stamina for that next level.

so one of the things that’s also related to this, I feel like all of these recent episodes are all related. I talked in last week’s episode about the importance of skill stacking, which is also a very important concept if you’re a coach. If you’re in the process of growing and scaling your business, I, again, highly recommend if you have not listened to that episode, go back and listen to that episode as well. That’s episode number 170.

so when I look at all of these concepts together, the concept of belief stamina, and I look at the concept of skill stacking. I look at the concept of taking things to the next level and really being called to that higher version. It’s really like building a muscle. Because when you first start out, if you think about if let’s say you have the goal of building muscle.

When you first start out, you’re probably using lighter weights. You’re probably starting with fewer reps. It probably feels much more difficult in the beginning, and you’ll probably feel like you’ll never get to the place where you’re going to be able to lift that heavier weight. I know I’ve gone through that process. I know what that feels like.

But what happens is that with consistent effort, with consistent work, with repetition, your muscles will grow. They will become stronger. You will build endurance. because of that, your ability to then push yourself to do then one more rep, to show up with even greater consistency, to lift heavier weights, to challenge yourself to do more. As you do this, you’re also building your capacity. Your capacity to hold that heavier weight.

as you do this, your muscle will grow larger. It will create more capacity. you’ll start to believe that you can hold more and more weight. I share that example because the same is true in your business. one of the examples that I want to share with you that demonstrates this so incredibly well, and there are several when I think about this.

But one in particular when I look at one of my high level clients who at the beginning of last year – So this was in 2022 when we sat down and we’re talking about her goals for the year. we were talking about what it was that she wanted to accomplish. She started out by telling me that she wanted to essentially double her business. So that would put her in the high six figures in her business. When I say high six figures, for her would have meant that she would have essentially doubled her business to about $800,000 per year, which is not bad, right.

But as we were talking, I could tell that there was still more there. because I’ve worked with this client for quite a while. I know her very well, which is, on a side note, one of the reasons that I love that I get to work with so many of my clients over the long term. It’s something that I think also is really important as a client, which I think I’m gonna do a podcast on explaining this.

But because I know this client so well and because I know her long term goals, because I’m so invested in helping her get to her goals because I believe that is my role as her coach, it’s also why I choose to do the work that I do with clients on a much deeper level. But I was able to then challenge her in that moment, and really challenge her to the possibility of hitting a million dollars in her business.

what was so interesting is when I presented that challenge, I could tell the possibility, the idea of hitting that million dollars in her business, it shifted everything. It really lit her up. so rather than putting our focus on that $800,000 goal, which, again, is a great goal and maybe a goal that many of you are working towards, but really challenging her to go bigger and to expand into that possibility. We were able to develop a plan and a strategy for the year to help her cross the million dollar mark.

let me tell you. A couple of weeks ago on I think it was a random maybe Friday evening, I checked my phone, and I had a few messages from this client. in those messages, this client who at the beginning of the year and even really throughout most of the year last year didn’t fully believe that she was going to hit a million dollars for the year. Even literally right up to the final days of the year did not fully believe that she was going to actually hit a million dollars in her business hit over a million dollars in her business. In fact she did $1.2 million in revenue in her business in 2022, despite the fact that she didn’t fully believe it all year.

This is why I’m bringing this concept to you today. This is why belief stamina is so, so important. I will tell you what I shared with her in my message is back to her celebrating her success, celebrating the fact that she created that result, celebrating the fact that she was able to hold the belief, that she stayed open to the possibility, that she stayed committed to the process, that she worked the strategy. She worked the plan. She stayed committed to her belief. That she leaned on my belief, quite honestly, in those times when she needed to.

But what that did is it allowed her to make decisions. It allowed her to be taking a level of action from a million dollar result because of her belief stamina. So this is why this concept is so incredibly important because had she not had belief stamina. I want to be clear, having belief stamina doesn’t necessarily mean that you believe it fully all of the time. Had I not had belief stamina for her and for her goals, had there not been belief stamina being cultivated all year and developed along the way, reaching that million dollar goal would likely not have happened.

So I wanted to share with all of you today that even when the result doesn’t seem achievable, even when the result that you so desire doesn’t seem possible for you. Even when you have a story, just like this client did, that reaching a million dollars, that surely that’s going to take several years to do it. I want to tell you here today, to call out to all of you that it absolutely doesn’t.

to the degree that you are developing and working towards and building your belief stamina around your goal, whatever it is that you’re believing in. My friends, the more you build your belief stamina, the more you challenge your beliefs, the more you show up and build that belief. The more you lean on others when you need to, whether that’s someone close to you, whether that’s a friend, it’s your coach, lean on their belief when you need to.

But also lean into building your own. Develop your own belief stamina, no matter what result you might be getting right now. Because the stronger you grow your belief stamina, the more consistent you are in your belief stamina, that million dollar goal, that $500,000 a year goal, that $350,000 goal, that $100,000 goal. Whatever that goal is for you will be the result that you have the ability to produce at the end.

So I want to challenge you today to truly build your own belief stamina, to put yourself in an environment where you are building your belief stamina, to challenge right now where you’re not building belief stamina, to put yourself in a place where you are showing up for your beliefs, where you are showing up for your goals, where you are showing up and doing the work and building your endurance. Where you can be reminded of that when you need to be reminded of that.

I will tell you, if you want to be in an environment where this is the standard, if you want to be in an environment that will challenge you at the highest level where you will build true belief stamina and not fake belief stamina then I also want to invite you to join us inside of my mastermind programs. We are doing deep, deep work my friends in these containers. We are doing the real work, the work that actually matters. Creating extraordinary results.

I want to leave you with this. I want you didn’t know that whatever it is that you’re working towards, whatever it is that you are desiring in this moment, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. In fact, it is meant for you. Because the possibility of you, the possibility of your goal, the possibility and your potential is already right here. So lean into it and create belief stamina. It’s here for you. So let’s go. All right, my friends. Have a beautiful week. I’ll talk to you all very soon. Take care. Bye-bye.

Hey if you’re ready for a real breakthrough in your business and want to grow and scale your business to at least six figures or more in annual revenue, I invite you to apply for my exclusive program The Mastermind at amandakarlstadcoaching.com/the-mastermind. I look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you for listening to this episode of The Life Coach Business Podcast. If you want to learn more about how to build, grow, and scale your business and accelerate your results visit amandakarlstadcoaching.com.

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