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Sonia Wright, MD

“Before my time with Amanda, I was a full time, board-certified radiologist, and had been trying for years to get into the coaching space but never could find the right strategies that worked. 

Within 12 months of working with Amanda, though, I was able to leave my work as a physician because of the strategies I implemented in her Mastermind Program. And, I crossed the 6-figure mark within a few short months of working with her and am on my way to my first million-dollar year from coaching.”

Karen Needham

Certified Life Coach

“In working with Amanda, I have been able to simplify and grow my reach as a coach by following Amanda’s process.  The clarity and how-to I developed through working with Amanda has allowed me to launch my signature coaching program and enroll amazing clients. Not only have we built the foundation for my long-term business success –  I now fully understand the end-to-end of running my business  and how I will scale.”


LaTanja Watkins

MD & Certified Life Coach

“As a result of working with Amanda, I’m now fully booked with clients and I’ve launched a podcast and a whole new brand.”

Sara Brewer

Certified Life Coach

“Within the first six months of working with Amanda, I crossed the six figure mark in my business. I went from thinking I can’t even sell a basic coaching package to now impacting hundreds of clients in my business and have created a very successful coaching practice! I’ve also launched my podcast and am in the process of hiring my first team members.”


Robin Hanover

Financial Consultant and Behavioral Coach

“Working with Amanda helped me triple my income within a matter of months as well as leave my corporate role and position my business for long-term growth!”


Jewelle Bejjavarapu

Certified Fertility and Life Coach

“Since working with Amanda, I am now crystal clear on my ideal client and how to do Facebook ads the RIGHT way which has generated amazing results like growing my email list exponentially, building my own community, and even launching my own podcast.”

Kwavi Agbeyegbe

Certified Life Coach

“Since working with Amanda, I am now in the process of creating my ultimate business! I’ve launched my dream program and am helping women all over the world!  I’m now embodying that version of myself and making decisions as an actual business owner.”

Desi McPhail

Certified Life Coach

“Before working with Amanda, I hadn’t signed clients in 8 months. Since working with Amanda I am now signing clients every month consistently. Through her coaching, I was finally able to step into the role of CEO.”

Does this

Sound Familiar?

You don’t have clarity on how to actually get from where you are – to where you want to go.

You don’t see a clear pathway on how to build your dream business.

Even though you might currently feel stuck in your business not sure how to take it to the next level….

Even though you know you’re great at what you do….

You’ve tried all of the courses, the freebies, the books – basically,

You just can’t seem to put the pieces together.

This is why I created my FREE 3-part podcast series where I teach you “The 3 Vital Shifts Every Life Coach Needs to Scale Their Coaching Practice.”

Join me to learn these 3 critical shifts so you can finally get the clarity you need as well as actionable steps you can implement immediately to build momentum in your business.

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How to become known as an industry and thought leader in your niche.

How to step into your true purpose and benefit your clients on a deeper level.

How to experience true fulfillment and freedom from your coaching career.

How to BECOME an example of what is possible in the industry.

About Amanda Karlstad.

High Level Business Coach. Mentor. Podcast host. Entrepreneurial-Scaling Expert.

Amanda specializes in helping coaches build, grow, and scaling their practices by implementing the most effective and cutting-edge high-level strategies in their business. She helps her clients break through conscious and subconscious blocks in order to ultimately step into their innate power and create real and lasting transformations in their lives and businesses.

Amanda is a certified Business Coach and Scaling Expert from top-rated The Life Coach School, an MBA, and a former Higher Education Executive that has helped build some of the largest and most innovative educational institutions that exist today. Amanda has insider knowledge and access to the most advanced methodologies, strategies and insights utilized by multi-million dollar earners within the coaching industry today. Her podcast, The Life Coach Business Podcast, is a consistently top-ranked show in Business and Entrepreneurship categories.

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